Title: A Harry Potter Christmas Carol
Author: Gifted
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. That belongs to J.K. Rowling. This story is inspired by Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. I only own this story.


Death Eater Meeting

Lord Voldemort used his red eyes to glance over his loyal Death Eaters. He had been half pleased. The raid on the Ministry of Magic was a failure (He had punished them for that), but the raid on Muggle London had done well.

"Now, I was hoping that tonight-" he had started with an evil plan in mind, but a Death Eater stepped up breaking the ring.

"I am sorry my lord, but it is Christmas Eve", he fumbled and Voldemort recognized him as Peter Pettigrew.

Christmas Eve. What rubbish! Of course he knew it was Christmas Eve! Oh how could he not.

"Your point, Wormtail?" he asked dangerously.

"Well, it's just that a lot of us have families and friends. We have plans tonight", he finally muttered out while other Death Eaters shifted as if agreeing with him.

"Fine!" Voldemort said bitterly, "We do it tomorrow"

"But, my lord! Most of us have plans for Christmas Day too", he said while others nodded.

Great. Christmas was the finest time to attack, but obviously none of them were going to participate.

"Fine! This means that our attack will be after Christmas Day. Yes after!" he said, his voice rising dangerously higher at the shocked looks upon the faces, "It has to be successful in everyway or else!"

Pettigrew stepped back into the circle and nobody answered.

"Meeting Adjourned!" said Voldemort.

Immediately, every Death Eater strolled out of the room leaving one behind and he recognized her as Bellatrix Lestrange.

"Yes?" he said his patience thinning.

"Well my lord", she started as if she was trying to think out her words carefully, "You see Anvholo and I are having a Christmas party tonight and we wanted to invite you"

Voldemort gave her the most piercing death glare he could manage (which indeed is very effective). Did she just ask him to a Christmas Party? What was the world coming to?

"Me? At a Christmas Party! Christmas is rubbish! You wouldn't catch me at a party in its honor!" said Voldemort angrily.

"Of course not my lord", she said being truthfully sorry, "We just wanted to see if you would like to come. Well, see you at the next raid"

With that, she hurried out of the room knowing Voldemort liked to be alone whenever he could.

Nagini, his pet snake, slithered over to him hissing.

"Can you believe it Nagini? Me at a Christmas Party? Rubbish!" he spoke in Parseltongue to his snake who only hissed an agreement before slithering off again.

Lord Voldemort sighed. This really was a waste of a night. It would be a perfect chance to get Potter and those idiots. Next year he wasn't going to let his Death Eaters off the hook.

Rattle. Rattle.

Voldemort tensed at that noise. The word matching to the noise clicked in his mind.

Chains? Who's carrying chains?, he thought to himself.

The noise stopped, but he kept his hearing sharp. After a while, he told himself he was imagining things. He got up from the throne-like chair and turned to glance out the window.

He stopped dead in his footsteps and stared at the white transparent figure before him. Was it who he thought he was?

Author's Note: Hello there! This isn't my first published story, but my fourth. Though it is my first Harry Potter fanfiction (all my others are Disney fanfictions). I would just like to say thank you all in advance for reading and reviews are desired, but not necessary (as this story is all written and I will still post it even if it got flames). I know the Prologue was terribly short, but this story is actually very short in length and I didn't want to give away too much in just the Prologue. Certainly hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (which ever you prefer.)