Time WarpChapter Eight

Crys sat there drinking twice as much as Lancelot. He was so far behind that, she knew she was going to win this bet and get just what she wanted, him. If only for one night, she was going to have him then so be it. Slamming down the pint she looked at him.

"Forfeit and let me claim my prize." Crys said with a smile.

Lance knew that he wanted her and that he wanted to win but she had out drunk him and he had lost. He looked down at the drink in his hand. Damn if he had only known that this woman could beat him at drinking he would have never had said yes to this bet and taken her up to his room and made love to her anyways. "What prize do you want? Money? A horse?"

Crys leaned in and looked him in the eye. Her lips on his ear, she whispered what she wanted. Lance looked at her. Was it possible that a woman would want him even though he was never faithful to just one? "No backing out of the bet Lance. I will have my prize tonight."

"And how would you want me?" he asked now truly into this bet.

"On your back, in your bed, with me riding you til you burst." She said as she licked his ear.

Damn he was at a lost with her. He was ready for her to ride him, he wanted to ride her first but she had won and so he was at her mercy. Lance pulled her onto his lap and started to kiss her mouth, without letting her protest. Crys wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She straddled his lap and started to rock her hips, he wasn't her first and she wasn't his, so who cared if they had sex tonight. His hands were in her hair, keeping her lips where they were.

"Get a room!" Dee, Beth and Roni yelled in unison.

Crys pulled back. "They're right, let's go up to your room."

Lance picked Crys up and carried her all the way to the bed. Once he laid her down, she started to take off his clothes and kiss his lips. Never had anyone responded to him like this. Sure, they came willingly but not so much to were they were to ones wanting to ride him. Lance took off her dress and threw it onto the floor. Crys grabbed his shoulders threw him onto the bed and started to lick her way down his body.

When he felt her tongue touch his jutting member, he moaned and grabbed the furs. She was in the lead and he could do nothing. Taking him into her moist mouth, he nearly spilled into her mouth. He had to think of something that…she was coming back up licking his nipples, his neck, his jaw, then kissing his lips.

"Crys I don't think I can hold on much longer."

Just then she sat up and took him into her. She was soaking wet and tight. But there was no barrier. He knew that she had been with other men but none had appreciated her like he did right now. If she had been a virgin, he would have more than likely turned her down.

Crys rose up and then sank back down on him. She liked the fill of him inside of her. He was big and hard and he hit all the right places. There was no room left over and he filled her everywhere. Riding him faster she felt that she could reach the stars and beyond. Then she shattered into a million pieces and fell onto his chest. Lance held her tight to his chest and kissed her forehead. God when she started to convulse around his member he came instantly. They were both spent and satisfied. He kissed her lips and rolled her over. It was his turn. Never had it been like this, once was not enough.

The fire was in his blood, his head and, dear goddess, his soul. Unable to stop himself Lance drove back into her and pounded away into the cove that wanted him just as much as he wanted to be in it. Crys let out a moan of pure pleasure. She had never had a man like this and had never felt like this one did to her. She loved the feel of him inside her and voiced it as loudly as she could. Screaming at the top of her lungs and enjoying every moment of it, Crys scratched his back and used her heels to urge him on to go faster and deeper. Doing as her body told him Lancelot went as deep as he could, as fast as he could go. He could feel her convulsing around him again but didn't give in this time. When she screamed her release she started to pound even harder and let her get worked up again.

Crys couldn't believe it. She was climaxing again and Lance wasn't stopping. By the third climax she felt him give in and heard the low grunt that he gave off as he too came.

Laying in bed Lancelot dragged her over to him and curled up with her. As the drifted off to sleep she thought she heard him say thank you.

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