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Chapter Eleven.

Time had passed, It had been hours since Shukaku and Gaara's first argument, and Gaara had been annoyed a whole hell of a lot.

Gaara stood near a dark window, staring out into the dark. He had remembered the one-sided conversation Shukaku had had with him all day.


Come on, kid! You're supposed to be the man! Stop being so sweet.

You're going to kill yourself over this useless girl! Look at her, is she THAT great?

Unless you're using her as a mate, which you're not, I don't see the point...

HEY DUMBASS ! Stop it !

Gaara ... What . Are . You . Doing .

Don't make me kill her . Because I will. Gaara, for the safety of the sweet girl, stop letting her walk all over you. Suck it up, and break up with her or whatever.

end flashback.

Gaara sighed as he looked into to cloudy sky. Shukaku had been annoying the hell out of him all day, but he wouldn't loose to him, not again. He was sick and tired of always listening to him.

That's it. You should have listened to me. Shukaku stated.

Gaara felt an immense pain on his head, and he immediately brought his hand to his forhead.

"Shit." Gaara stated.

Tai peeked into the room, eyes focused on Gaara.

"Hmmm... I'm not sure if the poison was supposed to do that..." He said.

"WHAT?" Gaara choked.

"Just kidding." Tai said, smiling, and giving him a hand. "What's wrong?"

Gaara let out a small cry, still clutching his head.

"Uhhh... I think I should get Sakura..." Tai said, sprinting out of the room. Gaara fell to the floor on his knees, feeling his teeth mystacally change into fangs. (A/N: somehow, this sounds like the wolfman to me...)

Gaara heard a loud "WHAT?" coming from another room, and he quickly assumed it was Sakura.

About half of a second later, Sakura was in the room, trying to calm down Gaara.

"What's wrong? Omg, are you okay? Gaara! Gaara!" She screamed, trying to get him to reply to her.

Sakura looked over at the sweating young man nervously. 'What if he's having a stroke or something?' she thought to herself. She tried wrapping Gaara in her arms, but failed miserably once he started his spazms.

Gaara stopped and looked up at her. "T-t-t-ow!-thank y-y-yo-you Sakura. I-I-I love-OW-you." Gaara stated, still shaking a little.

Gaara was able to stop Shukaku, surprisingly. The demon just stared (A/N: can Shukaku stare at Gaara ? Who knows...) at Gaara hopelessly, amazed at the kid's will power.

Sakura stared at the boy for a moment, eyes full of love, happiness, and many other various emotions.

"Gaara. I love you too."

And with that, they were in each other's arms, Gaara being comforted so much from her warm hug. His fangs magically vanished, and Gaara felt his teeth over with his tongue, it was good to have them back.

Shukaku just glared at the couple, his eyes shining. He opened his jaw to say something, but just closed it again. It was useless. Love had won. Gaara had won. Sakura had won.

But, hey, he had nothing to say about it. Love is a battlefield.


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