"Don't you think that we should go and thank House and the rest of his team?" Rose asked as they got back into the TARDIS after dropping Foreman off.

"I think that House would rather we didn't. I'm sure that he has had enough of us."

"I'm just glad we got you to Atlantis in time," she said with a sigh.

"You know me, indestructible." He said with a manic grin as he began to punch at the controls again. "So, where to now?"

"How about home? I'd like to pop in on my mum for a few, yeah?"

"Oh how domestic," he said with a roll of his eyes but he obliged and set the coordinates for the Powel estates. Of course whether or not that's where they would wind up was still debatable.


"What do you mean, he escaped!" O'Neill yelled at the TV screen with Weir on it.

"The Daedelus brought Michael back to the Pegasus Galaxy, but somehow he got away in his transfer to Atlantis," she explained. "Shepherd and Ronin are trying to track him now."

"At least he's back in the right galaxy," Daniel said.

"But he's still at large and we still don't know how he is managing to make his escapes," Carter said.

Weir shook her head and said, "I know. I'm sorry and we're doing everything we can to get him back. But Daniel is right. At least he's not a danger to Earth anymore."

"Well there is that," O'Neill said. "But tell Shepherd that he doesn't get to come home until he has him again. Got it?"

Weir smiled at the empty threat and said, "Will do General. Atlantis out."