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Author's notes:
Hello! This is my new collection of SasuSaku one-shots and drabbles. These will vary from fluff to angst to humor and so on, so everyone can find different moods all around. That's why the collection as a whole is called 'Raindrops' because the rain can touch each of us in a different way and leave different impressions. I hope you like them, and if you do, please remember to leave a review!! First one-shot here is more on the humorous note. Enjoy and see you on the next update!

The Dress

Yellow, he thinks, doesn't suit her. Her pale complexion and fair hair blend into the silk's color and that dress is making her look plain. Someone like her is meant to wear darker colors, like wine red to make her satin pink tresses stand out or dark blue hues to make her skin glow. An elegant black would give her poise and bring out the pink of her lips against her pale face. Her bright, sparkling green eyes go far better with these than with yellow as well. Definitely, yellow does not match someone like her.

Sasuke groans inwardly. Why is he thinking of the colors that fit Sakura's image best? Since when had he begun staring at her anyway? And, most importantly, why is he here of all places when he could be doing something far more productive like training? This was all Kakashi's fault.

The boy looks on, trying to act uninterested. Sakura twirls about in front of the full mirror, pouting at herself, sticking her tongue out in concentration as she looks for the tiniest of detail that is out of place. He can see her hesitation and that she isn't as pleased with the gown very much herself. She's been looking at her reflection for over ten minutes already and this is the fifth dress she's tried on. That's almost an hour of his life gone to the waste.

Sasuke groans again, his patience running out. He stands up wordlessly, hands inside his pant pockets, and walks over to the rack of pretty dresses lined up on the left of the small shop. He stares at them for no longer than two minutes, despite he is actually making a thorough scan of them with his sharp eyes, and takes one from the rack.

"Sasuke-kun?" she wonders out loud in confusion as she sees his action through the mirror.

"Try that one," he orders firmly as he hands out the dress to the bewildered girl, smirking smugly when she nods dazedly at him. Then he walks back to his seat on the chair by the corner and, leaning against it, crosses his arms over his chest.

"T-thanks, Sasuke-kun," she whispers, cheeks faintly pink, and she disappears behind the curtains of the changing room. "I'm sorry that Kakashi-sensei made you come with me, Sasuke-kun," Sakura's voice is heard on the other side of the curtain some moments later. "I don't know why he did it. I mean, I can do this on my own and you must have more important things to do."

'My thoughts exactly,' Sasuke says to himself and grimaces while closing his eyes. "Hn. It's not your fault, Sakura," he drawls out in a bored voice, but loud enough for her to hear. "Besides, your presentation is important on our next mission, so you have to have the right dress to go along with your acting." He was actually trying to convince himself this was important. "Now just hurry up."

"Yes, I'm coming out!" she cries out hurriedly, stumbling over the curtain, straightening up, and smoothing her hair nervously. Sasuke produces a noise, something like a groan or a snort, but it isn't possibly a good sign. He hasn't even looked at her at all. 'Great, Sakura, just great.'

"Um, so," she looks down at her feet. "How does it look?"

He opens one eye to peek at her, and the other follows immediately at the sight of the cherry pink-haired girl. The dress hugs her frame prettily, taking the shape of her developing curves, and he finds himself liking the navy blue color of the soft fabric. Oh, maybe it's because blue is his favorite color, after all, but he didn't know it'd look so good on her. The dress is strapless but the cleavage isn't indecently low; it allows him to admire the ivory pale column of her neck, her shoulders, and a little bit more than he's seen before. He knows he is staring at her way too intently when he notices her gulp.

He looks away, embarrassed and angry at himself. "Fine… It looks fine, take that one and let's go."

"Alright." She says, glancing at her reflection on the mirror through the corner of her eye. She moves so she is positioned in front of the oval-shaped mirror. She stares at her reflection a little longer, pondering the matter herself and moving around to check her mobility. Once she is satisfied, she moves back into the dresser and a few minutes later she's out again, the dress hanging from her arm and her hair a bit ruffled from changing clothes so many times.

"I'll take this one, mister!" she calls the clerk, who nods amicably at her and comes forward to take the dress from her.

Sasuke doesn't speak until they are finally out of the store; the scowl in his face seemed permanently stretched on his face.

"By the way, Sasuke," she murmurs in the softest of voices as they walk back to the meeting place with their team.

The boy arches a brow at her at the lack of an honorific attached to his name as it is usual and understands it is meant to interest him on whatever she has to say. She turns slightly to look at him, a merry glint on her jade eyes. He doesn't like that faint twinkle or the smirk on her face.

"How did you know my size anyway?"

Damn right he didn't like that glint.

"Stop talking nonsense, Sakura!" he barks, ignoring the bright pink tinge on his cheeks. He looks away, unable to hold her gaze.

"I'm just kidding, Sasuke," she replies, a chuckle escaping her throat while she taps his shoulder.

Sasuke groans, his grip on the plastic shopping's handle back tightening when her hand lingers on his shoulder. When she takes her hand away, he can still feel her warmth seeping through his clothes and heating his skin. He shakes his head. He's eighteen, it's just hormones. 'Stop it,' he commands.

Sakura looks around, walking slightly ahead of him as she admires the scenery. The trees' leaves sway gently with the wind, the fallen ones rustling on the dusty road. They've taken the long way to the meeting place, the bridge, but they don't make a big deal out of it and instead enjoy the nice weather.

"Sakura, at the mission," he begins, uncertain. Sasuke is not one to be uncertain, ever. "If something goes wrong, call us through the transmission links, okay?"

Sakura looks at him, a little surprised. "Yeah… But we've done this before, so don't worry; I think the mission will go well."

"I'm just saying if something happens. Just call me and I'll find a way to get to you," he presses.

Sakura pauses to stare at him, slightly startled. He soon is walking ahead of her and as she gazes at his back, she notices right away his tensed shoulders. Smiling, she catches up to him until she falls into his same pace. "Alright, I'll call you."

"And one more thing, Sakura," Sasuke peers at her through the corner of his eye. Sakura tilts her head at him, giving him her attention. "After this is over, don't ever wear that dress in public again."