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" Talking"



'My chakra is running low. I don't know how long I have until I pass out. My wounds are deep and my blood is leaving me quickly. Most of my wounds though, aren't from the assassin ninja. They are from someone more powerful then this guy. That is who I escaped from, HIM. Now that I have escaped from his control, he's doing everything in his power to get me back. Well, I guess I am worth something if he's trying everything to get me back and not kill me in the process. Wow! I must be a big threat to his plan.'

I have to escape. I don't want him to hurt anyone else. I must destroy his plan, even if that means taking my own life.' I must get to the village Hidden in the Leaves! This assassin is closing in and I am growing tired. There is nowhere to hide!

Well jumping through the trees, Hikari noticed someone's chakra.

'I don't know if they are an enemy but I must try.'

Running out of the trees into a meadow of wild flowers, Hikari looked around for the source of the chakra.

She sees a lady with purple hair just staring at her.

Before Hikari could do anything the assassin threw a kunai in to her shoulder and she fell to the ground.

Last thing she saw were snakes flying at the assassin and she shuddered. Then everything went black.