Here is an all new story. I know I should focus on my others, but this idea just wouldn't leave me.

Summary: When Danny gets the chance to make it big as a pop star, Sam encourages him to go for it. Danny soon becomes a popular star. But will his new status cause him to forget those that mean the most to him?

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Danny Phantom or the partial Backstreet Boys song at the start of the fic.



"Show me the meaning of being lonely. Is this the feeling, I need to walk with." Danny sang into the microphone. "Tell me why I can't be there where you are. There's something missing in my heart." Danny smiled as he ended the song. He'd just preformed for the school talent show, a first for him. For a while he loved to sing, but, was unsure of letting anyone know. Until Sam heard him, and encouraged him. Tonight was a special night for the winner of the show, they would get a chance to record their own song. Danny secretly wanted that a lot.

Danny sat down in the front row, awaiting the announcement of the winner. He was one of the last preformers, so it would be soon. He endured some of the worst acts until his, now he had to sit through a couple more before the winner was announced. Tapping his foot impatiently, he watched as the principal slowly walked on stage. "We now have the results of the talent show." She paused, which only furthered Danny's irritation at her. Get on with it!! He screamed in his head, trying not to voice it.

"The winner is...Danny Fenton!"

Danny jumped out of his seat, elated at his win. He stormed on stage, and accepted the trophy. His smile went from ear to ear.

Later that evening, after the whole program was done, a man approaced him, and introduced himself as Bob Albertsen. Bob offered Danny a chance to record a song. Danny eagerly accepted the offer.

End Flashback

That was nearly 4 months ago, and now Danny was sitting on a recording studio, working on a song. He already had a full album coming out in a few months.


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