Title: Death In A Cradle 1/2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena

Rate: K+ to T

Warning: Minor character death, fear, and angst.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Gondor Royal family confronts their biggest fear of being parents.

Note: Was Written for Aragorn Angst Prompts.

For prompt # 39: Cradle.



Minas Tirith

The birth of the baby brought tears of happiness from the king's face.

"You are now his Adar; you are a father, Elessar." Legolas nudged the man's shoulder.

"Have you decided on a name?" Gimli asked, as he stared intently at the king.

The king simply looked at him, not knowing how to answer while his mind reeled about the child that had been born.

"Be with your wife and your son, they need you as much as you need them." Legolas said, as he moved his hand over to his friend and he noticed the blank stare in Aragorn's eyes.

Aragorn swallowed, then he stared back over the elf and the dwarf, and nodded to them for their understanding. He walked to the room where his wife and his brand new baby had just come into the new world.

3 Months later…

King Elessar woke as the first light appeared in the sky.

He was as busy as the previous night, letting his wife sleep. He was walked over to the cradle where they put their sweet baby that they called Eldarion.

He found himself staring at the little one as he lifted him in his arms, and hummed him a song that the twins sang to him when he was a child.

Eldarion seemed relaxed as he sang to him. Elessar smiled, then returned the baby back to the cradle, watching him sleep. He sighed, and returned to his own welcoming warm bed.

Elessar found himself repeating this act about three more times.

Queen Arwen noticed how slowly her husband moved while getting out of the bed, and asked, "Have you not slept at all?"

King Elessar did not answer; he could feel his eyes closing as the fatigue seemed to claim him back.

Queen Arwen rose from the bed, walking to her little baby, who seemed to be resting peacefully.

Arwen took him in her arms, staring at the boy and noticing who eyes were closed, and his chest seemed to not be moving, either up or down.

Arwen walked back over the bed, with the baby in her arms.

"Estel, the baby…"

Elessar woke though still tired, and he stared at her, noticing the concerned in her eyes. He sat up and took the baby.

"Is he…?" Arwen asked with shaking lips, as she was afraid to say the word.

Aragorn moved his hand over the baby's lips and could not feel a thing.

He could feel his own heart beating hard and fast; the thought of losing his son terrified him.

End of Chapter 1.