Before I start writing this fanfic I have to make a couple of notes, bear with me xD

First off, this is written without Tamers' ending in mind, meaning that the rest of the kids we're never reunited with their Digimon. I know this is sad to hear but the plot plays off of this.

This Fanfic takes place 5 years after Tamers, Shuichon is now 12 and Ai and Makoto are now 10. None of the other Tamers appear in this fanfic besides Jenrya. (Or they shouldn't, anyways. I might include Juri because she's cute )

Also, Ai is the girl and Makoto is the boy if you never caught on in the anime, JenryaHenry and ShuichonSuzie. Also Shuichon's Family is as follows, JanyuFather, MayumiMother, RincheiOlder Brother, JaarinOlder Sister.

I think that's it, sorry for the long notes. Enjoy the story! 3

Chapter One

Ai looked outside the window to the dirty world they called West Shinjuku. She was seated on a couch and in what her household would call a "living room". She clung to a small teddy bear with stitches in its right arm. She wore a pink dress that went down to her knees; it was sleeveless and had a lighter pink long sleeved shirt underneath. She had short brown hair that fell to just above her shoulders. She had a look of nervousness and a little sadness etched into her brown eyes. She then turned as a boy came out from his room. He had similar looks to Ai but he had shorter hair and much different clothes. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a light green short sleeved button up shirt, which was ironically unbuttoned. He wore a blue long sleeved shirt underneath. Also unlike Ai he had a look of confidence on his face.

"Come on Sis, it's time for our first day of school." He said to Ai

"Makoto…" Ai responded slowly "You think he'll ever come home?"

Makoto smiles and grabbed his and her book bags. Makoto had a black and blue backpack while Ai had a grey messenger bag. He sat next to his sister.

"I'm sure he will, but waiting at home won't do us any good. I'm sure he'd want us to attend school like every other kid." Makoto replied

"Alright." Ai responded, nodding.

She took the bag from her brother, and set the stuffed bear on the couch as they left for school.

As soon as they arrived Ai could certainly sense the feelings of long ago in the building.

"This place is familiar..." She told her twin brother

"Of course it is, we looked at the brochure remember?" He reminded Ai, rushing ahead of her into the school."

Ai sighed and followed after Makoto, shouting "You know that wasn't what I meant!"

Another girl found herself getting ready for school the same morning as the twins. She brushed out her longish berry colored hair she listened to the morning chaos.

"Shuichon, finish getting ready!" She heard her mother, Mayumi yell into her room.

"Yes mother!" She yelled back, grabbing her small backpack. She was dressed in a pink long sleeved sweater and a pair of white colored jeans. As she walked out into the hall she put on her shoes.

"Jenryaaaa" She yelled

"Shuichon, I'm coming!" He yelled back, stuffing the last remains of a waffle in his mouth.

"I'm going to be late hurry up!" Shuichon yelled back

"It's not my fault you take forever in the bathroom." He replied back, putting a coat on. He handed another coat to her "Put this on, it's supposed to be cold today."

"Ok" She said, sliding the coat on. They both hopped into the car and drove off to her school.

When they got there, Shuichon flung open the door.

"Bye Jenrya have fun at your school." She said as fast as she could as she rushed off into her Elementary school.

"She's such a laugh." Jenrya said "She almost hasn't changed at all besides growing a bit older."

Jenrya drove off, remembering he was going to be late as well. Stupid Waffle.

Ai and Makoto met up sooner than they thought they would, in the same class.

"You're in my class again." Makoto said

"Not surprising. I think they all just go by alphabetical order." Ai said, taking a seat on the other side of the room. She got along with her brother well; she just didn't want to be with him all the time.

"Quiet down class, now I'm your teacher Asanuma Nami. I don't understand why I've done this so many years but that's ok. This is the room where you will spend most of your year, so get used to it. Alright, Role call."

Ai called her name off without a problem, but Makoto hesitated because his attention was focused on his teacher. He swore he had seen her before. After a long time of boring lectures, all the kids went out for recess. Makoto approached her.

"Excuse me, Asanuma Sensei, but you seem familiar." Makoto said.

"Yeah, and you're a regular Takato, go outside and play." Asanuma Sensei replied

"Takato… Mastsuki Takato?" He asked

"Yeah, now what, do you guys know each other?"

"I think… it was a long time ago." Makoto said

"Well go along." Asanuma Sensei said, shooing him along

Makoto rushed outside to meet with his sister.

Ai was sitting outside, looking up into the grey sky. Her brother came running towards her, panting a bit. He sat down next to her.

"This teacher, it's…"

"It's who?"

"Takato's teacher." He said "This is Takato's school."

"No wonder this place has so much emotion." Ai said "I can feel the loneliness and the happiness all at once. It's overwhelming."

"You need to go home?" Makoto asked his sister

"No, I'm fine." She said

Shuichon came walking in the door, her mother was there to greet her with a hug, but no one else was home yet. She went in her room and went into a drawer; she pulled out the only thing in that drawer, a small pink Digivice. She gripped it in her hand.

"You were my friend, I really miss you." She said to herself quietly.

She lie down on her bed and fell asleep, with the digivice in hand.

Ai and Makoto started there walk home. School had just ended.

"Hey Ai-chan." Makoto said "You think we could find that one place?"

"What one place?" She asked her brother. She hated when he wasn't specific enough

"That park place!" He replied

"Maybe, I guess we could go look." Ai said

Ai and Makoto looked around, asking people about a local park, a mother with a baby in a stroller told the kids about a park nearby. The kids located and entered the park.

"It's so quiet here." Makoto said.

It was completely abandoned, but the plant life managed to flourish anyways. The trashcans were filled to the rim and the swings creaked with an eerie feel. Suddenly something began to beep like crazy. Ai reached into her bag and pulled out their digivice they had received long ago. It was glowing, a light shown through the screen pointing in a direction. Ai and Makoto followed the light until they found a weird stone building with a gate on it, there was a lock in place. Makoto being the rash human he was, grabbed a rock and pounded it into the lock until it broke. Ai sighed as they both entered the hole. They then saw a portal, just like the one that had took their friend away from them. Makoto advanced towards the portal, and Ai quickly pulled him back.

"Ai come on let's go find him!" Makoto said, pulling away from her

"Makoto it's too dangerous!" Ai said "It's not time to go yet! I'm sure of it!"

"Hey, what are you two doing?!"

Suddenly the two twins turned around to see a tall older boy with dark bluish hair. He seemed a bit angry until he looked at Ai, seeing what was in her hands.

"The purple digivice, which means you two are…"

"I'm Ai, and this is my brother Makoto." Ai said "We apologize if we did anything wrong."

"No you didn't do anything; I'm just surprised that you guys are around here. Didn't you move?

"Yeah, we just recently moved back." Makoto responded. "Wait, who are you?"

"I'm Li Jenrya; I'm a Tamer like you guys." Jenrya replied. "I'm just surprised that this portal opened up to you guys."

"That's because we have to go get our friend!" Makoto said, advancing towards the portal. Ai promptly grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Makoto, it's not time to go yet!" Ai yelled at him, he sighed back and sat down.

"You guys, we need to talk." Jenrya said "Would you mind coming to my house?"

"That would be wonderful." Ai said, taking her brother by the arm as to drag him along.