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"Wow, it's so pretty"said Pippin as they all walked through the snow covered forest. The trees sparkled in the sun, flakes falling as birds flew and landed.

"Are we close? I wanna see what your showing us!"

"Soon little Hobbit, soon. You must have patience"said Legolas, easily walking over the snow. Legolas has said he had a surprise for them, and everybody was very excited to see what the elf had in store. Well, everyone but Aragorn was having fun.

"How much longer will we be trudging through this stuff?"asked Aragorn, hitting his foot on another rock hissing in pain.

"You are as bad as Pippin, wait!"

"You would be complaining if you were walking through this."

"Aragorn, must you always disdain the elves?"asked Gandalf.

"Yes, I must always disdain the elves"he muttered. Legolas merely smiled, walking on top of the powder still. Soon, Legolas ran over a hill and the Hobbits ran after. Many gasps were heard, and Gandalf and Gimli walked a bit faster.

"They'd better be gasping at whatever Legolas wanted them to see"muttered Aragorn reaching the top of the hill. He looked down, finding a frozen lake with multiple evergreen trees surrounding the bottom. He then looked down, finding Legolas gesturing to everyone. He walked down, happy the snow was finally lower.

"Well, it's a pretty lake"said Gimli, "But what fun is it?"

"This"said Legolas jumping onto the ice and sliding.

"Ice skating!" Merry and Pippin smiled, stepping onto the ice carefully. Once they felt good, Merry reached for Sam and Frodo.

"Come on, take me hand"said Merry. Frodo took Sam's hand, reaching for Merry. Soon, all four were on gasping each other's hands. They walked slowly, steadying each other.

"Come now, you need to skate not tread"said Legolas skating by. Merry then let go of Frodo's hand, the four separating into two pairs. All then tried sliding, falling down at the same time. All looked at each other, falling back and laughing.

"Are you three not coming?"asked Legolas stepping onto the snow.

"I'll see what I can do"said Gandalf walking onto the ice then beginning to skate around using his staff to steady himself.

"Come Gimli, I must see you try."

"No, this I will not do. You cannot, nor will not make me!"said Gimli. Legolas merely rolled his eyes, walking behind Gimli and pushing him onto the ice.

"Oh come, you must move now. If not, I'll push you"said Legolas.

"If you even dare touch me!" started Gimli before Legolas nudged him.

"Go on, what would you do?"he asked, pushing him more.

"That's it! Get over here you no good Elf!"said Gimli taking a swat at him. Legolas jumped back, skating around.

"You'll have to catch me first!"he called skating next to Gandalf.

"Your very good Gandalf. And you match nicely too"said Legolas.

"Yes, I guess compared to those I am good"said Gandalf, looking over. Gimli was trying to move, but never got more than an inch. The Hobbits were trying to get up, holding onto each other for support.

"Oh Pippin that was my ear!"cried Merry.

"Sorry Merry"said Pippin as he finally got up. Both smiled, slowly standing next to each other and taking each other's hand. Legolas then skated over stopping before them.

"Now push off"he said. Both took a small step then pushed off quickly grabbing each other tightly.

"It's ok, that was good. Now try again, but stop this time"said Legolas. Both slowly let go of each other, pushing off and moving. They then took another step, sliding.

"Good, now I'm gonna help Sam and Frodo." Legolas then moved to Sam and Frodo, with Sam trying to pull Frodo up.

"Come on Mr. Frodo, almost there"said Sam pulling as hard as he could.

"Assistance Master Sam?"asked Legolas.

"Yes please!" Legolas smiled, easily pulling Frodo up who then promptly fell again.

"Ow, I don't see how you can even stand"said Frodo.

"Take it slow, start by just standing." Frodo got on his knees, very slowly getting up with Sam right next to him.

"There Mr. Frodo, are you ok?"asked Sam.

"Yes Sam I am."

"Now just push off like this"said Legolas pushing off his right foot skating on his left. Sam did as Legolas did, not falling. Frodo then took a step then pushed off, grabbing Sam.

"Good, now keep practicing that and your be fine. Now I go to see if I can get Aragorn to join us." Legolas again skated off, never faltering and jumping onto the snow banks.

"Come now Aragorn, you must join us"said Legolas, "Look at everyone else." Indeed, Gandalf was skating around Gimli, was still had not gotten the hang of skating. Merry and Pippin were skating around the edge chasing each other. Sam was in front of Frodo, assuring him he would not let Frodo fall.

"Nay Legolas. I like sledding, but not skating"answered Aragorn.

"But you must!"insisted Legolas tugging Aragorn's arm like a child.

"I did your sledding now you must do my skating!"

"I never made such a deal. Besides"said Aragorn dropping his voice to a whisper, "I thought you liked it." Legolas blushed lightly looking away.

"Yes, and must like this!"cried Leoglas giving a great tug pulling Aragorn onto the ice. The rest of the Fellowship stopped and watched.

"Legolas! No! You put me back on the ice now!"yelled Aragorn flailing.

"Nay! Now come!"said Legolas letting him go.

"I'm going to fall! Don't you dare let me go!" Aragorn grabbed Legolas trying not to fall.

"No, you said to put you back. You get back by yourself." But Aragorn held the elf tightly, refusing to let go.

"Fine. You may cling if you learn to skate"said Legolas proudly.

"Fine, but if dare let me go..." All began to laugh as Aragorn still clung helplessly.

"First you have to stand up."

"Your crazy you know that?"said Aragorn.

"Fine, then go learn by yourself"mused Legolas stepping back. Aragorn leaning so closely leaned forward more.

"Nonononono!" He then turned, about to fall down but Legolas grabbed under his arms.

"I told you I wouldn't let you fall." And so it began, Legolas holding Aragorn laughing.

"Come now, stand up!"

"Yes Aragorn! Stand up!"cried Pippin getting quite a laugh.

"One of the very best rangers, yet he cannot even skate. Even I learned!"laughed Gimli.

"Come now Aragorn"said Legolas in a fake-sad voice.

"If you let me fall I'll-"

"Yes, yes, yes. Now I won't let you fall, I promise." Legolas pulled Aragorn up also moving closer. Aragorn soon stood, smiling.

"Well, that wasn't so ba-AD!"said Aragorn as he slipped on the ice.

"Aragorn, you can open your eyes now"whispered Legolas. Aragorn cracked his eye open, finding himself still upright; well almost upright. Legolas had grabbed around the human's waist holding him up.

"I will not let you fall"repeated Legolas, "Now get up straight." Aragorn stumbled back, still the elf's arms around his waist.

"Now push off." Aragorn pushed off slowly, eyes closed with Legolas following his moves.

"See? I'm gonna stay right here. Now keep going"said Legolas. Aragorn took a few more slides, Legolas steadying him. Soon, Aragorn was able to go by himself with Legolas nearby.

"Show off"mumbled Aragorn as Legolas skated in front of him backwards.

"Nay, I'm just good"the elf smiled.

"Can you do any tricks?" asked Frodo.

"Hum...yes, I guess I do know a few things"said Legolas after a few minutes thought. So he merely skated backwards around the lake smirking at Aragorn who fell without his teacher around.

"Ok, ok! We get it! You can skate backwards!"cried Aragorn. Legolas stopped in front of him and lent him a hand up.

"What, you want me to do something else?"

"Oh yes!"said Pippin and he and Merry got off the ice soon followed by Sam and Frodo.

"Aren't your feet cold?"asked Gimli to the Hobbits.

"Not very Gimli"said Frodo pulling Sam closer. Gandalf and Gimli then got off the ice, watching Legolas skate circles around Aragorn.

"You want to stop that?"asked Aragorn.

"No." Aragorn then got off the ice, sighing and watching Legolas continue to skate. Legolas then spun and went faster until he finally did a fancy spin in the air landing on one foot backwards.

"Show off!"yelled Aragorn.

"No! Your just jealous I can be graceful"mused Legolas.

"It's girly, not graceful"muttered Aragorn.

"Well, Legolas is defiantly girly enough"thought Gimli smiling.

"Ice skating is not girly! It's artsy and enjoyable. Well, at least to immortals"said Legolas stepping off the ice.

"I'll show you immortal!"yelled Aragorn losing his last nerve and jumping at Legolas to hit him. The elf ducked and quickly found refuge on the ice.

"Immortals are just more graceful! Unlike humans Aragorn. At least Wizards, Hobbits, and Dwarfs aren't scared"Legolas announced. Araogrn then walked onto the ice, startling the elf.

"Scared huh? I'll show you scared!"roared Aragorn chasing after the elf once more. The others began to crack up watching a game of 'tag.' Legolas let Aragorn get close, only to move at the last second.

"Oh so close!"

"Almost had me!"

"Very quick aren't you!"

"Even closer you human!"

Aragorn then sat down on the ice, panting and still mad. Legolas skated close, still smiling.

"Aw, tired my mortal friend?"asked Legolas. Aragorn turned away. He then grabbed Legolas pulling him down.

"I win"he hissed laying on top of the elf.

"Ai, now let me up this ice is freezing!"said Legolas trying to move Aragorn but unable.

"Lightweight. Yes, we 'mortals' as you say may not be as agile or graceful, but at least were not push overs." Legolas sighed looking at Aragorn.

"Lightweight?" he asked.

"Very. You can't push me off, not without your elven strength"said Aragorn.

"Light? You think I'm easy?"whispered Legolas tracing one of his fingers over Aragorn's cheek.

"You think I'm bad?"he continued rubbing his thumb over his lover's lips.

"Yes, because I got you pinned." Both looked up hearing giggles finding the Hobbits laughing at them.

"You guys are very random!"laughed Sam unable to control himself.

"So? I like it"said Aragorn getting up but falling again on Legolas knocking the air out of him.

"Oh, whoops. I told you I wasn't good on ice"said Aragorn.

"Thank-you-Aragorn"said Legolas. Both eventually got off the ice, only to be pelted with snowballs.

"I love winter"thought Gimli hitting Legolas in his face.

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