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Chapter 2

"Rachel the hunter," Sam shook his head. "That's going to take time to get used to."

"That's for sure," Dean agreed.

Rachel laughed. "It's not that hard to believe."

"Actually, it is," Sam said. "You were always against us hunting. Saying it's a waste of time."

"I still think it's a waste of time, half the time anyway, but it's worth every minute."

"Why do you think that?"

She glanced at Dean who was sitting across from her at the table in the motel room they were in. "All those people I help… save. It is worth it. Every time I save somebody, I realize they'll continue on with life because of what I did."

"It is worth it," Sam agreed. "Saving a life is what the best part is. On the other hand, getting hurt is what sucks the most."

Rachel groaned. "Ain't that the truth," she said with sigh. "I've gotten more cuts, broken bones, and bruises than I did growing up as a kid."

"Same," Dean nodded.

They sat in silence for a few moments until a creaking sound of a chair broke the silence. Rachel pushed her chair away from the table, standing up, causing the chair to creak from the sudden lightness when her weight was no longer on it.

"Well, boys, I guess I'm gonna go," she announced grabbing her light brown jacket off the back of her chair.

"We'll see you in the morning, then," Sam said.

"You bet," she nodded. "Goodnight," she said as she headed for the door and gripped the doorknob in her hand while she looked over her shoulder and gave them a smile and then she opened the door and stepped outside.

Dean watched her close the door behind her before he looked at Sam. "I hope we aren't makin' a mistake by letting her join us."

"I don't think so," Sam said standing up. "From the looks of things, she's learned everything she's needed to know," he added while he headed for the bathroom.

Dean sighed leaning back in his seat, he lifted his legs up on the chair Sam had sat in and crossed his arms over his chest, shutting his eyes while he relaxed for a couple of minutes.


Dean shut the door to his motel room before he headed toward his car while he pulled on his leather jacket.

"Goin' somewhere?"

Dean stopped in his tracks and turned toward a car, he saw Rachel sitting on the hood of it. Her head and back up against the windshield, her legs hung over the edge of the front.

"Yeah, I was gonna go check out one of the bars," he told her as he stepped closer to her. "What're you doing up?"

She sat up and pushed some strands of her blonde hair out of her face. "I couldn't sleep."

"So you decided to come out here and lie on your car?"

"I decided to come out here and lay on my car to watch the stars," she said as she moved more to the left side of the car. "Have a seat."

Dean hopped up on the hood next to her and glanced at her. "So, have any theories 'bout that hotel?"

"Not at the moment," she told him lying back down.

He decided to do the same and when he did, he saw the stars shining brightly.

"Hey Dean…"


"Do you remember that one time when you shot out one of the windows at your house with the BB gun?"

He gave a short laugh. "How can I forget? My dad grounded me for a month. I had to pay for a new window myself with all the work I had to do 'round the house."

"The only thing with that, you didn't do it alone."

He turned his head toward her. "You helped me whenever Sam or my dad wasn't around."

"Does Sam know I helped?"

"No," he said looking back up at the stars. "I guess it doesn't matter now, though."

"Yeah," she said. "How is your dad, by the way?"

Dean kept quiet, not wanting to answer.

Rachel looked over at him and she could see the look of sadness wash over his face. His jaw tight a little, and his lips pressed together. "He's… he didn't…"


"I'm sorry," she said softly. "I didn't know."

"It's ok."

"Are you—"

"I'm fine," he interrupted her. "We're fine."

She nodded not wanting to push the subject any further seeing how he didn't really want to talk about it. "I suppose we should go back to the hotel tomorrow and see what else we can find there, and hopefully this time we can find something."

"Yeah, we should," he agreed.

Neither spoke for several minutes, eventually they decided to get off the car and go separate ways. Dean went to his car to go to a bar while Rachel went to her motel room.

By noon the next day, the three went back to the hotel and stood in front of it.

"We should split up," Dean said looking at both his brother and friend. "We'll meet back here in an hour, or sooner when we find anything. Keep the cells on."

They went in different directions once they went inside. Rachel went north and Dean went south, while Sam went east.


"Son of a…" Rachel mumbled placing a hand to her throbbing head. She opened her eyes and saw she was lying on the floor in a room. She sat up and started to stand up when she realized there's rope tied to one of her legs, which kept her from going anywhere. "Great," she sighed. Snapping her head toward the other side of the room, she heard a groan. "Who's there?"

"Sam," he said sitting up.

"Is there any rope on one of your legs?"

"Yeah, there is…"

"Perfect," she sighed again. A second later she looked around the room in hope of finding something to cut the rope. "Idiot!" she said a moment later.

"What is it?" Sam asked, confused by her sudden out burst.

"I have a knife," she told him as she reached into her side pocket and felt for her knife, once she got a hold of it, she pulled her hand out and then leant forward, grabbing the rope and began cutting it. When the knife cut through the rope, she stood up, and went over to Sam and started to cut him free.

Sam stood up and headed toward the door and tried to open it. "It won't open," he told her as he turned around.

"Most likely locked," she said. "We could always try the window."

"That's a fourth story drop."

"Good point."

"The cell phone," Sam thought aloud while reaching into his pocket, and then frowned.

"Let me guess, it's gone?"

He nodded.

"Figures," she sighed. "We could always yell for Dean in hope he might hear us."

"I doubt that would do much good."

"Well damn, keep shootin' down my suggestions."

Sam stood there for a moment and then saw a wooden chair by a corner, so he walked over to it.

"What are—"she tried speaking but the sound of the chair hitting the wall interrupted her. "Ok, Sam, what are you going to do with a broken chair?"

Sam gave her a quick look before he walked over to the window and brought the leg of the chair up, swinging his arms back before quickly bringing them forward, smashing the window.

"Decided to find a way out through the window?"

"We could try to call out to someone from outside," he said as he set the piece of chair to the floor and leaned out the window, looking for anyone walking by. A moment later, he stepped away from the window and looked back at Rachel. "The area is empty."

"Now that's shocking," she said sarcastically. "It's probably because everybody is near busier and cooler places than sticking around this place."

"What's with the sarcastic remark?" he asked.

"When I get frustrated I become sarcastic," she told him. "You'll need to get used to it."

"You don't seem frustrated," he said matter of fact.

"Being kidnapped and stuck in a room is making me frustrated."

"We need to come up with a good, helpful plan to…" he stopped in mid-sentence when his eyes saw some smoke come out of a vent in a corner.

"What is it?" Rachel asked turning around to see what he's looking at.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"What do you think it is?"

"Whoever put us here wants us to pass out."

"So, that's what, sleeping gas?"

"Apparently, come over here by the window, maybe if we stick our heads out the window, it might help.

Rachel walked over to him and they leaned out the window. Only then did they realize, it didn't exactly work, they began to get sleepy when the smoke finally reached them. They both fell to the floor.