I want to mention that I may not have Danny actually singing in the story. But if I do, he'll sing other male artist songs (since I'm too lazy to come up with my own songs for him).

Last chapter:

That was nearly 4 months ago, and now Danny was sitting on a recording studio, working on a song. He already had a full album coming out in a few months.


Awkward moment, awkward moment. Danny screamed in his head. He was getting make up put on him for his music video. Make up! Like he needed that. Finally, they were done. He looked at himself in the mirror. Well, it did cover up the new zit that had begun to form.

As he walked to the dressing room, he sighed. Being a superstar was more work than he thought. But it has its upsides too. He'd recently released his first single. But the downsides sometimes were too much for him. Like that he hardly saw his friends, Tucker and Sam anymore. He knew that was putting a strain on their relationship together.

But at least they were supportive of him. "Ick that!" Danny half screamed at the outfit the guy offered him.

"That's what the director wants you to wear."

Danny sighed. "Fine." He took it and put it on in the dressing room. He really did not want to wear this. He felt girl like. It was a tank top shirt that was baby blue colored. The color wasn't bad; it was he hated tank tops. Sure he had a jacket to wear on it, but that was red. Color clash. He pants were way too tight for him, especially for boy's jeans. But what drove him over the edge was the pink band he had to wear on his arm.

When he walked out, he told the guy standing there, "I swear if this is the look he's going for, I'm either dropping out or finding a new director." The guy laughed some.


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