A Supernatural Aussie Christmas

Author's note: Yes I know I already have 6 stories currently going simultaneously and another one would just be crazy ... But it just won't get out of my head so I thought that I will get it down, I'm not sure exactly where it is taking me or why but anyway.

As an Aussie, (one of many on here), I got to wondering how the boys would go chasing a good old fashioned Aussie style hunt ... and then throw in our scorching hot summer at Christmas time, instead of snow...

Disclaimer: Hmm now, if only I could get the boys over here...umm sorry I don't own anything except what comes from my very overactive and fetid imagination. I can just torment the guys, caress the guys, and do whatever else comes to mind but I can't own em.




WEDNESDAY December 4 2006

Two plain wooden caskets lay on individual gurneys waiting to be placed on the plane destined for Melbourne Australia. The only adornments were two labels on the bottom end of the caskets.

One label read:

Dean Winchester aged 28,

Deceased November 29th 2006.

And the other label read:

Samuel Winchester aged 23,

Deceased November 29th 2006.

The official documentation sat on top of each one, carelessly tossed. Finally two workers came and pushed the gurneys towards the airplane, luggage, crew and passengers already onboard the last two to arrive were the Winchester brothers, deceased.


A striking young woman, with straight waist length black hair and a pale face waited impatiently in the customs waiting area of Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne Australia, she did not understand why it would take so long for the caskets to be ready for retrieval.

She wanted to organise the burials of her two cousins as soon as she could, after all, she was the only living relative. Her dark eyes, covered by solid black sunglasses flickered from one customs officer to the other, as they patiently explained to her that the caskets had to go through the normal x-ray procedure as all cargo and will be ready for her as soon as possible.

'I do have a funeral director waiting to collect them; they are being paid by the hour.' She hissed then her demeanour changed and she sniffed into a white lace hankie, 'I am sorry it's just when I heard of the boys' deaths ... so tragically and so young, I –I'm just so overwhelmed please forgive me.'

'Ah Miss...Winchester? Yes Miss Winchester please don't apologise, and accept our condolences, we will try to rush the paperwork for you.' One of the officers patted her arm in a fatherly gesture and then disappeared behind the large swinging doors to check on the precious cargo.

Hiding her smirk behind her handkerchief, she sniffed and went back to the large window and watched as planes departed and arrived, such a busy place shame that the boys won't be able to see this. Sneaking a glance at her watch she checked the time, they were going to cut the timing fine but it should still be alright.

'Ah Miss Winchester.' A man's voice startled her out of her reverie, spinning around she glared at the bespectacled man, 'ah yes your funeral director has collected the caskets, if you could just come with me to sign the paperwork then you will be able to leave with them.'

Two young men lay unmoving on the cold, sterile tables, naked and covered with only light cotton sheets; they looked angelic in their death-like state.

'Well?' she demanded staring at the shorter, rotund man, 'why haven't they come too yet?'

'I – I'm sorry Miss Hargraves but this takes time, the drugs they were administered must be able to pass through their systems before they wake.'

'Don't find excuses, Joseph I want answers, I want to know why they are not awake and now.' Annette Hargraves seethed at the man; she had to get things moving as fast as possible. 'I want them awake now.'

'Honestly Miss Hargraves, I can only do what I can, the rest is up to them.' He shrugged over at the two bodies, 'when they wake is up to them.'

'I don't care I want them awake.' Her hand whipped up and connected with his face before he could blink, 'they are of no value to me dead.'

'But isn't that what this is all about? I mean for all intents and purposes they are.'

'No they are not.' She said emphasising each word by poking his chest with a finger, 'now bring them out of it, I don't care what you do but bring them out of it.'

Just then, almost on cue one of young men's hands started to twitch, 'what is happening Joseph?'

'I – I think he is starting to come too.'

'What about the other one?'

'He will come around soon; it depends on their individual metabolisms.'

Hissing at him she stalked over to the tables and stared down at the twitching fingers, suddenly the hand reached out and gripped her wrist in a tight grasp making her jump with fright. The eyes shot open and stared around in confused horror before closing again, as he started to cough and breath, with long wheezing gasps. Air forced itself back into his still lungs. She tried to pry his fingers off her wrist when his eyes snapped open again and he started to gag, retching violently as convulsions started.

'Do something.' She snarled at the frightened little man frozen where he stood.

'Where am I?' the thought coursed through his mind, 'I died? Didn't I?' He felt the panic rise in him, as he fought to control the jerking spasms and his erratic breathing, he could hear his own heart beat thudding back to life, stifling out any other sound.

Panicked he gripped her wrist tighter and pulled her down towards him, 'who are you and where am I?' He rasped his voice barely audible and had to be forced through his tortured throat.

'Calm down and relax, you're just coming back from the dead.' She smiled coldly her attention momentarily taken when the other young man also started to convulse as life flooded back through his frozen body.

'Are they going to be alright?' she asked turning her head to face Joseph, 'are there any side-effects?'

'Bit late to be asking that now Miss Hargraves.' Joseph spat out as he mobilised himself and went to check on his two patients.

An hour later, lying in more like a hospital room with heart monitors attached to their bare chests and IV tubes running into cannulas in their arms the two young Winchester men recovered from death like states slowly but surely. 'Hey Sammy you awake?'

'Dean? I ah...shit Dean my head hurts.'

'Tell me about it, I feel like I have been on an all week bender,' Dean moaned not wanting to open his eyes, 'man if this is dying I want to live I tell ya.'

'Dude where are we?' Sam asked chancing the risk to open his eyes, wincing at the brightness he tried to shield his eyes but found his wrists were trapped in soft fleecy cuffs. 'Ah Dean you restrained too?'

'What?' Dean slitted his eyes open and tried to lift his right hand to his face, 'yeah I think so, dude this is fucked.'

'No kidding, do you remember?'

'Two chicks, a bar, drinks, dancing and then...'

'Damn there was something about them.'

'Aussies, they were Aussies, said they were touring the US and...'

'They must have doped us Dean.' Sam dropped his aching head back onto the pillows and closed his eyes again, 'man I feel like...shit gonna hurl.' Sam cried out as he started to retch.

'Fuck, hey help...anyone help!' Dean yelled wanting to help Sam but instead, he laid there and helplessly listened to his kid brother throwing his guts up; the kid did have such a sensitive stomach.

'G'day boys how's ya going?' a chirpy young woman came in smiling, 'did one of you call...oh no.' she stopped when she saw Sam violently vomiting over himself. 'Easy does it there,' she said undoing the restraint on his right wrist she managed to role him over onto his side until he finished purging his stomach. Breathlessly he lay there, trying to calm down his breathing as the young woman rubbed slow, gentle circles on his back, 'there we go mate, feeling better?'

'Who...where are we? Who are you?' Sam gasped out, spitting the last of the vile tasting bile out, 'water?'

'Firstly matey I think that I should clean you up a bit,' she said as she moved around Sam's bed and undid his other restraint, 'don't think that you need these either.'

'Ah other brother here?' Dean called over rattling the metal sides of his beds with his restrained cuffs, 'I wouldn't mind being let lose either.'

'One at a time mate, one at a time,' she grinned looking at him over her shoulder, 'first I think that I should get Sam here cleaned up.'

'How do you know who we are? Who are you?'

'Name's Kylie Bannerman and I know all about the two Winchester brothers, hell I helped find you guys.'

Dean turned his head as far as he could and stared at the young woman, 'you, you were at the bar...'

'No shit Sherlock.' Kylie grinned as she finished helping Sam into a clean T-shirt before easing him up, 'wow they do grow you big in the states don't they.' She quipped as she bore most of his weight as she levered him into a comfortable chair, 'now do you need a dish just in case you wanna hurl again?'

Sam shook his head slowly, sighing he rested his head back against the chair's headrest suddenly exhausted. Humming to herself Kylie quickly and efficiently changed his bed, removing the soiled sheets from the room before she helped him back into bed. 'Now you two rest, we need you back to your gorgeous selves as soon as possible.'

'Who are you?' Dean asked as Kylie turned her attention to him, undoing his restraints, then puffed his pillows, and straightened his sheets.

'All in good time Lovey all in good time.' She grinned, 'now if the two of you will be alright for a minny I'll just go and wash out Sam's sheets.' Kylie winked at Dean, 'see ya later Lover.'

'Sam you okay?' Dean asked throwing his sheets and blankets off and carefully inched his feet over the edge of the bed, 'man I feel like my legs are made of jello.'

'I ah feel so strange Dean.' Sam winced and brought his knees up to his chest as he curled on his side facing Dean, 'stomach hurts so much.'

'Hang in there dude we're gonna find out what the fuck is going on before you know it.'

'Dean isn't it supposed to be December?'

'Yeah why?'

'How come there's air conditioning on? It feels chilly but look outside there's blue sky and sunshine.'

'Yeah and did you check that chick Kylie out? I mean she was wearing the smallest T-shirt I have ever seen and shorts? In December?'

'Where exactly are we Dean?'

'Melbourne Australia, it is good to see you two finally awake and almost up.' A striking woman strode in, she wore a short pencil straight skirt of pearl grey and a matching stylish blouse, her straight black hair hung down her back in a sleek moving curtain. 'My name is Annette Hargraves, welcome to Australia, Sam and Dean Winchester.'