Syus lunged again. The jet tried to punch at him with one daggered fist, but Syus dodged to one suide, catching her wrist. His sword slid through the air beside her. If he had wanted to, he could have ended her life, but he knew now she was not acting of her own free will. He could sense it. He wrapped both arms around her in a bearhug, holding both her arms down at her sides; And she squirmed to get free, screaming.
"...I'm sorry." he mumbled into her shoulder gaurd, and she felt the sharp sting in the back of her neck. Syus kept holding her tightly, and she rested her head on his shoulder, as though to hug back. "...I'm... sorry...too..." she mumbled before passing out.

Alpha looked at Omega. "Orcus is pissed. Jade failed"
Omega laughed.

Red Alert clicked his comm. "I've found him!" he nearly shouted. "He's in the west sector, by camera 3341!" Sideswipe and Sunstreaker replied simultaneously "We're on our way." and zoomed out of the ark, towards the coordinates Red Alert had given them.
Orcus sniffed the air and then saw the mechs. He growled loudly and tried to flee#
Cliffjumper and hound saw him and chased after him.
The mech saw CJ and ran even faster, cursing the mech.
Trailbreaker and Ironhide came around the rocks from the other direction, firing at him.
Orcus hissed and jumped behind a tree.


Syus carried Jade to the medbay, and set her on the repair berth in the back, stepping back as Ratchet clicked the forcefield on.
Alpha looked at Jade and closed her optics. She muttered something. "Juaxtu." The femme cursed.
"Nessa, no axtoue." Omega replied.

Omega: it.
Alpha: ...Fine...))

Ratchet looked at the twins. He sighed and then glanced at Jade. "...How are we going to get the thing out of her spark?" He wondered aloud.
"No teska meshea." Alpha shrugged.
Omega sighed and shook his head. "E-Ki-Eel"
"...Seska sha"
Ratchet decided not to ask.

((translation Alpha: I dunno.
Omega: Sis...shut up.
Alpha: ...Bite me.))

Jade woke to the feeling of someone pulling off her gauntlets, that housed her wrist spikes, and taking off her shoulder/arm cannons, and confiscation both sets of guns. she started to go back to sleep.
Syus looked down at her, then turned the field back on as he left the area. She is married... Maybe.." he glanced at her. The jet mumbled "Married... not bonded.." and went back to sleep.

Alpha looked at Syus. "Isn't married the same as bonded here, though"
"Seeska meshno inena"
" IS a human thing, but..." The femme trailed off and sighed.
Syus shook his head. "To be bonded is to forge a link between two sparks. Basically a tiny peice of either is exchanged, permanently linking them. The human tradition is simply a promise and a peice of paper." he shrugged and looked at Ratchet to make sure he'd gotten the meaning correct.
Alpha nodded. "True, but...aren't humans that love each other for long enough kinda...connected"
"...Seeska, no eshcka"
"...I do not read too many human books." Alpha defended herself from her little brother. "But still...ah, never mind"
"No, there is some truth to that." syus nodded. "But the link isn't as deep as what your kind are capable of. Humans cannot simply...release their spirits to touch one another." he thought for a minute. "There is one possibility, but I doubt his...boyfriend would agree." Syus glanced at the door. "If that did happen." he glanced at Jade.
Jade woke up, groaning at the sudden pain. She wrapped her arms around hersef, trying to concentrate on a specific point on the wall to take her mind off it. She squinted as the pain lessened, and looked at the group wordlessly.
"Give us the controller, Decepticon!" Hound ordered, aiming his gun at the white werewolf. Trailbreaker and Ironhide came around the other side, trying to cut off his means of escape.
Orcus hissed and tried to escape. He pulled it out. "Take a step...I swear I'll press it"
Cliffjumper ran up, firing wildly. Hound tried to yell at him to hold his fire, but it was too late. The minibot hit the controller, incinerating it. The Autobots and Orcas stared each other down for a moment.
Orcus hissed and went to leap away.
Cliffjumper started to chase him, and Hound bent to try and pick up the remains of the controller, which crumbled in his hand.
Orcus growled and slashed at CJ, optics flashing dangerously.
Trailbreaker and Ironhide ran up, firing at the Decepticon, also.
Orcus growled and hissed as the attack went through his shoulder.


Alpha nodded and the blinked. "What's the possibility?" She asked, looking at the mech as her brother fitted his visor back on.


Prowl folded his arms. "No. absolutley not." He glanced at Jazz. "Nothin happened, calm down." the black and white said back. "I think y'all should try ta find HighRoad an ask him ta help out." the saboteur stated. Syus tilted his head to one side. "You're saying nothing happened between you and Jade?" he questioned.
The black and white looked a little embarrased, glancing at his bondmate, Prowl, who was still scowling. "well... uh.. nothin like that happenned, I mean, we were both drinkin and.." he trailed off and shrugged.

Alpha sighed and glanced at Omega.
"Seeshkanga!" Omega muttered.
"Jay ownsha la no-aba." Alpha agreed.

((Translation Omega: Cybertronians!
Alpha: I know watcha mean, bro.))


"Dennis, Phone." A grey-haired woman in her 50s called up the stairs, and the sound of feet thundered across the upperstory. The 3 year old little boy sitting in front of the tv turned as his dad, a man in his early thirties, with brown hair and balding quite badly, came hurrying down the stairs and took the phone. "It's your 'friends.' the grey-haired woman scowled, giving him an accusing look. "Hello?" the man said softly, glancing at his mom, then retreated into the kitchen to get some privacy.
"...he what!? I'll be there in just a minute." he glanced at his parents and his son, who was looking at him curiously. "Give me about an hour." he mumbled.
"what?...I know.. I'll be there. Yes, I promise... all right.. bye"
He hung up, wondering how he was going to explain this to his nosy parents.


Alpha glanced at her brother and raised an optic ridge. "Jekas"
"Jekas." Omega comfirmed.
Alpha sighed and leaned her head on her brother's shoulder. "Tired"


Jazz grinned as the crimson and navy blue semi pulled into the ark, transforming as he got to the command center. "Hey! HighRoad's back!" he crowed.
The red and blue Prime mimic just looked at him, then at Prime. "How is she?" he asked, not sure if he wanted to know. Prime looked at the repairbay doors. We haven't heard anything from Ratchet yet." HighRoad passed him, hurrying towards the repairbay. "HighRoad." Prime called after him. He paused long enough for the leader to catch up to him. "Orcas forced her to try to shoot myself and Syus. We don't know if she's still under his influence or not." he said. HighRoad turned and walked briskly to the door. Ratchet looked up, about to utter a string of curses, then realized it was Prime. Jade looked up bleary-eyed, and still woozy from the mixture of pain and chemicals. She just looked at him like 'help me'
"What did he do to you?" the Prime mimic said softly, walking over. Jade raised an optic ridge. Was Prime going soft, or just acting funny. She winced at loosing her concentration, but quickly found it again.
Alpha looked down. "I can answer that one." She offered up. "He, uh, put a small device in her spark that sent bursts of electricity through her spark whenever he pushed a button..." She trailed off and then glanced up at the Prime mimic.
Omega nodded. "That dratsab..." He cursed.

"Dennis!" Jade grinned and jumped off the bench. Unfortunately, her systems hadn't caught up yet, and she wound up going down facefirst. "Oof!" HighRoad clicked off the field and went over, unhooking his facemask and taking it off. He helped her up, and the jet wrapped her arms around him in a giant hug. "You're here! you came back! I've missed you so much!" she exclaimed, burying her face in his shoulder. "I'm so glad you're here. Maybe you can help me"
She pulled back long enough to look him in the face. Then he kissed her on the lips. She glanced at the others in the room and blushed slightly. "Prime told me what happened. You know you could have avoided it if you had gone home with me in the first place." he said gently. Jade frowned. "I know, but you know as well as I do why I stayed.." she winced. "So.." he looked up. "How do we get the thing out, then?" he looked back at her. She gave him a peck on the cheeck, still grinning.

Alpha looked at her brother.
"Jekas." The twins said at the same time. they sighed and then swallowed.
"Well..." Alpha glanced at Ratchet.
Ratchet sighed and explained.

HighRoad blinked. "But I thought Ratchet had a problem with the whole PDA thing." he said. ((PDA means Public Display of Affections)
Jade shrugged. "Well, I do trust you." she said in a silkier tone. Then her voice got serious again. "And if the thing could be shoved into my spark without it extinguishing, maybe you could remove it for me, only with less pain, since I love you so much?" she draped her arms around his neck, trying to breath and concentrate against the pain for a second.

Alpha looked at her brother and gagged.
Omega snickered and then shook his head. "Keelano sheeka. Blah"
Alpha giggled, nodding.

Omega: Love slag. Blah.))

Jade glanced at the twins, about to say something, but the need to speak was drowned out by the pain. "I...dunno... she panted, then continued. "If Prime would let us go back to our quarters." she finally finished. HR looked up.


Ironhide aimed for the retreating Orcas's legs and fired, sending a stream of super-sticky glue streaking towards him.
Orcus yelled and fell to the ground.
The Autobots ran up and Cliffjumper pounced on the werewolf starting to puch him. Ironhide grabbed him by the back of his armor and pulled him off. "Now you jus' calm down fer a second, will ya?" Ironhide said. Cliffjumper glared, but Trailbreaker stopped him.
Orcus growled and slashed at CJ, but couldn't move very far.
Ironhide pulled out handcuffs and Trailbreaker helped him hold down the mech to get them on.
"prahm, this is Ironhide, we got 'im!" he radioed. "Bring him in." came the cold reply.


Ratchet glanced at the two. "You'll probably have to stay in here." Here he glanced at the twins.
Who looked at each other. "Sheek nafa. Helo." they said, walking out of the room.
Ratchet looked at the two again.

Both: Got it. Gone)

The two watched Ratchet dissapear into his office, dimming the lights as he went.
Jade ducked her head so she was looking at HighRoad out of the top of her optics. She undid the latches of his chestplate, and the double panels opened. She also undid her own at the same time, and ran her fingers around the outside of the circular lasercore cover. HighRoad dimmed his optics. Jade let the camera-lense type cover of her own spark chamber open, and had to grab the mech's shoulder so she wouldn't fall back. She almost fainted, but tried to stay awake. "What do I do now?" highroad asked, looking at the blueish spark in front of him. "The black dot. Go slow. Don't reach in too fast." the jet said, looking at his darker blue and golden hued spark. She smiled, somehow combforted by the sight, and ran her fingers around the edge. HighRoad shuddered and slipped his fingers into her spark. She hissed in pain, then relaxed slightly when he paused. His fingers touched the tiny black orb and a bolt of electricity leapt out. Highroad yelped and started to jerk his hand away. Jade cried out, grabbing his wrist. "Don'" she panted. Finally, he got his hand around it, and managed to yank it out, in which Jade, having told him not to yank his hand away, fainted.
"Highroad closed his panels, and hers also slid shut. He curled up beside her, draping his arm over her.
He clicked his comm on, to ratchet's office. "I got it out." he said. After he turned the comm of, he shook his hand vigorously, trying to shed the lingering pain from the electric shock.


Orcus growled and tried to fight, but failed as they dragged him in. he locked optics with Alpha, who had seem him after coming out of the med bay. He snorted and grinned.
Alpha whimpered and felt her brother wrap his arms around her.
Ironhide gave Orcas a shove. "Git movin!" he barked.
Orcus growled and barked at them, but continued to walk.
Alpha clutched her brother's hand ad then growled at the werewolf.
Prime walked up. "So, you're the mech who's been causing so much trouble." he said, narrowing his optics at the werewolf. He nodded to Ironhide and Trailbreaker, who shoved/pulled him away.


HighRoad smiled softly, and snuggled closer to Jade, resting his head on one arm. The jet stirred, and gasped, holding one hand to her chest at the sudden pain in her spark. "I told you not to yank." she whispered. "Sorry, I couldn't get it out any other way." HighRoad whispered back. "It's okay... Thanks." Jade shivered and snuggled back. "so, are you staying for a little while, then?" she asked. "Well, I told my parents I'd be back tonight at nine, which means..." Jade sighed. "Time moves faster here. So you have about a whole day." she said, looking over her shoulder at him. "Well, it was two in the afternoon when I left." highroad counted how many hours that was. "It's a little less than 21 hours, actually. yeah, I guess I could stay for a while longer. But I was hoping you'd want to go back with me." he murmured. "I know... I'm just glad to have you here for now." Jade put her head back down,purposely not answering that question. The two drifted off to sleep.