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About six months later you were cleaning out your desk when you find a small piece of scrap paper with the number (xxx) xxx-xxxx 'Hmm.' You think isn't this the Cullen's number? It is! Maybe they'll pick up this time.' You flop onto your bed totally ditching cleaning your desk. You grab your phone and dial.

You hear: Hello this is the Cullen's residence.

If you are looking for Carlisle press 1

If you are looking for Esme press 2

If you are looking for Alice press 3

If you are looking for Edward press 4

If you are looking for Emmett press 5

If you are looking for Rosalie press 6

If you are looking for Jasper press 7

If you are looking for a date with any of us then we would like to inform you that we are all taken. If that's all please press the number of the person that you are looking for and leave a message. Have a nice day!

You decide to start with Emmett this time. You press 5 and wait. You hear:

"Hey!" and silence. You start rambling about how awesome you think he is when you hear, "Gotcha, didn't I? Ahahahahaha, anyways leave a message after the beep!" (a/n: I heard this from a friend of a friend... yeah soo technially I didn't make this up)

After you hear the "beep" you say, "Emmett… you suck." And hang up the phone.
'Humph,' You thought as you started to re-dial the number again. 'Maybe Jasper.'

You hear: "Hi this is Jasper, I'm sorry I cant reach the phone right now, trust me I know exactly how you feel, please leave a message after the beep"(a/n: Not mine at all!!! I just had to put this in it was soo cute! It was thought up by: XOMADCRAZZYOX

You sigh and leave a message along the lines of 'I'm sure you know how I feel except for the fact that a hot vampire won't pick up the phone.' Except that you didn't say that last part. You hang up and re-dial. 'Edward's turn!' you think. You get the main message and you press 4.

You get: Hello, I'm not available right now but you might be able to reach me at Bella's or at my cell phone number (eee) eee-eeee.

Instead of leaving a message you scribble down his cell phone number and dial it next. You wait and wait until: "Hello?" a velvet voice picked up.

You immediately start hyperventilating (a/n : if you were like me…) and manage to get out "H-hello? Edward?" "Yes, this is Edward. May I as who is calling?"

'Always so polite.' you think but then immediately starts to say "OMG I LIKE TOTALLY LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE LIKE SOO HOT AND OMG AND MY NAME IS AND I LOVE YOU AND WILL YOU BITE ME?" you wait and hear a beeping sound.

"Uhh… Edward?" You ask into the phone. All you hear is the tone (a/n: I have no idea what word to use) 'Dang it' you think. He had hung up.