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Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

"Collide" Howie Day

It was late at night around eight when Michael "Mike" Logan and his partner in crime Carolyn Barek had stopped at the corner store for coffee. Their shift had just ended and it was a somewhat tradition they would leave the department together go to the corner shop get what they needed and Mike would drop Carolyn off at her apartment then drive himself home to his one bedroom apartment. Little did they know that tonight would break their tradition. They had parked the car and gotten out walked and walked into the store. Everything seemed normal, the store wasn't that busy. There was only four men, a young cashier two teenagers and a mother and her child. Mike walked over to the magazine shelf while Carolyn walked back to where the coffee was and poured herself two cups when all a sudden one of the men screamed.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN NOW" as he put on a black mask and whipped out a black gun and held it in the air. The other two men did the same.

"Hey we don't any trouble and there won't be any as long as everyone listens."

"Look just clam down, put down the guns." said Mike as he reached into his coat for his.

"I don't think so" Said the man behind him as he aimed the gun towards Mike's head. "Give me it" Mike slowly reached into his coat and took out his gun as the man stanched it out of hands. The leader of the men walked toward the cashier register and pointed the gun in the face of the young cashier and held it to her forehead while he handed her a bag.

"Put the money in the bag."

The young girl was shaking and crying so bad she couldn't keep her hands from trembling. The key she was holding that opened register she accidently dropped.

"I-I didn't mean t-too" she said stuttering.

"Get it!" He said the gun still on her. She slowly bent down and picked up the key but her way up she noticed and pressed the silent alarm button that was hidden on the bottom of the register. Her movements didn't go unnoticed, the robber had seen what she did.

"You stupid bitch" as he whacked her across the face with the gun. She hit her head on the shelf landed on the ground with a thud and the robber jumped over counter to pick up and the key and unlock the register.

"Come on hurry up the police on there way." He shouted as he was shoving money into the bag.

The robbers took Mike's and' Carolyn s wallets. The robber walked away from Carolyn when he suddenly turned back to face her and snatch the sliver cross necklace that was around her neck. This angered Mike he knew how much she loved that necklace.

The other robber when around taking money from the two teenagers and the mother of the child. The child only being five was scared and crying, the mother was trying to clam the child.

"Shut that damn kid up!" One of the men said pointing the gun to the mother.

"Shh...it'll be ok, everything will be fine."

The child did that stop he only cried harder. The mother tired harder to clam him but it didn't work. The robber walked over there and raised his gun and pointed it at the mother and child when he got a face full of burning hot coffee in his face and causing him to fall to the ground moaning in pain. Carolyn dropped the two empty cups onto the floor and pulled her gun out of her jacket. She shot one of robbers, this gave Mike the chance he needed he punched the guy who was behind in the face causing he to drop his gun. Mike picked it up and shot one of the robbers. The main robber the one who had the bag of money fired two shoots. One bullet was a stray shattering the window spilling glass all over the floor, but the other one had a found a target. Mike shot him and as he fell to the ground he ran to his partner who was on the ground. The stray bullet had found a target. Carolyn's chest.

"No, no, no" Mike kept repeating to himself.

"I-I'm sorry." Carolyn whispered.

"What the hell for?"

"I-I should have moved q-quicker."

"No you're gonna be fine, an ambulance is on the way." He could hear the sirens, it must only be a few blocks away.

"Just hang. Stay with me" He said as one of the teenagers handed him some paper towels that he pressed to her chest.

A minute later the ambulance was there. They wouldn't let him ride along.

"Look I'm her partner, I need to come." He said as he flashed them he badge.

"Sir please you're just wasting time" The man tired to reason and Mike realized he was right.

"You can follow behind us" he said as he closed the door to the ambulance.

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