The End of Summer (Narrative version)


This is a rewrite. I originally wrote the End of Summer over a three week period in October 2006 and it was in screenplay form with character lines laid out as a script and some camera and musical notes, plus blocks of descriptive text. The whole thing presented as though it were an anime movie, the sequel to Whisper of the Heart. At first I thought this was quite cool and arty but some feedback I got convinced me that screenplays/scripts are great if you're using them to make an anime but not so good to relax with for a good read. So I have redone the whole thing as a narrative, a novel style story. Quite a lot (well actually a huge amount) of descriptive stuff has been added in which the scene and atmosphere is set and most characters are fleshed out using this 'conversational descriptive' technique. The Mr. Nishi character seems to have taken on a more significant role in this version, I'm not sure how that happened, I certainly didn't intend it, he kind of invited himself in and once he was here I found that he could help me by hovering in Seiji's background and helping Seiji become more interesting. In several places new snippets of plot and dialogue have been inserted and I have plugged a couple of continuity or character loopholes. I have also inserted one new long 'flashback' scene into Chapter 16 - Meeting Luisa of Seiji playing the violin – this is currently my favourite scene in the story, because it connects the girl and the boy together in a powerful way and also suggests a link with The Attic Room. I find the dichotomy between their childlike innocent love and them both wanting something more but being unsure how to articulate that need quite fascinating and the flashback Seiji Speaks Without Words is part of the struggle they are both trying to deal with. And finally there is a whole new chapter – Chapter 20 - The Fountain which takes place on the morning the girl and boy leave Cremona. The original story (screenplay/script) was about 33,000 words, this narrative runs to about 45,000 words. If you like short fanfics in which the characters cut to the chase on line three then this isn't for you. If you like mellow atmospheric descriptive passages and characters revealed gradually then you might want to read on. If you enjoy reading this just 10 percent of the amount I enjoyed writing it then I'll be delighted. I originally intended the old screenplay version to be removed but following some feedback decided to run with both versions side by side. I'm only doing this because I can. I personally now prefer this version and if fanfiction dot net decide they don't want two versions of the same story up then the screenplay one will go.

If you've read the screenplay/script version then you can skip on now, the disclaimer below is identical.

The End of Summer is the story of Shizuku Tsukishima and Seiji Amasawa (two fifteen year olds attending their first year of high school), during July, August and September 1995. The story is set in the year following the end of Whisper of the Heart, a beautiful and enchanting anime directed by Yoshifumi Kondo and produced in 1995 by the Japanese anime company Studio Ghibli. Note that Whisper of the Heart seems to end on November 11th 1994. By the time this story begins the teenagers' relationship has matured over the intervening eight months.

Oh, and one last thing before I go. I have set up a forum. You can discuss The End of Summer, The Attic Room and The Other Side of the World if you wish. If you feel a burning need to tell me my work is complete pants then please do it there. I'd like to use the forum for C&C, feedback etc so that any discussion is public rather than in the form of replies to reviews which I hate because I lose them. I'll probably use the forum as a species of blog where I'll discuss what is happening / may happen in The Other Side of the World; thouights about stuff I plan to write; why I wrote things the way I did; and the price of fish. In case you are having trouble finding it, it's in the Anime/Whisper section.

What follows is a work of fiction, it has no connection whatever with Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaka, Yoshifumi Kondo or any films or other works produced by that company or those persons. It is purely fan fiction. However I have borrowed very heavily from the film Whisper of the Heart many locations, characters and concepts. I have read both of the manga by Aoi Hiiragi that have the Seiji and Shizuku characters in but apart from one character and a couple of incidental snippets lifted from the manga, this fiction borrows only from the anime. It probably contradicts the sequel manga directly in that it's taking place at about the same time. Feel free to download this story (if you really think it's worth it) and you may upload it elsewhere but if you do it MUST NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY WAY. You must include this introduction and notice with the story and please don't claim it's your work. If you upload it elsewhere please provide me a link to its location. And you MAY NOT charge a payment for the files (as if anyone would actually pay to read this… ag…). If anyone reading this wants to comment in any way, positive or negative or even insult me then feel free to do so, I'm online at the Ghibli Tavern and Wingsee forums as user Saddletank and my e-mail is saddletank(at)dsl(dot)pipex(dot)com so now you have no excuse not to have a go at me.

That's quite enough of that stuff. Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin…