Chapter 9

I've been getting comments about picking Fairymon as Kazuki's partner, both negative and positive. I thought I might as well take this time to write some about why I chose Fairymon as his partner. I wanted him to have a female digimon that would instantly point out Kazuki's faults, being able to see through all his layers of protection. I instantly though of having some sort of Angelic digimon, so Angewomon was the first to pop into my head, but something didn't feel right about that. I continued thinking about it, and then I decided on Fairymon. Not only did she make a comical entrance into my fanfiction, she also revealed some of Kazuki's past, and seems to be able to read Kazuki well. This was also a great chance to show that Fairymon has her own personality, and doesn't have to be the same as Izumi. Enough of my ranting though, onto the fanfic:B

Beezlemon looked up with clouded up eyes, at the leader of this despicable group. He kneeled waiting for instruction.

"Beezlemon, Daemon's not doing his job." The leader said with a booming voice "Please go teach him a lesson."

Beelzemon grinned and nodded, disappearing.

"Lilithmon, you did good to recruit him."

"It was easy" The charming female digimon said, holding a bunch of different clear strings, similar to fishing line, in her hands.

Makoto opened his eyes; they were right back where they had fallen. He slowly stood up, looking around. Everyone else seemed to be tired, and so was he. Otherwise he was just fine. Daemon stood before them, and there digimon rushed to them.

"Shuichon!" Lopmon said, flying over to her "I'm so glad you're ok!"

"Kazuki you idiot!" Fairymon said, walking over to him "I thought you had died or something! Here let me take you're temperature" She said, lying one hand on his forehead. Kazuki quickly pushed this form of affection away, as Kamemon walked towards Ryota.

"I'm safe." He said, patting his digimon on the head. Kamemon quickly latched onto his arm.

"I didn't think you kids were that resourceful." Daemon said "Nevertheless, my commands where to kill you, and that's what I'll do."

"You talk too much, big boy." Fairymon said, standing up "Let's go."

"Fairymon, you're only adult level." Kazuki said, protesting "That's an Ultimate!"

"Just believe in me." She said to him, as she ran towards Daemon.

"Brezza Petalo!" She yelled, releasing mini tornados from her fingertips. Daemon had no problem avoiding this attack. He lit his hand on fire, and hurled it towards her. She fell back, her body digging into the ground, but got up quickly.

"At this rate…" Kazuki said "Fairymon! Crush that guy!"

"Yes sir." She sarcastically retorted, wiping the blood from her upper lip. She started at the Evil Digimon again.

"Arid Hug!" She yelled, thrusting her bottom into Daemon. He fell to the ground, not expecting this, but certainly not beaten. Fairymon smiled, sitting on the digimon, and gave a victory sign to Kazuki. He sighed and wondered why he had to be stuck with the girly digimon. He suddenly floated up, pushing Fairymon to the ground. She quickly stood up, using her wings to float up to his level. Lopmon turned to her partner.

"Show em how it's done!" Lopmon said, Shuichon took out a card, a blue card, and swiped it through her digivice. Suddenly Lopmon began to glow, and grew in size. Lopmon had changed her appearance. She was much taller than Lopmon, reaching Shuichon's waist. She was mostly purple now, with a bit of white on her nose/mouth area. She had a yellow outfit on with a blue bandana around her neck and red gloves with metal claw like weapons on both of her hands.

"Hey guys, like the new look!" The new digimon said

"That's Turuiemon." Shuichon said, looking at her digivice. "She's the adult level of Lopmon."

"Now to take care of this clown!" Turuitemon said to Fairymon, She nodded in agreement at the bunny digimon.

It didn't take long for both digimon to land flat on their faces; Daemon didn't even appear to be trying.

"Kazuki, swipe a card!" Shuichon yelled over to him

"Good thing I brought all my cards with me!" Kazuki reached into his backpack, shuffling around in it for awhile, until Ryota dug one of Kazuki's pockets and handed it to him. Kazuki looked smugly at Ryota, and then swiped the card. Fairymon suddenly released a burst of ice from her hands that froze Daemon over.

"At least that gives us time to decide what to do." Makoto said, observing Daemon's state "Any ideas?"

"Run." Ryota said "We can regroup that way."

"No!" Kazuki said "I never run away from a fight, no one ever should."

"But, Kazuki-kun…"

"It's fine." He said, laughing. "Well be fine, we can kick this guy's ass."

"It's looking a bit dull though." Shuichon commented. "I mean, our digimon really aren't enough to stand up to Daemon. We need a plan."

"I wish Beezlemon was here." Ai said

With those words, almost on command, they heard a motorcycle racing to their direction. To Makoto and Ai's surprise, it was the Behemoth, which meant Beezlemon wasn't far behind. Ai smiled holding her hands to the middle of her chest while Makoto pumped his hand up into the air; this almost seemed too good to be true.

Maybe it was.

"He's not slowing down." Makoto said, returning his arm to his side

"What!" Kazuki shouted

Suddenly they knew he was right, Beezlemon plowed right into the Tamers, Fairymon quickly grabbed Kazuki, Ryota, and Kamemon and pulled them out of the way. Makoto grabbed Shuichon and Ai and pulled them out of the way as well, making a clear path for Beezlemon. He stopped right in the middle of the Tamers. Ai ran up to him smiling.

"Beelzemon I can't believe you're back!" She said smiling.

Beezlemon gave her one look, and then shoved her to the side. She landed softly on the ground.

"Beezlemon…" Ai said softly.

"It's not my job to deal with you." He said as Daemon's ice covering was beginning to crack.

He walked a couple of steps further, and then took out His guns. Ai had a wide expression of astonishment written across her face. As Makoto took her by the arm and pulled her closer to him, he shot Daemon multiple times until he was nothing but bits of data. Beezlemon, not hesitating at all, absorbed his data. He then got on the Behemoth and rode away, leaving Ai and Makoto speechless. Ai leaned her head on her brothers shoulder, crying. The look in Beezlemon's face, it wasn't his own expression.

"Makoto, that isn't our friend." She said, sniffling.

"Yeah." He said, agreeing "We have to find out what's controlling him."

Shuichon put a hand on Ai's shoulder.

"We'll figure it out; I think we all need some rest now though." Shuichon said "Expectually Fairymon and Turuiemon."

"She's right." Turuiemon said "I am rather tired."

The Tamers and their digimon were huddled up against a campfire, none of them were asleep. Then Ai asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"So, you're illusions, what were they?" She asked

"Mine was that you died." Makoto said, turning to his sister.

"Oh, that! It was just Jen taking Lopmon away from me." Shuichon said, trying to cover up the severity of her illusion.

"What about you two?" Ai asked Kazuki and Ryota

"Not on your life." They both said, crossing their arms.

"Oh come on." Makoto said "We told ours."

"Fine," Ryota said "My dream was that Kazuki moved out."

"You guys live together?" Shuichon said, confused

"Of course! They're…" Fairymon started, when Kazuki elbowed her in the side

"He got kicked out of his house." Ryota said calmly.

"I'm still not telling mine." Kazuki said, turning away.

"If you insist, Kazuki." Makoto said "I'm going to bed, night everyone."

Everyone tried to get some shut eye that night, some where not as successful as others. Makoto and Ai were scared for Beezlemon, while Shuichon thought of how that whole time five years ago, her brother was just looking out for her well being. Ryota and Kazuki's thoughts were on the same wave length, though.

They all eventually fell asleep that night, with rather good thoughts in their heads.