Eleven Reasons Why SasuNaru...
By: Hiki-chan

1) Well, they are like both day and night! Duh!

2) They were destined from the start when the team paired up. Sasuke was the best, Naruto was the worst. Fitting pair don't you think? Just like Ying and Yang.

3) Sasuke has perfect flawless skin while Naruto has Kyuubi to heal so his skin is undamaged and unscarred.

4) Naruto is absolutely cute while Sasuke is drop-drop hot.

5) Naruto is so uuuukkkkkkkeeeeeeee...

Sakura frowned, it wasn't like her to drag her words even though it was true. Now where is that eraser...

5) Naruto is so uke (perfect, not even a pencil mark) and Sasuke oozes with seme attitude!

Sakura inserts a fangirl scream.

6) Sasuke jumped and nearly sacrificed his life to save Naruto.

7) Naruto when all out to get Sasuke back to them.

8) They are rivals! Hey, rivals always make one of the best pairings. Hell yeah!

9) They call each other names! Pet names! Bastard and dobe! Kawaii!

10) Because everyone can see they booth like each other but don't want to admit it. Or at least Naruto still doesn't realise it… yet.

Sakura sighs and snapped her diary shut.

Enough talk -or words-, she was going to do something about it.

And while at it, she'll bring her camera! Oh joy!

The girl almost jumped with joy and turned to leave her room.

Taking a few steps forward, she quickly spun around and ran back to her diary and flipped it opened and wrote one more reason down.

11) Because they have Sakura to pair them up.

She smiled and shut the book.