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Glinda the Good took a deep breath and looked up at the looming castle that was in front of her. Well, here she was. Hogwarts. It was rather interesting, how this turn of events had come about. A few weeks ago, she had been contacted by an eccentric old man calling himself Albus Dumbledore. Apparently, in the world Hogwarts was in, called "England", there was a man called "Voldymore", or "Voldemort", or something wrecking havoc.

Having exhausted all his options and barely resisting Voldemort with the "Order of the Phoenix", Dumbledore had been forced to seek help from other worlds, namely those with magic, and Oz had been one of the first places he had looked. When Dumbledore explained what he was looking for and what Voldemort was capable of, Glinda had been horrified at first.

She initially had refused to help, wanting to stay out of a war as large as the one that England was currently in. Dumbledore, not forcing her in any way, left, adding that he would give her time to think and that he would be back in two weeks for her final decision. Glinda had spent a large amount of time reflecting and wondering which was the right path to take.


Glinda closed the door of the attic tightly behind her and made sure it was locked before pulling out a piece of the floorboard in the middle of the attic. Under this board was a black hat, an old broom, and a green bottle: the only things that Glinda had to remember Elphaba Thropp, resident (although dead) Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda's best friend. Whenever Glinda felt that she needed guidance, she often came up to this room and held the hat and the broom.

"Oh, Elphie. What should I do?" she whispered, although she knew she would never hear her friend's sarcastic answer again. "Do I go and help Dumbledore or do I stay here, sheltered and safe while all those people in "England" are dying?" Glinda knew what Elphaba would do in a heartbeat. Elphaba had always stood up for the weaker and oppressed (namely the Animals), and if Glinda had understood Dumbledore correctly, Voldemort was terrorizing "Muggles", who couldn't fight back.

After Elphaba's death, Glinda had worked persistently to rid Oz of the Animal Bans that were floating around. She strived for the equality for all citizens and worked for change in unfair laws and decrees.

Glinda looked again at the hat. It was funny really, that the hat had become such a large part of Elphaba. It had originally been intended as a cruel joke, but instead, it had been one of the things that had bonded the two witches together. After a long silence, during which Glinda reminisced, she stood, replaced the items under the floorboard, and spoke, "I'll go and help Dumbledore. I'll do you proud Elphie; I won't let you down again."

End flashback

"Avada Kedavra!" Elphaba Thropp dove to the side as a blast of green light zoomed right over her head. Rolling over and landing on her feet again, she shot a curse in retaliation at the Death Eater who had attempted to kill her only moments ago. Realizing that Voldemort's forces were too strong in numbers for the minuscule amount of Aurors and Order members that were still standing, she attempted to shout to fellow Order member, 2nd in Command, and the Boy (or Man) who Lived, Harry James Potter.

"Harry! We have to retreat!" she gasped, barely avoiding a stunner sent her way by Malfoy Jr. "There's too many of them!" In the past, when she had lived in Oz, she would never have imagined that she would accept defeat. However, living in war-torn England for five years had changed that.

Looking around, Harry realized that she was right; there were too many Death Eaters for them to defeat. "Order members, retreat!" he called commandingly. Accordingly, the few Order members grasped the necklace the doubled as an emergency portkey and said the keyword: "Sanctuary".

With a small "pop", they landed in the Shrieking Shack, the emergency meeting place for the Order members. After all, Death Eaters would never think of looking in "the most haunted building in Britain". After they got their breath back, Harry looked over at the assembled members. "Are you all right?" The members nodded their assent before slowly making their way down the tunnel back out to the sunny Hogwarts' grounds.

Harry followed them, before looking back at Elphaba, who hadn't moved. "Fae, are you coming?" Elphaba shook her head, motioning that Harry should go on without her. "Fae, what's up? Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"It's nothing, Harry. It's just-well, this war feels hopeless. We need something- someone to end this and end it soon. If only I had the- nevermind," she mumbled. She was about to say 'The Grimmerie', but realized that this would mean looking back to her past, something she had sworn never to do again.

"The what?" Harry said, his curiosity spiked. When Elphaba made no move to answer him, he continued, "Well, Fae, we may have some hope yet. Dumbledore said that he had been in contact with certain people that may be able to help us, and last night, he told me that one of these people would arrive today."

"Certain people?" Elphaba asked, surprised. "Who? Did he say?"

"He didn't tell me, exactly," Harry admitted. "He just said that she would arrive today. That reminds me, I should meet with Dumbledore and brief him about today's battle. Do you want to come?" Taking her silence as a 'no', he nodded and left Elphaba alone with her thoughts.

It was August 27- exactly five years after her "death". Elphaba briefly wondered where Glinda was and how she was doing. Although she had Fiyero with her, she still missed Oz, as it was where she had lived for most of her life. After her supposed "death", Elphaba had waited until Fiyero had come and given her the all-clear signal that they had planned on earlier. Together, they had secretly made their way to the Clock of the Time Dragon and, taking a deep breath, stepped through the portal that would take them away from Oz forever.

Elphaba had not known what happened next, as the moment she and Fiyero stepped away from the portal, she had been overcome with dizziness and blacked out, with Fiyero collapsing right next to her.


When Elphaba awoke, she found herself in a hospital room. A hospital room? She sat up and looked over to the bed next to her, where Fiyero was lying.

She tried to get up out of the bed and find out where she was, but before she had taken even two steps, a woman in a nurses uniform came bustling out of her office. "Get back into that bed, miss," he said authoritatively. "You were just unconscious for a week with a high fever- you will not aggravate your body again. Now, back into bed. I shall inform Albus you are awake."

"Wait just one minute here," Elphaba began.

Before she could finish her sentence, the nurse woman gave her a fierce glare and snapped, "Bed. Now. Honestly, you're as bad as Severus." She then turned and went back into her office.

Only several minutes passed before the nurse came back with a man with a long white beard and a brightly colored…dress following her. "Good morning- or should I say, good afternoon," he greeted the green woman. "My name is Albus Dumbledore. I must say, you and your friend," he motioned to Fiyero, "gave Mr. Jameson and Mr. Davis quite a shock. After all, you don't find many green-skinned women or scarecrows lying at the edge of the Forbidden Forest on a daily basis. No offence meant," he added as Elphaba glared at the mention of her skin.

"Now, may I inquire as to what your name is?" Dumbledore asked. "And may I see your left arm as well?"

"My left arm?" Elphaba asked, now quite perplexed. When she had left Oz with Fiyero, she wasn't exactly expecting this kind of welcoming committee. "Why?" she said, her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"A safety precaution," Dumbledore answered. "As far as I know, you don't seem to be from our world- you would have heard of Death Eaters and the Dark Mark if you were. Also, I would have heard of you because of your sk- well, never mind," he finished lamely.

Elphaba shrugged. "Well, okay, I suppose." She hadn't sensed any bad intentions from these people, and usually her intuition was correct. She gave her left arm to Dumbledore, who raised the sleeve of her black dress. He then proceeded to pull a…stick…out of the pocket of his dress.

"Revelio," he murmured. Other than a slight tingling on her arm, Elphaba could feel nothing different. So, these people knew magic. Still, there was the question of what the stick was for…a wand, perhaps? And why in the world was this man in a dress?

Before she could address these questions to the eccentric old man, Elphaba heard a moan. She looked over hurriedly at Fiyero, who seemed to be just awakening. "Fiyero!" she said, making her way off the bed (to the annoyance of the nurse) and to Fiyero. "How are you feeling?"

"Fae," Fiyero groaned. "What happened? Where are we? All I remember is the portal and then…black."

"I-I'm not sure, Fiyero. I just woke up five minutes ago as well," Elphaba explained as best she could.

"Well, Fae, Fiyero," Dumbledore said, "Let me help you out. You are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, near London, England."

London? England? All these places flew right over Elphaba's and Fiyero's heads. "You mean like Shiz?" Elphaba asked.

"Shiz? Is that where you're from?" Dumbledore asked. "I have never heard of 'Shiz' before."

"No, that's the school I attended where I learned magic…" Elphaba trailed off. It was obvious that this was not helping. "Look, sir, we're from the land of Oz. Have you heard of it before?"

"Is it possible, then?" Dumbledore said excitedly once he heard the word 'Oz'. "Traveling between worlds, I mean."

"I take it you have heard of Oz, then," Fiyero said politely.

"I have heard it briefly mentioned, yes," Dumbledore nodded. "But, then, why are you two here?" Fiyero and Elphaba looked at each other.

"You might want to sit down," Elphaba motioned to an empty bed. "This story may take a little while."

A few hours later found Dumbledore, Elphaba, and Fiyero walking down an empty corridor of Hogwarts. "So…to reiterate, Fae, you were the so-called 'Wicked Witch of the West'. You and Fiyero, whom you turned into a scarecrow in an attempt to save his life, were able to escape from people who wanted you dead. You then stepped through a portal in a…Dragon Clock-"

"The Clock of the Time Dragon," Elphaba corrected him.

"Right. You stepped through this portal and ended up here," Dumbledore finished.

"Yes, sir," Fiyero answered.

"Well, then, I suppose you'll have to stay here. Tell me, Fae, Fiyero, what do you know about dueling?"

End Flashback

One thing led to another, and somehow, Elphaba became the Dueling Professor at Hogwarts and Fiyero ended up helping Dumbledore on 'missions'- something which Elphaba knew almost nothing about. Apparently, with the threat of Voldemort looming on the horizon, the professors at Hogwarts had decided to add a new Dueling elective to the curriculum, they had had trouble finding a proficient professor.

Of course, the professors had been shocked to find that the spells that Elphaba knew were completely different from the standard offensive and defensive spells that the wizarding world knew. They had been even more shocked to find that she didn't need a wand to channel her magic.

Under the tutelage of a few professors, Elphaba slowly studied the courses that a normal wizard or witch would study at Hogwarts. The funny thing, though, was that although she could do the spells from The Grimmerie without a wand, she was unable to do any spells that were normal in the wizarding world the same way; Therefore, she acquired a wand and switched the normal wizarding spells instead of the ones from Oz.

With some help from Professor McGonagall, they had managed to change Fiyero from a scarecrow back to a human. According to McGonagall it was "one of the best pieces of human transfiguration she had seen in years."

After two years of teaching the dueling course, Elphaba had been with some students at Hogsmead when a group of 20 Death Eaters attacked. Immediately, she sprang to the defense of the students, which led to her induction into the Order of the Phoenix.

She never had bothered to correct Dumbledore on the business of her name, since she figured that she wanted a new start. The only person that actually still called her Elphaba was Fiyero; everyone else called her Fae or "Professor Thropp", even though the professors and Order members learned her real name at her initiation into the Order.

Despite the fact that she was pretty happy and had decided never to look back again, some days, she found herself thinking about Glinda. She hoped that Glinda was happy and that there wasn't any trouble in Oz.

Shaking her head to clear herself of these thoughts, Elphaba headed up the tunnel as well, hoping to find some solace in her rooms.

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