It was a gorgeous city, really. Like nothing Daniel Jackson had ever seen before. If he squinted and tilted his head, he could imagine it being a cross between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Medieval in a futuristic way. Large, almost sphere-like buildings made it up, with a lone, enormous mountain immediately behind it. But the city didn't stop there. Cylindrical formations jutted out of the hollow mountain, boasting proud interiors that Daniel couldn't wait to explore. And what topped it off for the eager archeologist was the obvious fact it had long been deserted. With a practically giddy leap, Daniel walked into the mysterious city.

"Danny boy!"

You'vegotto be kidding me. Wondering how the hell Vala Mal Doran had ended up in Daniel's personal paradise, he turned to see the ex-thief bouncing towards him. She glanced around at the city encompassing them and flashed a blinding smile his direction.

"Perfect place, isn't?" she asked sincerely. "Bet you're glad I found it!"

Immediately Daniel assumed she was giving him sexual implications and began to say so. However, he never had the opportunity to find out for sure. A scream suddenly pierced the air and the beautiful, paradisiacal city was turned into a horrid hell. The sky turned from blue to a dark grey and seemed to fill with blood. Vala slumped to the dirt ground lifelessly and a hoard of memories bombarded Daniel. Tears stung his eyes and he sunk to his knees in misery.

"Vala…" he chocked, brushing her black locks out of her still warm face. "Oh, Vala…"


"Uu-uh!" Daniel jerked awake, breathing heavily. With the suddenness of his movement, he flailed, tangled in his sheets and fell with a thud to the floor. He bit back a curse and struggled to release himself from bondage. Finally he scrambled away from his bed, standing up.

"Holy crap," he said quietly. He shot a glance at his radio clock and groaned when he saw the neon read declaring it was 3:29 in the morning. He had gotten an hour and a half of sleep. Wondering why in the world he had woken up, Daniel shuffled back to his bed when a nerve-wracking scream filled his memory. He froze.

Ah. That's why.

That was all he remembered of the dream, but it was enough. He was not going back to bed. A couple cups of coffee and he should be able to get back on working on that translation….

Suppressing a yawn, Daniel threw on some clothes, downed coffee cup number one and walked out to his truck.

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