Author's Note: Totally AU, but for a friend's birthday coming up. Eventually this will boil down to at least TWO Organization members switching sides... one you expect, another you might not.

Title: Nothing Nevermore.

Pairings: Roxas/Namine, Sora/Kairi(subject to change if the author feels like it), Riku/OC, Demyx/OC, Axel/OC

Rating: PG-13/R

Disclaimer: Don't own Kingdom Hearts, or any of the characters from it. I'm just doing this as a gift.

The strikes echoed about the chamber, over and over, growing harder, underlaid with the sound of heavy breathing. Muscles strained, vying to keep. Sweat drenched each. Hard gazes were exchanged, each fighter commited to his or her role.

"You can't win this." He snarled, striking downward with his weapon.

"You've already lost." She hissed in return, holding her guard with the Phoenix Song. "Namine, RUN!" She cried over her shoulder, seeing the blonde girl run for the passage.

"Give this up, girl!" He growled, swinging again.

She swung hard with her keyblade, striking for any weakness she could. Her body was tired, he was far better then she was, but her heart refused to give up. Her heart kept her in the battle.

He sneered, seeing her obvious fatigue. "You're a Nobody. Why are you doing this?! Give up and come back now!"

"Never." She breathed, finding her opening and lunging, driving the glittering keyblade in hard. She lept back, catching her breath as her rival fell hard across the room. "Siax, you should have known better!" She yelled, before turning. She sprinted after Namine, in time to strike nobodies from in front of the girl.

They ran together, the older girl, protecting Namine. But it was all in vain. "Kitana!" A harsh cry pierced the air, Xemnas appeared, followed by Demyx and Axel.

Kitana skidded to a hault in front of Namine, her red hair swinging with the movement and she brandished her keyblade once again, putting Namine behind her.

"Foolish girl!" Xemnas sneered, starting to raise a hand.

"You can't do this Xemnas! You can't stop what's already in motion!" Namine cried.

"Can't I?" Xemnas replied sarcastically. The orb began growing in his hand.

Kitana tightened her grip on the Phoenix Song, sneering at Xemnas. "Do it, Xemnas! You're tired of me anyway! And I'm obviously no longer FIT for the Organization! So just DO IT!" She challenged.

Xemnas smiled evilly as the orb grew, surging with darkness.

This startled Axel. "What are you doing?!" He snapped.

"Do it!" Kitana screamed, before tossing the key blade at Xemnas. "You put this curse one me! END IT!"

Xemnas ignored Axel, his focus on Kitana. The keyblade flashed as it hit the ground, then vanished, only to reappear in Kitana's hand. Kitana screamed in rage and lunged at Xemnas, intent to give him a better target. "Xemnas, no!" Demyx shouted as the orb was releashed, soaring straight for Kitana, who'd shut her eyes and braced for the impact.

But that impact never came. Or least, it was not the impact Kitana expected. A body slammed into her, knocking her through a darkness portal, driving her away from Xemnas' attack. They landed hard on the ground as another hole opened up to releash them, and all Kitana heard was crickets, rather then her own screams of pain. All she smelled was sweet grass, rather then burning flesh. All she felt was the body still pressing her to the ground.

She snapped her green eyes open and looked up into another pair of green eyes. They looked like Absinthe, a strange contradiction to her own dark emeralds. His own hair was a shade lighter then her's, still flame red. Their noses were mere centimeters apart.

She blinked rapidly, as he began to grin cockily. "Axel?!" She found her voice, though it was broken.

This seemed to pull him out of the moment and he jumped back, climbing to his feet. "What?!" He demanded back.

"Why did you do that?" She asked, clearly confused, she peered at him, still laying on the ground.

He looked at his feet, rather then her, and rubbed the back of his neck a moment, before snapping. "Because!"

Kitana cocked her head to the side, giving him a look as she propped herself up on her elbows. "Because?! What kind of answer is THAT?!"

Axel glared back at her, darkly as she climbed to her feet. "He would have killed you, Kit." He hissed dangerously. "Technically, I should do the same!? You've betrayed the Organization, NO ONE betrays the Organization. They will get you."

Kitana turned her eyes from looking around her surroundings, the dark sky, the high sweet green grass, the single path before her, to Axel and regarded him oddly. "Maybe." She said softly, a soft smile on her lips. "You did buy me some time, Axel...maybe I can make it after all.."

Axel sprang forward again, and grabbed Kitana by the shoulders. "Don't you get it?! If Xemnas doesn't kill ME for this, he'll send me to do the job!" He breathed, his lips near her ear. His grip was hard, and he held her absolutely still. "And I don't know about you, Red, but I don't want to be the one!" He kissed her ear, his breath teasing her skin.

Kitana shivered, despite herself, knowing Axel's words were entirely true. "Then you shouldn't have saved me, Axel." She replied softly, turning her face upward to look him in the eyes again. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on at this moment.

For as long as she'd been in the Organization, she and Axel had been rivals, always vying for Roxas' attention. Kitana was fond of Roxas, as a friend, he'd been the only one to actually be kind to Kitana from her arrival amung them. But Axel had seen her as a rival to his best friendship with Roxas and had been merciless on her at times.

But then, there were times, Kitana would look over her shoulder to find Axel staring at her, with an odd expression.

He let her go, taking a step back, his head lowered. "I had to, Kit. He would have done the same." He sighed deeply, looking up at the sky for a long moment as she stared at him. "Go. Run, Kit, now! Get away from me!" He said finally, looking back down at her.

Kitana took a tentive step forward, reaching out a hand. "Axel...come with me..." She whispered, not sure why she said it, but it seemed like the right thing to say.

"I can't." He replied softly, a look of frustartion in those Absinthe green eyes. "Go! Before any of the others show up!"

"You can Axel..." She replied, but found herself stepping back.

"I can't!" He yelled suddenly, and he brandished his chakrums. "Don't make me do this, Kit!" He hissed.

"Axel..."She gazed at him a moment, sadness in her own eyes, before she turned and fled, before it came down to a fight amung them.

Axel watched her run, sheathing his bladed wheels. "I'm sorry, Kit. Forgive me..." He whispered, before snapping his fingers. He ignored the mass of nobody dusks that appeared. "After her." He growled, pointing in Kit's direction.

Kitana ran, she could hear the dusks chasing her. But it was only dusks, and none of the others. "Thank you Axel..."She breathed softly, glancing upward a moment. She'd seen it in his eyes.

She hated leaving him, knowing he'd be at Xemnas' mercy for saving her, when he returned to the castle. She knew what kind of pain Xemnas would inflict and prayed silently, that he wouldn't obliterate him. "Hold on Axel...just for awhile..."

She could hear the dusks baring down on her and as she turned to fight, a shadow portal opened up again behind her. Kitana spun, facing the black cloaked figure, then spun again as dusks came to a stop before her, or behind her.

Then the impossible happened, the black cloaked figured sprung past her, attacking the dusks. There weren't many, and the figure made quick work of them, before finally turning to face her. Kitana contemplated brandishing her keyblade, but the figure pointed to the shadow portal.

"Never! I will NOT go back!" Kitana cried, brandishing the Phoenix Song again.

The figured seemed to shake his head, then lunged, and knocked her back through the portal. Kitana let out with a scream as the darkness covered her. A scream on her lips, she never expected. "AXEL!"

Axel heard the yell and cringed, full of regret, before vanishing to the spot where the dusks had stopped, to capture Kitana. He expected to find them holding her down. But when he arrived, he found only traces of slain dusks and no sign of Kitana. He looked around wildly. "Kit?" He asked the night air about him, but heard only crickets in reply. "Kit?!" He turned wildly in his spot, looking in every direction. "Oh shit..." He breathed finally. Kitana was gone

."Wake up." A deep voice said calmly.

Kitana struggled to rise from the rising swirl of darkness, struggled towards the voice.

"That's it, wake up." The voice encouraged.

Kitana's dark green eyes fluttered open and she looked up onto a red masked face. "W-who are you?!" Was the first thing off her lips.

There was a sardonic smile. "You may call me Diz. And you are most fortunate that my associate found you when he did."

Kitana looked past Diz's shoulder, to see the cloaked black figure, and a raven haired girl of sixteen or seventeen.

Axel sighed deeply, his shoulders sagging, before he turned and opened a shadow portal back to the castle. "Well, if he don't kill me, Kit, guess I'll see ya later." He muttered to the darkness, before stepping through the portal.

The moment he appeared, he was surrounded by Nobodies. Xaldin and Saix appeared, trailed discreetly behind them by Demyx. Saix smiled wickedly and snapped his fingers. The Nobodies, the bigger ones, attacked.

Axel momentarily considered fighting them off, they wouldn't be to much of a problem for him. But then, what would be the use? Where would he run? So he allowed them to over throw him, pinning him to the cold hard floor.

"The Superior is very disappointed in you, Axel." Saix said in a soft voice walking closer.

Axel raised his head from the ground, and smiled cheekily. "Well, I think my work here is done!" He replied coldly, despite the smile.

Saix chuckled and crouched next to Axel. "You're lucky, Axel. You're lucky he isn't going to kill you. It would be awfully hard to replace you, Number Eight. But that doesn't mean you wont suffer...can you remember what pain is, Axel?"

Axel's smile slipped a notch, but his sarcastic nature still held. "Gee...I don't know, Saix...might have to think on that..."

Saix chuckled again then stood, nodding to Xaldin. "He's all yours."

"Saix, you slimly son of a bitch!" Axel growled, trying to get up from under the nobodies. But he heard Saix just laugh as he vanished through a portal.

Xaldin stood, grinning down at Axel. Then lunged, grabbing a hold of the redhead's neck, hoisting him off the floor. "A little fun then..." He smirked.

Axel pulled his face back and spat, right in Xaldin's face, in defiance. "Do your worst." He hissed, fire in his eyes.

Xaldin's reply, was to slam Axel hard into the wall, before mercilessly beating him, over and over again. Demyx turned away, grimacing each time he heard Axel moan in pain. But he had to give Axel one thing, never once, did the red head cry out or scream.

When Xaldin was finished, he left Axel lying in a corner of the cold room, bloody and bruised, almost beyond recognition. Demyx crossed over to the spot and bent down, touching Axel's shoulder.

Axel jerked his shoulder away, hissing in pain and looked up at Demyx with a cold look. "Thanks so much, pal." He sneered.

"Axel, what could I know I could never stand up to Xaldin." Demyx replied, biting his lip.

"But you didn't even bother considering...helping me?" Axel questioned.

Demyx cocked his head to the side. "But Axel...we're..."

Axel shoved him away. "Never mind!" He growled, before wiping the blood off his lip. "Well look at that...least we can still bleed." He sneered sarcastically.

"I didn't know Nobodies could bleed." Demyx muttered softly, looking at the red droplets on the floor.

"Course we can. We can fade away, can't we?" Axel snapped back, sarcastically, before rolling over, groaning from the pain as he sat up, against the wall.

Demyx was still biting his lip, then asked softly. "Why'd ya do it, Axel?"

Axel sighed, staring hard at the tile floor. "Let me ask you a question, Demyx. If we're nobodies, and we have no heart...can about what happens to another one our kind?"

"You mean, Kitana...?" Demyx asked.

"Yeah...I think so...I don't...know why I...saved her..." Axel muttered, drawing his knees up slowly.

Demyx frowned. "There's talk that they'll send Xigbar and Xaldin after her..." He said softly, gnawing on his lip. "The Superior was really really mad..."

"As if I didn't think he wouldn't be." Axel replied softly. "Leave me alone Demyx, I want to think."

Demyx sighed and got up. "Alright Axel..." He left the room with out another word.

Axel drew his knees up higher and rested his chin on them, looking upward towards the glass dome that was the ceiling of the room. Through it, he could partially see the heart shaped moon outside over the castle.

"Nobodies have no hearts..." He muttered, a hand going to his chest. He looked down at it. "Then why do I feel so...lost..." He frowned. "Kit...what did you do to me?" Slowly, he became lost in recent memories.