A/N: Oneshot Mark/Roger Friendship

Mark's Scarf

Mark couldn't believe it. Roger was the sick one. He was the one just overcoming withdrawal and HIV positive. So, when Mark caught a cold, he couldn't believe Roger's protectiveness.

Mark sat obediently in bed, with the thin covers drawn over his lap. A box of Kleenex lay on the small bedside table and he shook his head in disbelief, "Roger, I'm okay. It's just a cold."

His roommate just placed a hand on his obviously warm forehead. "You have a fever!" Roger announced, "Say 'ah.'"

Rolling his eyes, Mark just opened his mouth, nearly gagging as Roger shoved the thermometer down his throat. The longest three minutes later of his life, he removed the thermometer out of his own mouth and read it aloud.

"102 1! You're staying in bed." Roger ordered.

"Yes mom." Mark replied, snottily. "Now, take your AZT."

"Yes mom!" was returned as Roger left for a moment to take his pill, and then returned. "So, why did you catch this cold?"

"I've always gotten colds easily. My mom never let me out without a scarf." Mark explained.

"A scarf?" Roger's brows knitted together, "I think- maybe- if I didn't throw it in the trash- you can have it- I never wear it- I'll be right back."

Trying for a few moments to make sense out of Roger's broken gibberish; Mark passed the time Roger was away. As Roger entered the room again he held in his arms a stripped scarf. Leaning forward, he placed the material around Mark's neck. "It suits you." He announced, grinning.

Mark enjoyed the soft fabric on his skin, quickly warming him up, even though only a few moments ago, he had been freezing, "Wow, thanks Rog."

Ever since that day, Mark hadn't taken that scarf off, the weather could be sweltering, and still the affectionate Mark wore the scarf. He was very emotionally attached to it. Roger would always be his best friend, but in the eyes of Mark he was so much more.

The moment the scarf had been placed on him, Mark had fallen in love with it. The fact that it was from Roger made it so much more valuable. The scarf became part of Mark, always reminding him of Roger's friendship. Even when Mark was all alone, he felt as though, he had a bit of Roger with him. It helped him overcome a lot. And the thanks that he had given Roger would never be enough.


(1) I'm Canadian and so I would've read my temperature in Celsius. Actually, apparently my thermometer reads in fahrenheit. What the hell do I know? Thanks anyway. Mark's temperature is now 102 Fahrenheit. Corrected I hope.