Chapter 27 Hey guys, remember me? I could launch into this big explanation on why I haven't posted in almost a year… I could say a ton of things that may or may not be entirely true including near death experiences, comas, espionage, kidnapping, the world almost being destroyed, and the worst: a massive onslaught of writers block…

I know I know, I'm so sorry. But I hope it's been long enough that all your anger has gone away and your just grateful I decided to finish the story! …or maybe you still are mad, in which case, again, I'm really sorry. No excuses, just lets forgive and forget right? Ok no more blabbering ON TO THE STORY


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for………….

Chapter 27!

"You wanted to play the game…"


"I spy something… gray."

"Uhhh the gray cement wall behind you?"


"The gray cement wall behind Sam?"

"Wrong again."

"The gray cement wall behind Amanda?"

"Still wrong."

"I give up…" Dean sighed in defeat.

"Try the gray cement wall behind you," Hannah chuckled.

"Not fair, I can't see that one." He replied curtly.

"You wanted to play the game…" she shrugged.

"But you picked gray, the whole damn room is gray!" he whined.

"Which is exactly why I picked it," she smirked, standing up to stretch her legs.

Dean rolled his eyes- secretly wishing he could do the same. "Sam," he said turning to his brother, "How much time left?"

The younger Winchester pushed back his sleeve to check, "Um…" he furrowed his brow as he counted in his head, "20 hours? Give or take."

Dean groaned and let his head fall back so he could stare blankly at the ceiling… which he noticed was also gray.

After a few moments he picked his head up. "Anyone know what's supposed to happen after 24 hours? Is it gonna be like new years where we all count down and then bam, champagne all around, I'm human again?"

Sam snorted, "As if we had the slightest idea…"

"Shut up, College boy," Dean snapped.

"Bite me."

"Oh you know I will."


Hours later found Hannah upstairs chatting with Katherine about a past hunt.

"That's hilarious!" Katherine laughed when Hannah had finished. "I wish I'd been there."

"Be glad you weren't. Amanda with poison ivy is not a pretty sight," Hannah replied, mock-seriously.

After a moment, Hannah stood up. "I should go check on Dean," she said.

Katherine nodded. "He's probably dying of boredom. I should check on Olly, too. He seemed a bit uptight."

Hannah made her way slowly down the cellar stairs, and as she opened the door she expected to find it exactly as she left it: Dean cracking bad vampire jokes, Sam rolling his eyes, and Amanda laughing at both of them, but the scene she encountered was horribly different.

The first thing she noticed was Dean's chair and the fact that Dean himself wasn't in it.

Her confusion was soon replaced with terror when she heard a scream from within the room.

She darted in, hoping, praying it was all some sick joke they just decided to play on her, but she let out a gasp of horror as she noticed a body lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

"Sam?" was all she could sputter out.


She whirled toward the opposite wall where the scream had originated. There was Amanda, gasping for breath, as Dean's iron grip on her neck pinned her against the wall.

Hannah was frozen. Her ears echoed with her best friend's screams as Dean snarled and pressed harder.

Then she heard a sudden snapping sound, and Amanda's screams fell silent.

Hannah heard her friend's body slump to the floor but could process no more. She must have been screaming, because moments later Dean looked up from Amanda's neck, face covered in blood, and roared at her.

She fell to her knees in defeat just as Dean lunged.





She jolted awake, panting and wild eyed.

"Thank God." Amanda sighed hugging the shaking girl.

Without a word Hannah embraced her friend tightly, "I thought-" suddenly she froze. "Dean." Her gaze shifted to the vampire. He was struggling violently against his ropes and Sam even had his hands on his shoulder trying to hold him down.

Guessing what was going through Hannah's mind, Amanda quickly released her friend, "It's not bloodlust or whatever else he's going through. When you started screaming like that, we all… freaked a little bit."

Hannah got to her feet shakily and walked over to the two brothers. Dean immediately stopped struggling and Sam backed off towards Amanda.

It was now Dean who became the calm one as Hannah slipped into his lap (forgetting for a moment he could probably kill her in a second) and wrapped her arms around him and sobbed into his shoulder. "Oh God, Dean…"

"Shhh." He whispered into her ear, "Don't think about it. We're all here. It's ok." He paused, "Though, unfortunately I would recommend getting off me… I might get tempted to eat you or something."

This only made her sobs increase and in a few moments time, his shoulder sleeve was quite wet.

He wondered silently what her dream had really been about.

After a few more moments, however, she calmed down and took his advice. "I'm sorry." She said quietly and after standing up and sniffing a few times she looked at him, "God, Dean, you look like hell."

He actually smiled, "You should look in the-" he started, but something stopped him from finishing the sentence. A strange feeling came over him. It wasn't bloodlust like he had been expecting but he suddenly felt tremendously weak and quite suddenly it seemed all the air had suddenly been sucked out of his lungs. Inside, his stomach turned and something felt like it was rising to his throat

"Dean?" Hannah was suddenly panicked when he started to slump forward, "What is it, can you smell anything?" she grasped his face in her hands, "Look at me."

His eyes fluttered open; "No…it's not-" He turned away from her and was suddenly racked with an onslaught of coughing. When she forced him to look at her again her thumb brushed against his lip and she felt the warm sticky red substance that had appeared in his mouth slide onto her finger.

"Sam, Amanda. Get over here. Now." She called.

Sam appeared next to the girl, and evaluated his brother with a furrowed brow. "Hannah, go get Katherine."

The look in his eyes was pure agony and she didn't hesitate to head for the door and race to find the only person they knew could help them now.


Minutes later, they burst through the door towels, bandages, and some other unidentifyables in hand.

"Out of the way" Katherine commanded, shoving Sam, Amanda, and Hannah away from a nearly spasmodic Dean.

She lifted one of his drooped eyelids and stared at the unfocused and rolling eye beneath it and quickly checked to see if his pulse had returned. Then grabbed a towel and wiped the blood that was dripping from his mouth.

"Its not the bloodlust, right? It can't be." Sam said, nervously stepping closer when his brother moaned in pain and doubled over.

Katherine allowed Sam to hold him up as she wiped his forehead and breathed a soothing word. "I believe it's the exact opposite. His body's rejecting the vampire blood; he's turning human again."


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