I was bored and thought of this random idea with my friend (Mishanti) so... yeah it'll be short though. Oh and it's in a girls POV but it may vary if I add more chapters.

I do not own any of the characters or and part of Twilight or New Moon. Stephenie Meyer the mighty author of Twilight and New Moon owns Edward…

What happens if you get the phone number to the Cullen's house???

Okay you receive a random note with the address and phone number of the Cullen's…

Address: The big white house in the forest in Forks, Washington

Phone Number: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx (make up a random number)

Then you dial in the number (xxx)-xxx-xxxx into your phone you end up with this message:

Hello this is the Cullen's residence.

If you are looking for Carlisle press 1

If you are looking for Esme press 2

If you are looking for Alice press 3

If you are looking for Edward press 4

If you are looking for Emmett press 5

If you are looking for Rosalie press 6

If you are looking for Jasper press 7

If you are looking for a date with any of us then we would like to inform you that we are all taken. If that's all please press the number of the person that you are looking for and leave a message. Have a nice day!

You press # 4 for Edward. You get this message.

Hello this is Edward. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you. If you would like to talk to Bella press 1. OR IF YOU ARE ANOTHER GIRL DAZZLED BY EDWARD I AM GOING OUT WITH HIM!! (that was Bella)

You leave a polite message for Edward (It was polite after the screaming of I LOVE YOU EDWARD!!! And also saying in a quiet voice you know he'll hear: I know your secret…) Then you hang up and re-dial and press 1 to get to Bella. You get this message.

Hello this is Bella! If you are Charlie then I am fine!!! Edward is not going to hurt me… If you are Edward… well you probably wouldn't call me I'm practically always with you… And if you are another of Edward's fan girls calling to tell me that you'll destroy me and get Edward for yourself please just leave a message and I'll try to return your call as soon as possible to tell you that I love Edward and he will never leave me. So… please leave me a message after the tone! Thank you!!!!

I know this isn't what they probably have on their phones but this is for fun! And if anyone likes it at all and if I get any good reviews I might do the other Cullen's messages too. If I do continue though it will be only about 3 chapters and yeah! But if you don't like it at all please don't leave a nasty flame…Constructive criticism okay but no nasty flame!! I would really appreciate that… Thank You!!!