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Title: The Man Who Sold The World

Summary: Sakura had always been a part of the perfect couple. But when a new student comes around, will she care about being part of the perfect couple anymore ? GaaraxSakura

Rating: Teen... cursing and stuffs.

Disclaimer: I do not, and never will own Naruto. The only thing I do own is my Hollister hoodie, which I am in love with.

Chapter One: New Student, New Interests.

Sakura lazily hit the snooze button on her alarm. A ray of sunshine peeked through her semi-opened blinds, which were painted her favorte color - pink. A moan escaped the young woman's lips, she was right in the middle of a very interesting dream and did not want to be disturbed. Hastily, she moved her legs off her twin bed onto the floor, and brought the rest of her body crashing onto the ground.

'OW.' She thought to herself, rubbing her head covered in messy pink hair.

She reluctantly stood up, glancing at herself through the mirror.

Fifteen-year old Sakura had changed a lot. She had become taller, and more beautiful. Her hair had gotten shoulder-length, and her eyes were as sparkly as ever. She had become curvyer by far, and she wasn't exactly third class. In fact, she was probably one of the richer families in Kohona, and she wasn't afriad to show it.

Sakura put on a pair of tight jeans and a cami with a white background with hot-pink polka-dots. She threw on a white jacket, slipped into her favorite pink heels, and walked out to her car to go to school.

Remember when I said Sakura wasn't afriad of flashing her money ? Well this especially came into play when driving to school - in her brand new mustang. But that's beside the point.

Sakura pulled out of her driveway, and began driving to Kohona High, her high school. She let out a sigh when she passed her boyfriend, Sasuke's, house. They were indeed considered the perfect couple: they never fought, they never cheated, and they were insanely in love with each other. Sakura didn't mind being part of the perfect couple, but there was a lot of stress for her. The perfect couple could never fight, so when Sasuke did something that pissed her off, there was no way she could yell at him. Saying anything to him in a stern voice could send rumors floating around the school. She could see it now. "Ohh the perfect couple got in a fight ?" "They're probably going to break up !" "I'll give them a day." Sakura shoved off the thought, and pulled into the school's parking lot. She had her own reserved spot, she had two geeks stand in it until she got there, which cost her no money at all, they would do anything for her.

Sakura pushed the car door open and walked towards her friends, Tenten, Ino, and Hinata. They greeted each other hello and began talking about the lastest gossip.

"I heard she cheated on him !" Ino said with enthusiasm.

"No way ! I heard ..." Sakura began. The usual gossip ritual lasted until the foursome reached Hinata's locker, and luckily for the foursome, they weren't too far away from her's. They could still yell out to one another in case one forgot to spill a juicy rumor they had not discussed earlier. What could they say ? They pretty much ruled the school.

Sakura saw Sasuke heading her way. She gave her friends a jerk of the head and the threesome walked to their homeroom smiling back.

"Hey." Sasuke said, giving Sakura a hug from behind.

"Hey." She said back, feeling the warmth of his body close to hers.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to cancel our date tonight. Big game tomorrow, and Neji's throwing a pasta party, and we all need to be there." Sasuke said, hoping Sakura would understand.

Sakura sighed. "Of course. You need to be there for your team. I understand." She said.

"Awesome. You're amazing." Sasuke said, giving her a quick kiss, then darting off to his homeroom.

Sakura smiled at the sight of her boyfriend trying to make it to homeroom before the bell rang.

'Wait a minute !' She thought to herself. 'The bell ! Oh no !' Sakura ran off at full speed, books in her hand, trying to make it to Kakashi's homeroom.

Sakura made it there, out of breathe, and, as usual, Kakashi was late. She sat down, quietly, and looked over at her friends, who began laughing at the site of her breatheless.

Sitting at her desk, she was passed a note from Ino.

'I hear theres gunna be a new student - heard he's hot ! And he has an older sis and brother too.' The note read.

Sakura smiled at this. She was getting bored of the same old students day after day, and three new kids could really heat up some new relationships.

'Ohh... can't wait !' Sakura wrote, passing the note back up to Ino.

"Note-passing again I see, Sakura. Oh well, I could care less. I'm here to introduce a new student." Kakashi began.

I looked back at Ino, who had a huge smile planted on her face.

"Gaara... you can come in now." Kakashi said, looking over to the new kid.

He had blood-red hair, and was a little taller than Sakura. He was wearing a black tee-shirt with fishnet underneath, reaching only about an inch past his tee-shirt's sleeve, and a pair of jeans. He casually walked through the door, and waited to find a spot to sit.

Kakashi pointed to the seat next to Sakura, which to her luck, was empty.

She looked up at the guy, and shivers ran up her spine.

'Damn... he's creepy... but hot... Oh his hair is so aweomse... and - wait ! What am I thinking ? I'm already in a relationship... with... who again ? Sasuke ! Right... yeah...' Sakura thought to herself.

"Hi, I'm Sakura." Sakura said, a smile on her face.

"Hn." Gaara said, nodding his head to clarify that he understood.

'Ohh.. he even looks hot when he nods his head ! WAIT ! Ugh, I have to stop this, I am already in a relationship. I probably just got too caught up in it when Ino said he was hot. That's all. Hmm, I wonder where Sasuke is ?' Sakura thought to herself, trying to get her mind off of the red head.

Ino stared down at the two. She motioned Hinata to come over to her.

"Look at them ! Awe, I think Sakura likes him !" Ino said with joy.

"But she's going out with Sasuke." Hinata said boldly.

"Awe, don't ruin the fun ! And who are you kidding, she's totally forgetting about Sasuke ! Look at her stare at him ! So cute !" Ino said with glee.

'Here Ino goes again...' Hinata thought to herself.

The bell rang, and Sakura's friends immediately caught up with her.

"So... how's Gaara ?" Ino said, smiling.

"..Fine..." Sakura replied.

"Oh don't give me fine ! You like him ! I can tell !" Ino said, practically dancing around her friend.

"Like who ?" Sasuke said, popping out of nowhere.

"She likes... the school's new lunch menu." Hinata said, saving Sakura's butt.

"Uhmm... Yep. It's genius ! Well... I have to go to... class, bye !" Sakura said, rushing off with her friends.

The four walked together in silence, and whenever Ino opened her mouth to say something, Sakura gave her a look that scream 'Shut the hell up before I kill you', which made her close her mouth. It was only until they were a few feet away from their class did they realize Gaara was behind them the whole time.

Ino started laughing like a mad person, and Hinata just smiled and shook her head. Teten nearly started cracking up, until Sakura elbowed her in her rib.

"Ow ! hehe... sorry, it was funny !" Tenten said in between giggles.

Sakura began lighting up a bit. "Haha... yeah..." She said. Sakura began wondering why she was so pissed in the first place.

'It was early... I was probably half out of it...' She thought to herself, walking into the classroom.

Sakura began walking to her seat when she noticed somehow Gaara had gotten in front of her friends and was sitting in the seat next to hers.

'Why ! Oh, dear lord, what did I do to deserve this ! I'm in a relationship, I can't be sitting by hot guys !'

But he's sooo hot. And so new. You're gunna have to get him first before some other bitch sparks some interest in him. Sakura's inner self screamed.

Kiba, who sat behind Sakura, gave her a light tap on the shoulder.

"Hey Kiba... what's up ?" Sakura asked. Kiba was one of her best guy friends.

"Did you hear... about... Sasuke ?" Kiba asked, nervously.

"No, what ?" Sakura asked, worriedly.

"Well... he... uhmm... supposively... " Kiba began.

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