Draco Malfoy was grateful for a great many Muggle inventions. He enjoyed muggle television. He liked to cook the Muggle way; it reminded him a lot of potions. He even enjoyed cleaning the Muggle way; looking back on a cleaned room, knowing HE did that. The first time he was on a muggle motorbike he felt the thrum and thrill of the wind whipping around him.

After the final battle, once Draco saw it was safe where they were, he tried to hold on but it was like trying to climb up wet walls. There was no traction, and he kept slipping down no matter how hard he fought. His last thought before he blacked out was a whispered apology that he couldn't have told Harry he loved him sooner. That it had to be the last minute; that it had to be his dying breath, and that Harry would forever be haunted that yet again someone he loved was ripped savagely away from him.

For a society that didn't have magic, muggles came up with some pretty ingenious workarounds. Draco was the most grateful for muggle medical training and even more grateful Harry knew of it.

It was a CPR class that Harry had taken the summer between his fifth and sixth year that saved Draco. When Harry felt Draco's heart still and no breath he wanted to break down and weep. However, fortunate for both, his body went on autopilot. He had lain Draco down, tipped his head back, and started the CPR process. All he could focus on was getting breath to Draco's lungs, making Draco's heart beat. Breathe, and pump the heart. Breathe, and pump the heart. The process repeated over and over for what seemed like an eternity.

Auror medics came during this process, and when they tried to pry Harry off Draco, Harry's accidental magic had lashed out at them. It was a few seconds later that Draco took a gasping breath. Only then did Harry sit back and let the medics attend to the fallen blonde.

The recovery process took months. The first month Draco was in a coma. Harry practically lived at the Hospital. He often wouldn't eat unless Hermione or Ron was there to force him, and it took the burley ginger man and a staff of five male nurses to drag Harry to the shower and hold him down to bathe. Draco was stationed in a private room at St. Mungo's close to Severus' so his godfather could visit when Severus was having more lucid moments.

Harry woke one morning to hands running through his hair as he had fallen asleep with his head resting on Draco's bed; it was a position he most adopted of late, sheer exhaustion driving him to fall asleep while keeping his ever watchful vigil. When Harry opened his eyes and looked into Draco's the first time since the battle, Draco only said two words: Marry me.

Of course, the Weasel and Granger beat them to it, but they didn't mind. It gave them a chance to practice for their own wedding.

Dumbledore passed on, at the end of July, quietly and in his sleep. It was in August while Minerva was going through Albus' office, getting ready for the next school year that she found an envelope addressed to Harry Potter-Malfoy. Harry was confused as to how the late Headmaster would know, but then again, HE didn't have to get his mind wiped after the portkey experiment like everyone else.

Harry, my dear boy,

I want to tell you how truly proud I am of the man you've become. Should all go according to plan, and I very much believe it will, I will be gone. I can tell you that I've been talking with James and Lily, since I passed that is, and they have told me that they could not have wished for a better son. The deeds you have done, the actions you have taken, and most specifically, the love you have been unafraid to follow has made them feel things that the word proud does not even begin to cover.

I am writing to tell you what I have found in my research behind Sirius' wand and your connection with it.

Just as your mother's love transfigured to magic as she gave up her life for you, so did Sirius'. Speaking with your future self, I learned a very few details of the final battle, but I will pass along what Harry felt was best to pass.

Sirius loved you very much Harry; when he was called to step up as a father figure to you, no matter how brief, he considered you his own. Slipping behind the veil allowed him, not death, but inexistence. Neither dead nor alive, he could view, but not interact, with both worlds. He knew what was to come and he knew what had passed. So, he came up with a plan; to protect you like a father until the very end.

I am unsure of the exact details or practices he used, but I understand the theory, which I will try to explain to you now. When Sirius saw all that had happened, all that was to happen, he was able to let go of the threads of existence. In doing so, his magic, his love for you, his very essence went to one thing that grounded him to the world of the living. Something he had from the very first signs of accidental magic. His wand.

If you will recall the attack at Privet Drive, your blood was spilled upon the wand. This linked you to Sirius' magic contained within it; very much like a blood-brotherhood, although I think it's something much more profound. When curses were thrown at you, inexplicably a shield was raised. In classes you were struggling with before you were becoming better, as though someone was helping you, guiding you. During some fights here in this school, particularly nasty curses thrown your way were deflected.

Every father wishes to protect their son, to keep them from harm, and even to save them from making hard decisions. I was able to pick up on some of your counterpart's words as I visited, and though he wouldn't tell me the specifics, I gather you never said anything, never uttered any spells, when Voldemort was defeated. Just as certain deeds left undone, or feelings felt can keep ghosts walking among the living, this was the one action Sirius was hanging on for; killing Tom Riddle so that you would not be burdened with that responsibility or guilt. He was the power Voldemort, and in every respect the power we, knew not.

You've built a wonder foundation of people who love you, Harry. From those who have passed, like Sirius and myself, to those who cherish you still living, such as Remus, Hermione, the Weasleys and now Draco.

Congratulations are in order, as you can tell by who is addressed on the outside of this letter; I know you two will find great happiness with each other. After all, I've seen it.

Many regards to you and yours,

Albus Dumbledore

September brought Harry and Draco's wedding, and it was the event of the century, which is why once all the paparazzi, reporters, and crashers had arrived the grooms and guests Apparated to a location NOT publicized and had a very nice, intimate ceremony on a tropical beach. They honeymooned on said tropical island and neither had been seen outside their room during that time…Harry's new Quiddich team currently had a bet of10,000 Galleons on how long the two could last on sex alone.

Harry stood looking at the tapestry of the Black Family Tree.

"You know, it was kind of nice being part of a family that loved me. Or rather...um... part of the person I knew to love me; the Blacks don't seem that lovable overall. I'm going to miss belonging," Harry said, a little sadness creeping in his voice as he brushed a finger past the burn mark that was Sirius, and the now empty spot that once held his name. The ring on his finger reflected in the light.

"But Harry," Draco whispered softly, walking up and hugging his husband from behind. "You do belong." Draco pointed lower on the tapestry, from where Draco's name branched off from Narcissa Black and Lucius Malfoy. There, next to Draco Malfoy were two gold bars which were tied to a name: Harry Potter.


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