He could hear people moving and talking, but it was taking every ounce of energy to open his eyes. His body was feeling weak and numb. He moved his hands first; squeezing his right hand he tightened his fingers around the sheets under his body. When he squeezed the left he felt someone's hand in his. He could hear a woman's voice but couldn't make it out, it sounded like he was in a wind tunnel.

"Danny?" He heard it again, it sounded like Stella, but all he could think about was Lindsay. Why wasn't she here?

"Danny, it's me Stella. Can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me?" Danny did so and squeezed.

Why was it so hard to open my eyes? Danny's body felt like there like there was something sitting on top of his making it hard for him to move.

"Good, Danny you're on Morphine. It's going to hard to wake up, but the doctor says your going to be okay. We'll take care of you, and Lindsay, I promise you."

What do you mean Lindsay? What happened to Lindsay and why isn't she here? Danny was getting stressed and his body was showing signs, as his heart monitor started acting up. Danny felt his body tense, he knew something was wrong but his body wouldn't let him do anything about it. He grasped for the object that was causing his lack of voice, and began to pull it. It hurt like hell, as he started ripping and chocking at the tube that was down his throat. He could feel hands grabbing at his hands, holding him down.

"Danny you need to calm down, the doctor is coming." Stella said in a loud but calm voice.

The doctors and nurses came in finally and did their bests to hold Danny down while they gave him a sedative to calm him. When Danny's body finally became limp and he lay still in bed, the doctor motioned for Stella to follow him from the room.

"How is he doing? …Doctor?" Stella questioned.

"Dr. Miller. So far so good, other then the pain, he should be okay. Right now he is just coming off of the general anesthetic from surgery, so it's a little confusing for him." The doctor answered in an upbeat tone.

"He was lucky."

"No, lucky would have been if he didn't get stabbed 4 times in the first place." Stella rebutted.

"I guess so… you can go see him if you'd like, we've taken excavated him. He should be able to talk soon."

"Thank you Doctor." She said as she walked past him into the room.

When she returned Danny's eyes were open and he was sitting in an upward position in bed, his face was pale. Stella realized that she has never seen him look so weak and helpless; the worst hadn't even happened yet. She still had to explain Lindsay's absence.

"Hey tough guy. How are you feeling?" Stella said sitting next to him in bed.

"I feel like I've been dragged down a dirt road… naked." Danny said rolling his head on his pillow to face her. "So… what aren't you telling me? And don't say its nothing, where is Lindsay?"

" Umm… Danny… I don't think that you're…" Before she could finish Danny jumped in.

"Don't patronize me. I got stabbed I am not a child. Where is she?"

Stella looked up at him and straight in his eyes. "Danny when you were on the way to the hospital, Lindsay and officer Michaels were in a car accident. Officer Michaels was killed, but we don't know if Lindsay is okay because we can't find her. We think she was kidnapped."

Stella could do nothing but watch as his face fell. It was as if his best friend just died, she knew that he and Lindsay were close, but maybe she underestimated how close.

"Okay… well I better get out of here if we are going to find her." Danny said removing the covers and attempting to get out of bed. Stella out of pure shock shrieked, "Are you CRAZY!?"

"I'm no good, sitting here being helpless. You can drive if that's what you're worried about." Danny was calm, almost too calm. Stella ran to his side of the hospital bed and sat him down.

"Danny, I am telling you this as a friend and as a boss. You are staying here, we will keep you informed on the case, but you aren't going anywhere. You just had surgery for god sakes!" Stella said, while she tried her best to reason with him.

"Yeah well, I'll get the AMA forms, you can get the car." Danny was lucid at this point and Stella could tell it wasn't just Lindsay. Danny stood up and pushed Stella out of the way and walked about three steps when it hit him. A tsunami of dizziness that caused him to stand still and close his eyes, the lights in the room started dancing in front of him when he felt the room get cold. He took another step and collapsed on the floor.

"Danny! What the hell are you doing?" Stella said running to him and pulling him to his feet and back to the bed.

"What are you thinking, you could have died today!" Stella was angry, but as she placed a hand on Danny's forehead she finally understood why he was acting so bizarre. His skin was hot to the touch, his eyes were glossed over and he had sweat running down his face. He had a fever and that could only mean one thing after a major surgery. Infection.

"Danny, don't move okay. If you try to leave I'll shoot you, I swear. I'm getting your doctor." Stella said as she walked to the door and yelled to Doctor Miller.

As the nurses and doctor came in the room, Danny's eyes rolled back into his head and his body started shaking uncontrollably. His body was having a full-blown seizure and for the second time that day, Danny couldn't control his body.

The last thing Danny thought of before his eyes went blank was; Stella doesn't have that good a shot, I could have made it. I have to find Lindsay.