This is a pre-series look, of sorts, at BakuBaku, written for 101kisses on livejournal. I've been told that this drabble is "EVIL EVIL EVIL FRUITCAKE OF CHILD MOLEST-Y FRUITCAKEITY." You be the judge.

By Halys

As the young boy settles the golden necklace around his neck, a form appears before him. "Who are you?" the child asks. The form develops into the shade of a man, and is as silvery as the moonlight filtering through the young boy's bedroom window.

The child strides forward and tugs on the ghost's robes. "Ne, mister, who are you?" he asks again, without fear in his voice. "Are you a present too? It's my birthday! See my necklace? Papa gave it to me!"

The spirit remains silent, staring at the pale hair of the child. It falls about the boy's shoulders, cropped short and layered. Large, expressive, brown eyes stare up at him, and the spirit remembers fear, fire, and fury.

Still, he remains silent as the child tugs again. "Ne, mister, will you be my friend? Mother and sister are gone… Papa says they won't come back. But you… will you be my friend? We'll be friends forever!"

A smirk begins to form on the expressionless features of the man. Finally, he has found a host that will suit him, he thinks. "Yes, we will be friends," he purrs, leering down at the innocent boy. "And we'll play games. Loads of games! Fun games…"

The transparent man leans forward and presses a cold kiss on the smiling child's brow. "But games must come later… First, tell me… who are you?"

"Me? I'm Ryou! Bakura Ryou!"

His smirk widens. "Bakura? Your name is Bakura? Hmm… what fortune…"

"We'll play games in the morning, mister?" The child tugs again, but the spirit ignores him.

"Aa, the games will start soon."

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