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A New Life

To say seeing Jack was unexpected was mild at best. It was shocking as hell, but there he was standing on Ennis' doorstep with a baby in his arms and a sad wounded look on his face. Of course Ennis' heart melted. He could rarely say no to Jack.

"What's happened?" Ennis asked after had let Jack in and put a sleeping Bobby in the crib next to his own daughter Alma Jr.

"Lureen's dead. She ran off the road in her car and went over a cliff. I couldn't leave Bobby with her folks. Lureen never wanted him. He's reminder to her, was a reminder to her about why she got married in the first place." Jack explained. He had a haunted look in his eyes. He may not have loved Lureen but he loved his son and never wanted him to grow up without his mama. Ennis nodded and got each of them another beer. Jack finally took a moment to look around. There was something different about the apartment.

"Where's Alma?" Jack asked.

"She left me last month. The divorce was final yesterday. She refused custody of Junior. She said she was already just like me, so I might as well keep her. Alma never got on with Junior either." Ennis mumbled.

"Well what are we going to do?" Jack asked.

"Go fishing?" Ennis suggested. It was meant as a joke but neither man laughed. It wasn't the time for jokes.

"You ever think about what I suggested up on Brokeback? Get our own place and make a go of it."

"Yeah." Ennis always was a man of few words.

"You want to head up to my folks place and work there until we can get our own? I know they would love to see their grandkids."

"Yeah, Jack, I'd like that." Ennis mumbled again. Jack strained to hear him. A grin broke over his face.

"You mean it?" Ennis nodded and gave Jack a small smile, nothing more than a twitch of the lips.

"I love you Ennis fucking Del Mar."

"I love you too, Jack fucking Twist."

The next day they packed up the kids and headed out to make a new and better life for themselves.