Title: Death In A Cradle 2/2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena

Rating: K+ to T

Warning: Minor character death, fear, and angst.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Gondor Royal family confronts their biggest fear of being parents.

Note: Was Written for Aragorn Angst Prompts.

Note: Was Written for Aragorn Angst Prompts. For prompt # 04: Broken.


"Estel?" Arwen called to him. She got no answer, but only a blank stare.

"Saes… do not say that he is dead…" Arwen begged her beloved husband, as she stared at the unmoving baby.

Elessar still stared at the baby. He himself could not find the words to say it; he could feel his own heart ready to shatter into pieces. It seemed his own child had found death in the cradle, something he never wished to have happen.

He wished to see his son, standing with him at war, be with him as he walked with the patrol, to always be around him and now, it seemed all hope was broken, all hope gone.

The life of this baby was cut short, and he found himself without the ability to say that horrible word.

Queen Arwen stared at her husband, who seemed far away, taken by his thoughts.

She took the baby from his arms, settled him back in the cradle; she noticed how cold the body felt. She wiped her eyes, unable to stop her tears. Then she sat beside her husband, moving her hand over his face, and stroking it lightly, hoping to wake him from the thoughts that might haunt him.

"Elessar… saes… I need you…" Arwen begged, and could felt the pain she was trying to hide, the pain of losing her only son, the baby that had just been born about three months ago.

He turned to face her, though his eyes were dull and still seemed far away, she found herself staring. He seemed lost and broken, as the baby's death seemed to be taking everything from him, even his emotion.

Elessar burst into tears. Arwen took him in her arms, as she knew that she needed to be strong for both of them. They had both lost their child, and seeing her husband in pain like this, made her heart ache.

Words seemed lost, as they cried for their own loss.

The End!