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-Flash Back…-

"Oi! Nami!" Luffy called from his seat upon the lion figure head of their new ship. "Where are we going?"

Nami gave an irritated sigh. "I told you seven times already! We're going to Osamu Island…"

"Why?" Luffy asked.

"Because there's said to be a precious gem stone there…It's worth a lot!" Nami's eyes suddenly lit up.


"Because it's huge! And it's said to have special properties! And…" Nami rambling on.

Luffy blinked, what was she getting so excited about? It was just a rock. Luffy sighed and looked back out at the sea, he smiled as he felt the wind blow against his face and saw the sun light glisten off the surface of the water. Now that was a treasure in itself, and probably one of the reasons Luffy coveted his favorite spot so much.

"Oh Nami-swaaaan! You have such an eye for treasure!" Sanji sang out.

Nami gave a triumphant smirk. "You better believe it!" she then looked at her map and compass. "Anyway, it shouldn't take us too long to get there now, I'd say we should reach it sometime tomorrow night…"

"Hee, hee, as long as there's food there then I'm pumped for it!" Luffy said excitedly.

"Well, we're in luck, the island is said to be a paradise and has a very productive city, so there is a good bet that there'll be good food there…" Nami said as she looked up from her map.

"Alright! Food! Sanji! I'm hungry!" Luffy said with a grin.

"Oi! But you just had lunch!" the love cook growled.

Robin, who was seated in the crow's nest with a book in hand, gave a slight laugh, her days were never dull with this colorful crew. She then noticed a hand grabbing onto the side of the crows nest, Luffy then pulled himself up and crouched next to the archeologist.

"What are you reading?" he asked with a big grin.

Robin smiled and showed him a picture in the book, it was of a sphere that rested on top of the head of a statue of a monster. "This is the treasure Navigator-san was talking about." she explained. "It's called the Aisling Orb, and is said to have the ability to look into the hearts of others…"

Luffy blinked. "Who want something like that?"

Robin shrugged. "Not sure, Captain-san…but it is valuable, so of coarse Navigator-san wants it…"

Luffy and Robin laughed.

- End of Flash Back…-

That was a month ago, before they got stuck on this island, before they became prisoners. Robin sat next to Luffy on the beach, both of them looking out at the sea.

"Captain-san…" Robin said as she ruffled her captain's hair. "……Don't worry, I'll bring back help…"

Luffy tilted his head to the side and looked at her curiously. "Robin…why do you keep calling me 'captain'?"

Robin smiled slightly. "Don't worry about it Captain-san…"

Luffy grinned at the archeologist. "Okay…" he said with a nod.

"Doctor-san, is the ship ready?" Robin asked as she turned to look at Chopper.

"Yeah, but how are we going to make it without a navigator?" the little reindeer asked.

"Don't worry, we have Navigator-san's maps, and I have an eternal pose as well…"

"Will you two be okay?" Luffy asked. "Can I come with you?"

Robin shook her head. "No Captain-san, you are not permitted to leave the island…they will surely come searching for you if you leave…"

"But then why are you going?" the rubber boy asked.

"They haven't found us out yet, so they won't be suspicious if Doctor-san and I leave…" Robin explained.

Luffy looked disappointed, but didn't argue.

"Don't worry, we will return, Captain-san…" Robin said with a reassuring smile.

"Yeah! We won't abandon you!" Chopper said trying to sound brave.

"Aw, thanks you fluffy fuzz ball!" Luffy said while hugging the reindeer. "Your sooooo sooooft!"

"Hee, hee, hee, don't think that makes me happy you bastard!"

"You look happy!"

-2 Months Later…-

All was lively in a pirate harbor known as Cavan Cove. It was a lively place, full to the brim with pirates of all sorts. There were market places, bars, inns, ports, and restaurants, all built into an enormous cave that could house two whole cities.

"Oi! Portgas! Is it true you're brother to a pirate with a 100,000,000 bounty on his head?" one pirate asked, his face was a good shade of crimson, it was obvious that he was smashed.

"No! I heard it was 300 million now!"

"No way!!!!!" cried most of the pirates in the bar in shock.

Ace just smirked.

"Hmm…I heard they've…been causing all sorts of trouble recently…."said another pirate.

"I heard he's a devil fruit user!"

"I heard he was a monster!"

From there gossip blossomed and the whole bar echoed with it.

Ace sat back, closed his eyes, smirked, and listened. It was one of his ways of checking up on his little brother, true sometimes the truth is stretched a bit, but he usually got the general idea.

"I heard they've disappeared…"

Ace's eyes shot open. "What?" he said flatly. In truth, Ace felt his stomach drop at those words.

"They've been missing for a while now…" said an old pirate. "No one's seen or heard from them in months is what I heard…"

"Your kidding.…" Ace said a little uneasily.

Some of the pirates went silent.

"Maybe they were captured by the marines…" one finally said.

Ace frowned. He hoped that wasn't the case. "Well does anyone know where they were said to be seen last?"

The other pirates shook their heads.

'Damn it Luffy! What the hell did you go and get yourself into now?'

Losing his appetite Ace turned to the wasted pirate next to him. "Thanks for the grub, man." and with that said he rushed out of the restaurant, leaving the bewildered drunkard with his bill.

"Whoo! That was too easy!" Ace said with a grin. It was a false grin though, worry was weighing down on him now. 'Shit…you better not have gotten yourself killed…'

"Robin!!! Wait for meeeeee!"

Ace stopped in his tracks. That voice sounded a little familiar. Ace looked over his shoulder and sure enough he spotted a little raccoon with a pink hat chasing after a lovely dark haired woman.

"Hmm…I've seen that raccoon before…" Ace said thoughtfully as he thought back. It then dawned on him. That raccoon was with his little brother back in Alabasta! Being a slick as he could, Ace followed them, he didn't want to embarrass himself if all this worrying was for nothing, he had an image to up hold after all!

"Robin, do you think the others will be okay?" Chopper asked in a worried tone. "We've been away for some time now…Luffy's probably worried about us…"

"I know…but they'll have to be a little more patient…"

"Luffy…?" Ace accidentally said out loud, he then covered his mouth.

Chopper's ears twitched. "Robin!!! Someone's following us!!!" he said in a panic.

Robin frowned and crossed her arms. "Ocho Fleur Flip!"

To Ace's surprise six arms sprouted from his surroundings and grabbed hold of him, and then the next thing he knew he was flipped over. "Oof!"

Robin and Chopper ran over to see who the intruder was. Chopper gave a gasp.

"It's…It's Ace!" the little reindeer said in surprise.

Robin blinked. "Who?"

"Luffy's older brother!" Chopper explained.

Robin blinked again. "Captain-san…has a brother?"

Getting up, and looking a little more than pissed off, Ace glared at the two. "Just what was the big idea!"

"Sorry! We thought you were spying on us…" Chopper said sheepishly.

"Oh…uh…" Ace had to think of an excuse and quick. "Well…I wasn't really, I just saw the little raccoon-

"I'M A REINDEER!!!" Chopper shouted as he changed into a larger form.

Ace's eye's went wide as he stared. "……a-and wanted to see if I could surprise my brother, I haven't seen him in a while so…uh…yeah…"

Robin narrowed her eyes a little. "I am sorry…but Captain-san is not here…"

"……………What happened.…I've been hearing some pretty unsettling things…."

Robin smiled slightly. "Ah, I see you were just wanting to check up on Captain-san…."

Ace blushed and looked away. "W-well…."

"It is natural, you are his older brother after all…"

"R-right! Of coarse it is…." Ace said while trying to regain his composure. "So…where is he?"

Robin and Chopper were silent for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Ace said in a dead serious tone.

"There…has been an incident…" Robin said with a small hint of sadness. "But I'm afraid you wouldn't believe us even if we told you…"

"Try me…" Ace said, crossing his arms.

Robin and Chopper looked at each other.

"I think you might have to see it for your self…"


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