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Author's Note: So…I decided to give a little Christmas in July. I have been toying with an idea of an epilogue for this. Especially since my friend, The Grey Detective7, is thinking of writing a sequel. Sorry, if it seems disconnected to the story. I write a little differently now. Not as plainly.

Also, sorry for seeming sudden, but I actually got inspired after the latest review from Sister to the Dark Lord.


"Merry Christmas!" Tom grinned a large smile at passerbys who greeted him back, but a little weary at his enthusiasm. His companion, Minerva McGonagall, rolled her eyes to look at the sky above them.

"You definitely have changed," she commented. He stopped smiling and looked at her face. Behind her square glasses, Tom could sense her seriousness and nodded in agreement. McGonagall was astonishingly the only person at the whole party who believed him.

Well, maybe trying to hug Harry Potter was going a bit too far. He almost lost his eyebrows. Minerva led him out immediately before the Order members got over their shock and started blasting Unforgivables.

"I don't want that type of life anymore. I want to start over as a good wizard," he said and continued after a look from Minerva, "Honestly! I'm going to find friends, get a good and respective job, and who knows…maybe I'll find a real family. No more of this anti-muggleborn business. I want to really live."

"Do you sincerely believe that it is going to be easy? You sound like you're going grocery shopping," McGonagall questioned. Though Tom's bubble popped, he admitted he missed her wit.

"Well…I mean…I've only been good a couple of hours. I haven't really thought it all out yet," Riddle insisted. The Transfiguration Professor rolled her eyes.

"Well, you do need a dose of reality," she reasoned.

"It can't be that hard." After all, didn't Dumbledore give him a head start? It honestly was much better than arriving at the Burrow as Voldemort. He didn't want to think of what would have happened.

"You don't understand Tom. The Order knows that you're Tom Riddle again. They aren't going to let you off easy though I will try to persuade them. And people are going to recognize you. Maybe not as Voldemort, but certainly as Tom Riddle and you know that you didn't end up having the best reputation in the end. Not mention, how will you explain Tom Riddle's disappearance and then years later, he comes back. Still 18!" Minerva listed.

"I'll…I'll tell the truth. The truth will set me free."

"It won't be enough. You and I both know that you will have to prove yourself to the Wizarding World. The only thing we don't know is if they will ever believe."

"Well, at least I've made a step towards that already."

"What would that be?" McGonagall asked stopping and turning towards him, her eyebrow raised.

"I regained your friendship, haven't I?" he asked, the grin coming back. He watched her carefully. The corners of her mouth raised into a very rare smile. Though she had aged, she still was the same.

Yes, that you have," she replied and they started walking again, heading into town.

Author's Note: So…yeah. Just an extra moment I wanted to add. I also think it makes a nice bridge if my friend ever gets around to writing the sequel. I swear, I won't add anymore. I don't think I'll be doing any revising of the story and just leave it this way.