This story was inspired by a panel of issue #2 of the new Justice League of America comic.

Anyway, background for those that aren't up to speed in the DCU... Here's the rundown of the comic so far... Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have returned after being gone for a year, and now they want to reform the JLA. For those that didn't read Infinite Crisis... well, it wasn't that good anyway. But at the end, Superman didn't have his powers (he flew through a red sun), and Batman took off with Dick Grayson and Tim Drake for a year of retraining, and Wonder Woman... well, I forget what she did. But they all disappeared for a year.

So now they're sitting around in the Batcave deciding who is in the new League and who's not. And of course, Nightwing's name was thrown into the mix. This is what the conversation about the JLA could have been like for Nightwing and Batman.