New AN: This is the 2015 revised version of the one-shot I've written back in 2006 as a tribute to Sess/Kik and the tragic miko herself. Please be aware that there are spoilers from chapter 464 of the Inuyasha manga. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, the series and the characters involved.

If Only

Dedicated to the readers of Fukai Mori

The sun descended to the horizon, flooding the skies with warm pink. He swept the grass with his single hand, letting their rough blades brush against his calluses. The faint scent of autumn bellflower was fading in the wind. Though it was just a single flower amongst millions, without its sweetness, the world felt hollow.

Their first meeting was under the mist of Mount Hakurei. Her bellflower aroma was strong even against the stench of blood. Her determined eyes, iron will, empty smiles were all things considered undesirable for a human woman, but they were the only human things he would ever recognize with his prideful eyes, let alone admire.

Unknowingly, he had since sought this scent wherever he went.

Several days after their first meeting, he learned she had fallen prey to Naraku. His brother had failed to protect her, again.

That worthless waste of demon blood. He could not even protect the woman he loved - what right did he have to inherit the will of their father?

But beneath these curses, there was a regret he would not admit:

If only he were faster…

He imagined the delicate blue petals falling to the ground. He had never feared death, but the stale, hollow smell it left in her wake turned his world grey. It disgusted him.

This shadow clung to him until she came back again.

Her fragrance, however distant, however faint, brought him true joy. What was this worthless emotion? He would not let anyone know even he, the Great Demon Lord of the West, had things he did not understand. But this was the truth. He really could not make sense of the feelings he started developing.

If only he had at least conveyed this confusion to her...

They met again in their common road to destroy Naraku. No matter how many times their paths diverged, they would gather again to protect their common pride. The same cold pairs of eyes, the same wordless trust they placed in one another. They battled back to back, knowing the other's will, the other's strength. He was a taiyoukai, she was an undead miko, but their souls were the same. His sword swept in her rain of arrows, her bow arched to the dance of his whip. They understood each other like the lines on the back of their own hands. Nothing needed to be spoken. They knew what they had, what they shared, what they would keep between them.

His shining armour, her flowing robes. Streaks of violet, sweeps of blue. Their colours mingled in the red of blood. What were wounds when one could still battle? Their bodies might be broken, but their courage unwavering. They fought on, through the army of enemies, the darkness of evil. Did it matter that victory was far away? No, so long as they had each other.

If only the battle never ended…

Eventually they parted upon Naraku's escape. He wondered if he had anything that would remind her of him. Would she remember his bigmouthed servant, or the child he had taken under his wing? Would she remember the navy crescent that marked his high forehead, or the stripes that lined his cheeks? Would she remember the single moment when his silver locks swept by her side while they ran down the miasma-corroded hills?

It was futile to find the answers now. He could smell change in the wind as he gazed the setting sun. In his universe, this would be the last sunset, for without her, there would no longer be light.

Once again, he regretted.

If only he could at least be by her side, hold the last of her bellflower scent, he would have been contented…

- End -