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Chapter One


Summer 2003

The plane was about to land. London was in site. She watched the ground come closing in. Once the plane had landed she got her luggage and headed for the main lobby. That was where she was the man in his thirties dressed in black, holding a sign that said "V. Mills". She walked over to him.

"Miss Mills?" he asked as he lowered the sign.

"That's me! So Jeeves who's my sponcer?"

His face stayed the same. "The name is Adams Miss. Your sponsor, along with the other four ladies that have yet to arrive, is the Duchess of Bath. We shall wait for the others to arrive. Once they have arrived we will be leaving."

They walked out to the limo. Adams loaded her luggage into the trunk. "The next girl should be arriving within the next ten minutes. I shall leave you. The CD player is in the front." Adams walked to the car opened the door for her. She stepped in and sat down. Closing her eyes she breathed in the air around her.

When she was younger her mother had told her about the legendary King Arthur and his knights. But this was not the ordinary tale that everyone knew. But the tale of the Sarmatians being taken against their will and taken to England to serve under Arthur for fifteen years. She told her of all of their adventures and the deaths of three of them. Her and her friends would tell stories of King Arthur they had read or watched. Just then the car door opened. Veronica didn't open her eyes until she heard a very familiar voice saying her name.

"Veronica?" Opening her eyes she saw her best friend Alesa. "You won too?" Alesa asked.

"Yeah, they got me all new luggage even tock me shopping right before we left. Kari was pretty upset about it. But hell I'm twenty and she's not my real mother. She's told me that since I was able to remember." Alesa smiled remembering all the time Roni had snuck out of Kari's house and though her bedroom window.

"They did the same to me. Let me guess Hot Tank Shop?" She asked as one eyebrow rose.

"Yeah, and you went to Glama Gur." Laughing they turned and watched Adams putting in the next girl's luggage into the trunk. Just then Crystal got in.

"Crys!" Both girls yelled at their friend. This was odd all they were missing was Elizabeth and Dedria.

"Hey you guys. So you won too?"

Hugging their friend Alesa answered, "Yeah, let me guess. They took you shopping, got you new luggage and tock you to the airport."

"Yep. I went to Rave Chic. The spent over a thousand dollars on me. How about you guys."

Ronie looked at the clothes she wore. "I got two thousand, four hundred, sixty dollars and forty-eight cents."

Crys started to laugh her head off.

"How is it you know that?" Alesa asked

"I still have the receipt." Shaking her head Alesa pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper and handed over to Roni. "Three thousand, nine hundred, seventy-six dollars and twenty-four cents!"

Alesa blushed. "Yeah I did get that much stuff. Mostly clothes, some belts, jewelry, some shoes."

Crys sitting across from them said, "I wonder what Dee and Beth are doing. Here's three of the Five Prophets in London of all places."

Adams opened the door again that was when they saw their blond haired friend. "ELIZABETH!" The golden haired, eighteen year old stopped and looked at her three friends.

"Oh my goodness, what are you guys doing here?"

Rolling her eyes Crys looked at Beth as she sat next to her. "We won just like you. How else do you think we got here?"

"So you won as well. All four of us! Wow!" Beth looked at all of her friends.

Adams had left again. Roni was expecting to see the other member of their group.

"So Bethy, where did you go?" Alesa looked at the youngest member of the Five Prophets.

"I went to department stores. They spent over four thousand dollars on me."

"See I told you, she's the biggest spender out of all of us." Roni said as the last person approached the limo. She knew she had an idea as to whom it would be. As soon as Adams opened the door Dedria stepped in. She spotted all of her friends sitting inside the medium limo. Adams handed them a tape to watch.

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