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Rampage's Girl: Orcas, Ampha, Omega, Terrablast (Terra), Cyberfin (Cyber)

myself: Jade, Hammertread (HT), Syus, Mic, Bullet, Needle, Windstriker, Driveby, Cap, Cable, Beacon, Gunlock, Ty

and both of us do various canon characters.

Also, a minor warning for picking on Jazz and Alpha, bad language, violence, and misspellings that weren't caught on any of the three beta-reads I did.

I'll try to watch that more often. I apologize in advance for any you might see, and feel free to tell me about them. And yes, I know I have a capitalization problem. I'm working on it.

Now then, continuing the how-dramatic-can-you-get contest...


Chapter One:

Alpha yelped as she rolled behind a tree. She reloaded her blaster. "Ready, bro?"

"Ready, sis!" Omega nodded.

The two popped out of hiding and fired at the mech in front of them.

Starscream and the seekers and Soundwave started stuffing energon cubes into subspace and fired off a couple shots at the Autobots before taking off. Hammertread eyed the humans running off to one direction and glanced at Orcas. "Hey, wanna have some fun? he grinned and pointed.

"Remember why we're here!" Megatron snapped. True, they had been waiting for certain autobots to come interfere with their plan, and had a trap yet to spring...

Orcus laughed. He started to launch himself at the humans, but Omega tackled him. He growled and then punched the werewolf.

Alpha looked at him. "Be careful, Omega!" She yelled from her hiding spot. She peeked her head out of her hiding spot and fired at Orcus. She perposlly didn't hit Hammertread.

Omega growled. "He'll pay for hurting you, sis!" The mech yelled. He continued to beat the living slag out of Orcus as Prime and a few other Autobots fired at the Seekers and Soundwave.

Alpha smirked and joined her companions when they fired at the seekers.

HT fired off a few more shot, and waited...

Alpha growled. She fired at te mechs and then looked at her brother. "Omega! You okay?"

Omega yelped as he was kicked away. "I'm good, sis!" He said before kicking at Orcus.
HT eyed one of the humans... He fired off a shell at him. He smirked at the explosion and turned back to the Autobots. He knew that would make them madder. "come on." he smirked.

Alpha looked at HT. "Hammertread!" She gasped. The femme's optics went wide. She growled, "Hammertread, how could you?!" She yelled at him.

Omega oofed as he was thrown backwards. He thren punched at the mech, only to get punched first.

Orucs grinned and ran at Omega, but was kicked away.

HT smirked and fired at another one.

"Hammertread, stop it!" Alpha yelled. "You said you..." She trailed off upon seeing megatron. The femme ran over to him, firing at his feet. "You said you swore not to hurt the humans!" She hissed low where only he could hear her as she purposly missed her shots at him.

Hammertread looked over at her.

That was the femme from the pictures...

she was one of the Autobots who had erased his memory before Megatron rescued him...

he aimed at Alpha and fired...

Alpha gasped. She yelled as the shot hit. The femme fell back and then looked up at him.

"Hammertread!" She gasped, looking up at him. The femme got to her feet, "You...You've never fired on me before!" She said, looking at him. "HT, what's wrong with you?" She asked as she clutched the wound in her side.

Ironhide ducked behind a boulder and fired at the tank. HT fired back, turning the rock into rubble. The red van ran for better cover. Prowl fired at Soundwave, and Jazz ducked behind a boulder next to Bluestreak.

HT grinned and fired at the femme again. "You are my enemy, Auto-brat! die!" he cackled.

Alpha yelled and moved out of the way. "Hammertread, stop it!" She yelled. "Please! You're my friend..." She added that last part where Megs and Screamer couldn't hear her.

Omega continued to kick and throw punches at Orcus, who continued to dodge and throw his own punches.

"Yeah, right." he fired again, twice. They missed, though.

Bluestreak went one way and Jazz dove the opposite direction as the rock they were behind was reduced to pebbles. "Now!" megatron barked. A giant towering form stomped into view. "Devastator!" Prime gaped. "Prime to base we need backup.." his sentence was cut off when the gestalt reached down and swatted the autobot leader, sending him flying.

"Prime!" Wheeljack ran over to him to make sure he was okay.

"Prime!" Alpha yelled. She looked at Hammertread and then swallowed, "Hammertread, don't you remember anything? The trail? saving our afts more than one time?! You being worried about Kit?" She asked, looking at him.

Omega looked over at Prime and then up at the gaint. He fired at him and orcus tackled him to the ground.

"You mean the memories you implanted forcibly!?" the tank snarled, running at her. "You psychic little glitch!"

Bluestreak let off a row of shots, and glanced at the black and white.

"Jazz ta base. send the aerialbots.. Whoops!" he jumped as a laserblast whizzed past his head. Prowl looked over the battlefield, and hit his comm, general frequency. "Prowl to all units, fall back. We are outnumbered. Let them get away."

he ordered.

"That would be fine," Jazz yelled back over the heavy din of weaponfire. "But they aint leavin!"

"WHAT?!" Alpha yelled. She yelped as he grabbed her. "Hammertread, I never hurt you! You know I would never hurt you!" She said, kicking at him. "HT, put me down! Don't you remember anything? I didn't implant anything into you! You know that!"

"LIAR!" the tank roared, and punched her in the face.

The jets had made like they were taking off, but circled around. Skywarp teleported behind the unsuspecting Autobot and snuck up, shooting him in the back. He grabbed him, teleporting away.

Soundwave nodded to Megatron. "Let's go!" the silver leader barked.

"Decepticons, retreat!" he called. HT snarled and punched her. another time, glitch!" he transformed and sped away.

Alpha yelped as she was hit in the face. She touched his mind gently and left a memory in it before she was punched again. The femme looked up from where she had been thrown and then covered her face. "Hammertread..."

Omega helped Prime up. He spotted his sister. "Alpha!" The mech ran over to her. "Alpha, are you-"

"I'm alright." Alpha shrugged off his help and stood up. She wiped off the slight cut above her emerald optics. "I'm fine."

Prowl walked up as the Decepticons took to the air and dissapeared. "They brought quite a bit of firepower for a simple raid." he noted. "Why?" he wondered aloud. He clicked his comm. "All units report status."

"Wheeljack here. Prime's okay."

"Bluestreak here. I'm fine. although I think my blaster's broken.." he trailed off a bit, and Prowl replied. "That's fine. We'll get it fixed when we get back to base."

"Uh..yeah, right." Bluestreak left the line. "Ironhide here. Ah'm fine sorry I couldn't have watched out for ya better prahm." his thick southern accent came across the line.

Someone was missing. And Prowl instantly knew who it was.

Alpha walked over to them. She sighed. "This wasn't a simply raid."

"I knew that."

Alpha looked up darkly, "They came for one of us...they got him..." She said and then swallowed.

"Who?" Omega blinked.

About that time, the aerialbots showed up.

"Aw, don't tell me you called us out here for another drill." Slingshot complained.

"did you?" he added. Prime looked up. "No, Slingshot, I'm afraid they've gone allready. and they have captured Jazz as well." he added.

"We'll go look for them. If they haven't got too far we can catch them." Silverbolt offered.

"Yeah. We'll rip 'em a new one!" Skydive hooted, wheeling and sped away.

Alpha looked at them. She sighed. "Should we?"

"...We probably should, sis..." Omega nodded. He transformed and followed the mechs.
Alpha shook her head. "Ooh...never transfer memories...hurts..." She muttered, trying to regain the memory she had given to Hammertread. It had been the one of them at the river right after the trail.

The Decepticons headed back to the mountain- cavern where the Constructicons had their base. "Your payment for your assistance." megatron motioned to the cubes from the raid. Well, 3/4 of them, as Thundercracker and Starscream unloaded them. Longhaul mumbled something about peanuts and getting paid minimum wage.. Scrapper gave him a look. "It's better than nothing." and started to pick them up to store away.

Megatron turned. "Let's go. Skywarp and his friends have most likely made it back to base by now." he said. (meaning Hammertread and Orcas).

Alpha's face went white. "So I wasn't wrong..."

Omega looked at them. "So..."

"I scanned HT's mind. They were here for a reason. And that reason was to kidnap one of us. They got Jazz."

Orcus grinned as he ran through the woods. He then reached the cave and grinned, transforming.

Megatron noticed him at the entrance. "You were supposed tio return to the Nemesis with Hammertread." he growled. "So why are you here?" he asked.

Skywarp grinned and cracked his knuckles. "wakey wakey..."

Orcus shrugged. He looked over the energon and noted how much he got. "Just wanted to see what all you got." He muttered before turning around. "But...I should go now..." With that, he ran away.

Orcus ran into the Nemesis. He transformed again into bot mode and then looked around.
Jazz opened his optics. He muttered something and then let out a string of curses.

"Allow me." Hammertread stomped up, and Skywarp backed off. The tank kinda frightened him a little. He'd seen him trash other bots before. Well, he'd heard... things.

the black and white quickly made like he was still asleep, and mumbled something that vaguely sounded like "give me five more cycles."

Of course, he really wasawake, but he wouldn't let his captors know that.

Orcus walked over a bit and then sat back, waiting.

Hammertread tried to ignore the memories that flitted briefly through his thoughts...

there is no way in hell I'm letting you carry me back there on your shoulder." She said, smiling.

The femme transformed and dusted herself off. "Comprende?"

HT grinned. "Really..." he took a step forward.

Alpha poked his shoulder, smiling. "Really, HT." She said, folding her arms. The femme smirked and slid down the cliff into the shallow river below.

HT ran and jumped, landing with a collossal "WHOOMP!" and a huge spray of water in every direction.

Alpha laughed and covered her face as the water sprayed. She looked at him, smiling, as she shook the water off her head. "Oh real mature, Hammertread." She laughed.

"I know I am." he turned and waded away, towards the shore, looking over his shoulder to see if she was following, smirking back at her.

The tank shook the memory out and paused. Skywarp lifted an optic ridge at him, and took a step back. He had heard this HT person was psychopathic, and did not want to get in his way.

Orcus looked over at him. "Something wrong?" He asked, looking at the tank.

"No. I'm fine." the tank shoved the thoughts aside, and decked the Porsche. "Wake up!" he thundered...

Megatron walked in, and headed down to the cells. He hoped they hadn't started without him...

Hammertread kept punching him, trying to shove away the momory.

Alpha stuck out her tongue and followed. "You're a jerk, you know that?" She smirked as the water cleaned the leftover dirt off her legs.

HT smirked. "Why thank you, I do believe that is a compliment." he ducked as Alpha send a handfull of water in his direction.

Alpha sighed and splashed him. "Yes it is, but you're still a jerk." She smirked, folding her arms and walking past him. The femme stuck her tongue out. "Big jerk."

HT mimicked her, then shoved her over and strode quickly past her.

Alpha frowned and shoved back. "I can do that too, ya know." She huffed, walking past him.
"Rawrr." HT sped up, passing her again. He shoved her over to the side again, grinning.

Alpha huffed and sped up as well. She shoved him over and then ran for it. "Told you I could do it too." She smirked, laughing.

Hammertread grinned and ran after her.

the tank growled. He would have to talk to Hook about this. That blasted Glitch had tried to implant memories again. He couldn't look weak in front of the other Decepticons, though. He growled again. Skywarp walked out of the cell.

Orcus lookd at them. He nodded and then looked at the Porsche. The mech fingered his pocket energon knife. He was waiting for the orders. "Get up already..."

Megatron looked at HT, Orcas, and finally Jazz. "Is he awake yet?" he asked. HT shrugged. "kinda." he didn't see the glare he recieved from the black and white. Nobody could, however, because of his visor. Megatron nodded. "Make sure he's fully awake. He shot Orcas a smirk, leaning against a wall to watch HT work.

Orcus nodded. He fingered his knife again. He watched Hammertread work, wishing that he could go ahead and work already. The mech sighed and waited patiently...

HT backed off and admired his handiwork. The car's windows had been shattered, and his frame was dented, his visor had been shattered, and slightly cracked reddish-gold optics regaurded them. Tht had unnerved HT slightly at first. He thought the Porsche was created an Autobot, not a neutral.

"So that's why you have that." Hammertread smirked.


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