Losing The Race

Authors Notes: A Sonadow fic from Amy's perspective. Everyone has to grow up sometime.

She hadn't been sure what was happening, at first.

The ear-splitting thunder of a sonic boom, followed shortly by its cause whipped into the house. A vague blue blur of light that resolved into the shape of a frantic hedgehog. A blue hedgehog who was carrying another - a black shape lay across Sonic's arms; unconscious, bleeding and bruised.

"Help me!" Sonic yelled as he set the other hedgehog down on the sofa. The yell roused not only Amy, but also Tails, who had been in his workshop at the end of the garden. Amy would never forget the look in Sonic's eyes.

Sonic was always cool, in control, confident.

Not this time.

Now he looked distracted, panicked - outright terrified, in fact.

Numbly, Amy fetched clean towels, water and the first aid kit, tending to Shadow's injuries as Tails reassured Sonic, tried to get the blue hedgehog to move away, to sit down, but Sonic refused, hovering like a hummingbird. Through the haze around her mind, Amy heard snatches of conversation, something about Shadow saving Sonic's life...an army of robots, an interrupted day of racing, and Amy heard herself tell Sonic, in an impressively sure and steady voice, that Shadow should be fine with a few days of rest.

She heard Sonic's relieved exhale of breath, felt his entire posture relax into his usual casual pose...but her eyes fixed onto where Sonic held Shadow's hand, fingers interlaced with those of the black hedgehog, gripping through the bloodstained glove.

Sonic didn't appear to notice, as if it were an accustomed action for him.

Later that night, Amy heard a muffled cry, like someone trying to stifle a scream.

She hurriedly got out of bed and padded downstairs, in search of the source of the noise. She pushed open the living room door...

and froze.

Shadow was there, still on the sofa, red eyes wide with suppressed fear, shivering slightly. Sonic was sat on the floor next to him, holding both of Shadows hands in his own, speaking softly, reassuring babble to calm Shadow from his nightmare. Amy stood there, knowing she should move but unable to summon the ability. Then she saw Sonic say something that managed to coax a smile from Shadow, and Shadow's reply made Sonic chuckle quietly.

She couldn't help but smile, they were speaking about racing. To Sonic, everything was about running, racing, speed. He seemed to be in a constant search of a challenge.

Shadow reached out and caressed Sonic's face gently, the blue hedgehog leaned into the touch. Amy stepped away from the door, shakily, watching it click shut just as Shadow leaned over and planted a kiss on Sonic's upturned mouth.

It seemed she had lost the race before it even began.