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Summary: Sam and Dean are hunting Vampires again, but this time they might need a little help when things get out of hand. They meet two hunters working the same case as them, and learn that this time the vampires aren't just looking for blood.

Return of the colt!

This is my first fanfic! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! The title is kind of lame, and I suck at summaries but give it a chance, it'll get better I promise!!!

Love Bites

It was the perfect night in the city of Chicago. The frigid breezes of winter swept in a clean crisp air. A star filled sky shone on the many buildings of the city and in the late hours of the night, the full moon reflected eerily on the lake. It was perfect –that is- for hunting.

"Ahh, it's good to be back in good old Chi-town" Dean Winchester said as he got out of his 1967 Chevy Impala

"Let's hope it's better than our last visit" said his younger brother, Sam.

"Well if you could find a girlfriend who doesn't practice ancient evil rituals, maybe that wouldn't have happened." Dean joked as he made his way to the trunk of the car to get his hunting gear.

Sam glared at him angrily, not wanting to bring up that little adventure they had almost a year ago "Yeah, sure" he replied as he followed Dean.

Dean popped it open and took out a backpack to put the gear in, then opened the secret compartment that held all of their weapons.

"What do you think we'll need?" Dean asked, surveying the vast array of "hunting gear" laid out before him

"I don't know, without the Colt we're going to have to kill these vampires old school style" Sam replied

"Dandy." Said Dean sarcastically, "We'll just have to take everything then." He added as he grabbed a handful of wooden stakes, holy water, and a various assortment of guns, and custom ammo.

"Dean," Sam said when his brother looked up, "I mean really old school."

"Oh" Dean shrugged, and grabbed a handful of rather large, curved knives, "Messy, but effective." He was referring to possibly the best way of killing a vampire, decapitation.

Meanwhile two dark figures walked down an alleyway deep in the city. Both were girls, but their hair, blown about by the breeze, covered their faces. One held a '44 Magnum in her hands while the other wielded a sharp, curved knife. They were looking for someone, something that had ran from them a long time ago.

"Where do you think it went, Amanda?" One of them asked at the entrance to the alley. When the one called Amanda didn't answer, the girl turned around. She was alone.

"Hello, Hannah." A voice called from behind her, the girl knew it didn't belong to Amanda. Hannah spun around to see who it was. A man stood before her he looked like an average human being, except for an evil glare and a familiar bulge in his mouth where his teeth were.

It's him Hannah thought as she drew out the Magnum from her coat, "How do you know my name?" she demanded, though she could not hide the fear in her voice.

I've been…around." He answered baring his teeth, which Hannah now saw two glittering fangs where normal canine teeth should have been. At least this told her this particular vampire was not one of those crazy hybrids with the horrendous fangs protruding all over their mouth she had heard about from other hunters. This made the job somewhat easier in her mind.

Without another word Hannah pulled out the gun and shot the vampire where his heart should have been, but when the bullet hit him, he recoiled a little, then threw back his head and sounded a cold, heartless laugh.

"You actually thought that would hurt, girl?" He said, getting ready to attack her.

Hannah looked scared for a second, but then saw a shadow move behind the vampire, and smiled "No, but that will."

He didn't even get a chance to turn around. There was a slight swishing sound and the vampire's body fell to the ground, his last moments of confusion etched on his face, forever.

"Nice distraction." Amanda said as she walked into the light

"Thanks, but next time, you get to play the dumb hunter, everyone knows you can't kill a vampire with regular ammo…oh well, he's dead and that's all that matters." Hannah replied

Amanda looked down at the blood seeping out of the vampire's head and made a disgusted face, "Ummm, now what do we do with the body?"

"Guess we're gonna have to play 'homeless people' and burn it in a trash can."


"We could always leave it here for the cops to find! Besides you seemed to have no problems chopping off its head in the first place."

"I do what I have to." Amanda pouted

"Whatever," Hannah sighed, "Come on, we can drag it to that garbage can back there…oh and put on some gloves, this is gonna be messy."

Sam and Dean were walking down a sidewalk near Millennium Park when they heard the gunshot.

"Since when do cops carry '44's?" Dean asked recognizing the sound of the shot.

"Let's find out." Sam answered, and they both tore off in the direction of the noise.