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"So…what are we going to do here?" Luffy asked.

"Um…well…we'll just explore town…" Ace explained. But, in actuality, he was hoping that they would run into some of Luffy's crewmates. Maybe it would help him remember, like before.


Zoro gave a satisfied sigh as he finished his food. "Ah, thanks…I needed that…So, who are you guys anyway?"

"I'm Ace."

"And I'm Monkey D. Luffy, the man that's going to be…" Luffy didn't finish, he looked confused.

Ace and Zoro looked at him expectantly.

"What are you going to be?" Zoro asked.

"I…I…don't know…" Luffy looked completely lost. "My mind's blank…But what ever it was, it was…important to me…" He then looked at Zoro. "What about you?"

-End of Flashback…-

It wasn't much, but at least it was something. Ace sighed. He could only hope that they would get lucky.

"Ooh! Ace! Oranges!" Luffy said as he pointed to Nami's stand.

Ace smirked. 'So far so good…' "Say Luffy, why don't you go over and check them out?"

"Sure!" Luffy said with a smile, he then headed over to the stand.

"Oi! Kid, try not to wonder too far…" Zoro warned. He then turned to face Ace. "I'll be wondering around, I'll meet up with you two a little later…"

"Sure…Just get lost…" Ace said with a blink.

Zoro looked away. "D-don't be ridiculous!" He then walked away.


Ace looked past Zoro and spotted Sanji further down the market place. He was carrying a basket of food, probably restocking ingredients.

Robin and Chopper were standing in front of him.

"Oh! And I see you brought your talking wombat!"

"I'm a Reindeer!!!!!"

Sanji didn't pay attention to the little reindeer's words, he was busy launching himself into a series of praises to his beloved 'Robin-swan'. This went on until Zoro stopped in his tracks and began to watch the love sick cook go on and on with a raised eyebrow.


Sanji then noticed his unwanted audience. "Hmph! What are you staring at shitty swordsman?"

"Robiiin! It's Zoro!" Chopper said happily.

"Yes it is Doctor-san…But…I'm getting a very bad feeling…"

"Huh? Why?" Chopper asked.

"Hmph…Well at least I don't have a messed up curly cue eyebrow…" Zoro shot back.

"What was that!?" Sanji said with a growl. "Stupid moss head!"

"That is why, Doctor-san…" Robin explained.

Zoro glared. "You know…for some reason just looking at you annoying face is enough to really piss me off!" He then began to unsheathe his swords.

"Funny…I feel the same way about you too, shit head…"

"Doctor-san, I believe we may want to move a safe distance away…" Robin said as she picked up the little doctor and began to back away.

The two then exploded into battle.

Ace's jaw dropped when he saw this. 'Good god! They're destroying the whole damn market place! Oh boy…Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all…' He then hung his head in grief and disappointment.


"Ooh! These look so good!" Luffy said as he looked over the oranges. "Hmm…I'll find some nice plump ones for me and Ace!" He then began searching through them. "Hmm…let's see..." Suddenly he felt a sharp slap on one of his hands.

"Hey!" Nami barked. "Keep your hands off the merchandise unless your going to by something!"

"But I am going to by something!" Luffy said in a near whine. "Honest!"

Nami narrowed her eyes. "Really?" In her opinion, the kid looked dirt poor, and she wasn't in the mood to charitable. "Do you even have any money?"

Luffy then began to dig around in his pockets. Soon it then dawned on him. "Oh yeah! Ace still has my money!" Luffy then turned around to call out to Ace, but instead…he got a kick to the face.

Sanji and Zoro had worked their way down to Nami's stand, Sanji's kick had sent Luffy crashing into it, smashing the orange stand.

"Whaaaaa!!!! My oranges!!!!" Nami shrieked.

Luffy sat up, only to be sent crashing back down by another kick that had missed its intended target.

Ace's eyes went wide with horror, how could such a simple idea make such a complicated mess?

With Chopper still in her arms, Robin walked over to the distraught pirate. "Well…the bright side is that we are getting the crew back together…"

"…Yeah…buuuut…I don't this island will be able to handle it…"

"Don't worry, I know how to stop this…" Robin set Chopper down and crossed her arms.

Suddenly the four were all subdued by arms that sprouted around them.

"Ahhhhhh!!!! Gross!!!!"

"What the hell is this!?!?!?"


"Well, that's one way how to handle things…" Ace said with a blink.

-Later, after they got everyone to settle down…-

"I apologize for the scare…" Robin began. "But it seemed to be the only way to calm you all down…"

"No need to apologize Robin-swaaaan!" Sanji said with passion.

"Shut up already!!!!" Zoro barked at the love cook.

"Why you…"




Ace looked at Robin with a sickened look. "My, aren't you ruthless…?"

Robin only gave a mysterious smirk. "There is a very matter we must discuss with all of you…" she explained.

"Well I hope it involves how you're going to pay me back for destroying my Orange stand!"

"Uh…Not exactly…" Ace said while scratching the back of his head.

"However, we need a more private place to talk, this matter needs to be kept very low profile…" Robin explained.

"How about the restaurant?" Sanji suggested. "It's closes early today, and I have the keys to the place…"

"That'll work out just fine…"

"Now wait just a minute!" Nami said suddenly. "I don't even know you people! Like hell I'm going to talk with you unless it involves all the money you people owe me!"

Suddenly a hand sprouted from Nami's shoulder and covered her mouth before she could say more.

"Thank you…" Ace said with a sigh. "Look, I guess it would be best if we started off by giving you a little info…You guys don't have many memories, right?"

"Yeah…just like everyone else that lives on this island." Sanji said bluntly, wishing he could have a smoke, but arms were still restraining him.

"Well to make a long story short, I came to this island looking for my little brother and his friends, who had disappeared recently…" Ace explained.

"Okay…and what exactly does that have to do with us?" Sanji asked.

Ace then pointed to Luffy. "That's my baby brother…and you guys, are three of his friends…"

Sanji, Zoro, Nami, and Luffy all looked at each other. Not one of them said a word, but for some reason, they all did feel a strange familiarity with each other.

"A good example…" Robin began. "Was how Swordsman-san reacted to Cook-san…can you explain why you two suddenly just fought with each other?"

Zoro and Sanji looked at one another. The truth was, that couldn't explain why. There was just a strange, natural dispute between the two.

"I think…I see you're point…"

-And so, after sundown…-

"So, we're alone now, mind telling what's going on?" Sanji asked as he locked the front doors.

"Yeah Ace, what's going on?" Luffy asked.

"Well Luffy…How to explain this…?" Ace then looked at Robin for some sort of answer.

Robin shrugged. "I say just be straightforward with them…"

"Hmm…Right, well then, if you say so…to put into simple words…you're all actually part of a pirate crew…." Ace said bluntly.

Luffy's eyes went wide. "Really!? I'm a pirate!?" He sounded more excited than anything else. "Cool!!!!"

Everyone else's eyes went wide with shock and surprise.

"You can't be serious!" Nami practically shouted. She then grabbed Luffy by the shirt and shook him violently. "How can you be okay with that!? Pirates are absolute scum! And besides, how can a kid like you be a pirate!?!?!"

"Maybe he's a cabin boy?" Sanji suggested.

Ace clapped a hand to his forehead and sighed. "This…is going to be harder than I thought…"

Nami glared at Ace. "I don't believe it…You're lying!"

Ace sighed. "I'm not lying…"

Sanji lit a cigarette and took a drag. "We can't be too sure…"

"Hey, Robin, would you mind giving me a hand with this? No pun intended, mind you…" Ace said with a grin.

Robin gave a slight laugh. "Of course Brother-san…" She walked over to Luffy and placed a hand on the confused boy's shoulder. "Luffy, I know your brother is telling the truth because we're part of the same crew…"

Luffy gave a confused blink, then he grinned. "If Robin says it's true then it is true!"


"You moron!!!!" Nami shouted. "She's probably lying too!!!!"

"Ow…" Luffy nursed the bump on his head.

Nami grabbed Luffy's face and stretched out his cheeks. "Pirates are no good scum that don't give a damn about anyone they hurt!"

Ace, Chopper, and Robin's eyebrows gave a twitch at that statement.

"I see…Then I guess we can't ask you for your cooperation…" Robin said with a sigh.

"Ah, Robin-swaaaan! I'd love to hear what you would have to say!" Sanji said passionately.

Nami grabbed Sanji's ear and gave it a good, hard twist.


"You idiot! Don't listen to them!" Nami said in a fury. "And you!" She pointed to Luffy. "Stay away from that man!"

"But he's my-" Nami cut him off.

"He's probably lying about that too!" She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him close, so he was face to face with her. "That man can't be your brother! What kind of family tries to make a criminal out of their sibling!?!?"

Luffy's confused looked was soon replaced with a frown, he then pulled away from her. "Don't say that! Ace is my brother! I don't care what you say!"

"L-Luffy…" Ace was a little surprised at Luffy's little outburst.

"How can you be so sure?" Sanji asked. "You have no memories of him remember? For all you know you could've never even had a brother…"

Luffy was silent, Sanji's words had hit a nerve.

"Thank you Sanji…" Nami said with a relieved sigh. She was glad someone was talking with some sense for a change. "See what I mean Luffy?"

Luffy looked up at Ace pleadingly, wanting some answers. But his brother only stood in silence.

Ace wanted more than anything to prove to Luffy that he was telling the truth, but he knew he couldn't really provide too much proof, without memory it would be useless. But what happened next, totally took him by surprise.

"So what if he can't prove it!? I trust Ace! I just know he's my brother!" Luffy said suddenly. "And if I'm a pirate then fine! I'm proud of i-"


Luffy held a hand to his now red cheek with a look of shock plastered onto his face.

Everyone else looked just as surprised.

"You idiot…" Nami began, her voice quivered a little. "Don't you understand….?"

Luffy just stood there, speechless.

"Navigator-San…that was truly uncalled for…" Robin said with a frown of disapproval. "Captain-san is just listening to his heart on the matter…"

"Captain…???? Him????" Sanji said with a raised eyebrow, pointing at Luffy.

"I'll explain later…"

"Well it's wrong!" Nami yelled. "No good comes from being a pirate!"

"I didn't want to resort to this…" All of a sudden, Robin held out a paper in front of Nami's face.

Nami gasped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was a wanted poster, with her picture on it! "W-what is this!?" she said snatching the poster from Robin.

"It's your wanted poster…you, me, Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, and Luffy are all part of the same crew…" Robin then took out the other's wanted posters and showed them off.

"I still can't believe my bounty is only 50 beri…" Chopper said with streaming tears.

"Well…this is pretty compelling evidence…" Zoro said as he examined his poster.

"Th-th-this can't be right…" Nami said with wide eyes. "…No! It just can't be!"


Everyone looked at Sanji who was pale as a ghost.

"This doesn't look a damn thing like me!!!" he said with tears streaming from his eyes.

Zoro walked over and took a look. "………Odd…I think it looks just like you…"







Zoro and Sanji had once again exploded out into a full scale war.

Ace gave an irritated sigh and left out the back door of the restaurant so the others could try to let this all set in; Robin followed.

"Is something wrong, Brother-san?" she asked.

Ace shook his head. "This is a little frustrating…"

"Well it's not like anyone can take such news so easily…" Robin explained.

"I know…It's just…I don't know…this place is just so screwed up!" Ace said with a sigh. "And that Nami girl, she just hauled off and slapped my brother! What's her problem!?"

"All of us have had troubled pasts…" Robin explained. "Navigator-san has obviously had a bad run in with pirates…so I guess she's reverted back to her pirate hating ways…"

"Well that much is obvious…" Ace sighed. "I wonder how Luffy managed to get such a wacky crew in the first place…"

"……Captain-san…inspires hope." Robin said suddenly.

Ace looked back at her and blinked. "What?"

"Captain-san…wherever he goes, he inspires hope…" Robin explained. "Weather it's hope for making a dream come true or the hope you need to keep living…" She then smiled to herself.

"………………It almost seems like you have a crush on my brother…"

"N-no! O-of coarse not!" Robin said with a blush.

"Oh…good, because I was gonna say…being an older woman and all…That'd be kinda creepy…" Ace said with a laugh.

Robin frowned, and one of her eyebrows gave an irritated twitch. "……………………………Seis Fleur Clutch!"

"Eh???" Ace looked around all confused as arms sprouted all around, latching onto him. Then…



"Eh?" Luffy looked towards where the scream came from, he then looked back to the others. "Did you guys hear something????"

Zoro, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji shook their heads.

"Hmm…that's odd…I could have sworn I heard something…" Luffy said while scratching the back of his head.

Ace walked back into the restaurant while rubbing his now aching back. "Ugh…geeze…I didn't think you'd take it that personally…"

Robin shot a glare in his direction.

"Eh, heh, heh, heh…shutting up now." Ace said with an uneasy grin. He then turned to address the group. "So…Do you believe me now?"

Sanji put out his cigarette. "…Well…even if it is true…What do you expect us to do now?"

Ace raised an eyebrow at this. "What do you mean? You're a crew…"

Sanji shrugged. "So? Personally, I'm fine with the way things are right now…"

"So am I…" Nami said firmly.

"Oh nooooo!" We can't split up!!!!" Chopper cried.

"I agree…We've been together for a long time…" Robin added.

"Oh! Robin-swaaaaaan!!! To be in a crew with you and Nami-swan!" Sanji had hearts in his eyes. "It must be heaven to travel with two goddesses of beauty!"


Sanji was now sporting a large bump on his head.

"Annoying love cook…" Zoro said with an annoyed look.

Ace gave a sigh. This was ridiculous! They were getting nowhere! "Come on Luffy…" He then took his brother by the hand and led him out of the restaurant. "Let's leave this island…" Ace was running on impulse now, he had finally reached the end of his patience.

"But…what about the others!?" Luffy asked worriedly.

"Don't worry, we'll get help for them, I promise, please, just trust me on this…" Ace said reassuringly.

"Okay Ace, I trust you!" Luffy said with a grin.

Ace smiled. "Good."

They then began to head over to the port.

"Where do you think your going!?" Nami said as she chased after them.

"I'm taking him with me…" Ace said with a raised eyebrow.

"You can't do that!" Nami said while clasping onto Luffy's other hand. "If he lost his memory of being a pirate then it's a good thing! He can have a fresh start and live life as a normal person!"

Ace glared at her. "And what? Live in a lie!? Live without accomplishing his dreams!? Well then tell me, what kind of life is that!?!?" he shot back.

Nami was taken aback by Ace's outburst and as much as she hated to admit it, his words did make sense.

"You had dreams too, are you going to say the same for yourself? Why do you think you joined my brother in the first place?"

There was a brief flash of an image in Nami's mind. It was her, as a child, with two other people. One was a little girl with light blue hair, and the other was a woman with dark, red-ish hair and a blue plaid shirt. "N-Nojiko…Bellemere…" she whispered. Her head began to ache. Another image, a frightening shark man. The head ache gets worse.

Ace raised an eyebrow at this, had he managed to trigger some sort of memory?

Nami let go of Luffy's hand and quickly left.

"N-Nami?" Luffy said with a blink. He then looked up at his brother. "Do you think she'll be okay?"

"Yeah, she'll be fine…" Ace said as he continued to lead his brother to the docks.

"Oi!" said a voice from behind.

The D. brothers both looked over their shoulders and saw Zoro running towards them.

"Zoro!" Luffy said with a grin.

"What do you want?" Ace said with a raised eyebrow.

"I want to go with you." Zoro said bluntly.

"Eh!?" the brothers said with a blink.

"I want to get my memories back, if that's your goal then I want to come along and help…" Zoro said as he came to a stop.

"……Well…what do you say Luffy…?" Ace asked.

Luffy grinned. "He should come!"

"Well…if you say so…" Ace said with a sigh. "I guess we'll have to hitch a ride on a merchant ship or something, I know my boat definitely can't carry three people…"

"Well, then I'll start asking around…" Zoro then began heading the opposite direction.

"Oi! The docks are that way!" Ace and Luffy shouted while pointing in the other direction.

Zoro then quickly turned around a headed for them.

Ace blinked. "……That guy……is very weird."

"Hee, hee, hee! I know, but he's funny!" Luffy said with a huge smile.

Ace raised an eyebrow and smirked at his little brother, he then ruffled his hair. "Come on, let's get off of this rock…"

Luffy smiled and followed his brother.

"You two! Stop right there!"

Guards surrounded them.

"What's going on!?" Ace said as he glared at them.

Some of the guards parted to let someone walk through. It was a woman dressed in a white lab coat. She was a pretty woman, with long, blood red hair that was tied back and had a large pin to hold it in place. She pushed her glasses up to the bridge of her nose. "So…these are the trouble makers…?"

Ace glared at her. There was something really off about this woman.

The woman smirked and walked over to them. "I was told that you've been causing a lot of problems…My name is Dr. Cosmia, I'm the head doctor of this island…"

"I don't care who the hell you are!" Ace said suddenly. "You're in my way!"

Dr. Cosmia raised an eyebrow, her eyes landed on Luffy. "And what exactly are you planning to do? Hmm? Run away with that boy?"

"He's my little brother!" Ace said with a firm tone.

Luffy then hid behind Ace, obviously something about the woman made him uneasy.

Ace looked down at Luffy with a raised eyebrow, this was very strange, Luffy rarely coward down to anyone. He then turned his attention back to the doctor.

"If you are his brother, and you care about him then you'll let him remain on this island…" Dr. Cosmia said with a firm tone. "If you hadn't noticed yet, there are some people on this island that have a certain affliction…'Fits' are what the attacks are mostly called…And I'm sorry to say it…but, your brother shows all the signs of having the affliction himself." A slight grin creeped its way upon the doctor's lips. "So I'm afraid he's not allowed to leave the island…I'm sure you'll understand, that it's for his own health…"

"There are plenty of other doctors in the world…I'm sure we can manage…" Ace said firmly.

Dr. Cosmia narrowed her eyes. "Hmph…you idiot…" She then snapped her fingers.

"Hey! Let me go!"

Ace quickly turned around to find the guardsmen trying to subdue Luffy.

"Gomu Gomu no…" the rubber boy muttered. "Pistol!!!"

Half of the guardsmen were taken out.

Luffy's arm snapped back into place.

"Well now…That was a little unexpected…" Dr. Cosmia said with a blink. "So you have the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi…"

"Hee, hee, I'm a rubber man!" Luffy said while stretching out one of his cheeks.

Dr. Cosmia looked rather disgusted.

"Hee…my punches are as powerful as…" Luffy didn't finish. He just suddenly seemed to freeze, soon a strange expression formed on his face, a mix of fear and growing pain.

"…Luffy?" Ace had never seen such a look from his brother before.

Luffy began to wobble over to his brother, but just before he could reach him, he fell to his knees and clutched his head, groaning in pain.

Ace went to Luffy's side. "Luffy!? What's wrong!?"

A trembling hand reached up suddenly and grabbed Ace by the necklace, pulling him closer. Luffy was trying to tell him something. "D-don't…d-don't let th-them…" Ace's necklace snapped, both the beads and Luffy fell to the floor. He curled up and trembled.

"You see?" Dr. Cosmia said as she walked over. "This is is an attack…a fit…"

Ace looked down at his brother helplessly. He didn't know what to do.

Dr. Cosmia snapped her fingers and a pair of guardsmen went over to take the boy.

Ace grabbed one by the wrist when they tried to pick the boy up, he gave them a deadly glare.

"Relax! Don't worry so much…" Dr. Cosmia said with an irritated sigh. "They're only going to take him to the hospital…"

As much as Ace knew Luffy needed medical help, he was still afraid, what if Luffy forgot him again? He was shocked the first time, but if it happened a second time it would really hurt, and hurt bad.

"A-Ace…Sh-Shanks…" Luffy muttered shakily.

What did he just say? Ace looked down at him shocked. 'He said Shanks…He remembers Shanks!'

Then suddenly his brother was hoisted off the ground and was being carried off. Ace got up and attempted to follow, but two more guardsmen blocked his path.

"Get out of my way…" he said in a low, threatening growl.

"I'm sorry…" Dr. Cosmia called back to him as they walked on. "But you'll have to wait till after treatment before you can see your brother…"

Ace growled. The guardsmen blocked him until the others were a safe distance away, they then left.

"My, my, this is an odd island wouldn't you say?" said a voice out of nowhere.

Ace looked next to him and saw a man in a green cloak. He backed away in surprise. He couldn't see much of the man's face, but did see him grin. It was enough to send shivers up the pirate's spine.

"There's definitely more than meets the eye to this illness…" the cloaked man said with his grin growing even wider.

Ace could feel the man's eyes on him. It made him feel so uneasy.

"If you really want to help your brother and his friends…you may need some more help…"

"Huh? How did you…?" But it was too late, the man then headed off in the direction that the doctor went.

"Who the hell was that?"


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