A Supernatural Aussie Christmas

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Annette sat on the small chair with her head in her hands, she couldn't look up at the brothers and couldn't even begin to understand what was happening, how could things have gone so wrong?

'Hey ah Doc you doing okay over there,' Dean asked limping over to the doctor, 'I mean you look a little green around the gills there.'

'Oh I'm fine, what about you boys?' Annette asked shaking her head slightly, 'Dean you should really still be in bed.'

'Nah I'm fine,' Dean waved her away, 'go check on Sammy please.'

Annette stared at him for a moment longer and then shaking her head she went to see how Sam was. 'His temp is down a little to 39.4 so that's something,' she muttered aloud thinking that Dean would only pester her if she didn't give him a running commentary. 'His stomach wound…Dean his stomach wound is practically gone.' She exclaimed in shock.

'What did you say?' Dean demanded hurrying over to her side he followed her gaze down to Sam's abdomen, the ugly slash that cut him through to his internal organs, the slash had all but disappeared, now only a thin red line remained, even his stitches were gone. 'What kind of stuff do you use here?'

'I – I ah honestly don't understand it,' Annette stepped back and stared at Dean fearfully, 'what is going on Dean? What are the two of you?'

'You tell me Doc you're the one who staged our deaths to bring us half way round the world.' Dean shot back. 'And made us miss out on Christmas.' He added petulantly.

'Dean?' Sam murmured and slitted his eyes open, wincing with the bright light.

'Hey little bro,' Dean grinned, 'you feeling better?'

'Yeah, think so,' Sam pushed himself up in the bed until he was sitting up, he flinched at the pull on his stomach but managed to stay upright. 'What happened?'

'Do you remember anything?'

'Only Kylie … my stomach,' Sam's hand shot to the wound to make sure that it was still there, 'why doesn't it hurt so much now?'

'Well um Dude, it's kinda like this … you're a lot more healed than you should be.' Dean shrugged, completely forgetting the doctor standing just behind him.

'Healed?' Sam stared down at his stomach, running his fingertip along the thin scar, 'wow.'

'Yeah some freaking wow Sammy.'

'The why do I feel so hot and crappy for,' Sam asked staring at the doctor, 'I mean if my wound healed shouldn't I be feeling better?'

'Your temperature is still high, and there is still a chance of infection.' Annette said shaking off her self-imposed stupor, 'but yes you should be feeling better.'

'I don't understand …argh…why I feel so…' Sam winced and pinched the bridge of his nose, 'Dean? Argh Dean …' Sam squeezed his eyes shut and pushed his head back against the pillows as though that would take away his headache.

'Sam…Sammy what do you see? What is it?' Dean asked pushing past the doctor he sat on the edge of the bed and gripped his brother's shoulders, 'I'm right here Sammy.'

'Dean what is going on?' Annette demanded but Dean ignored her and concentrated on Sam.

Sam sat hunched against the wall, with his knees tight against his chest, he could feel the sobs pulling at him for release, but he swallowed down on them and tried to focus on where he was. He felt strange, smaller, younger and not himself.

'Sh Christopher it'll be over soon,' a young girl cooed and wrapped her thin arm around his shaking shoulders, 'Ma or Da will find us, sure they will.'

The man's face appeared in front of Sam and he felt himself almost pass out with fear, he stared up at the demonic face and yellow eyes, 'no this is not happening.'

'You're one of us…until you accept that, I am going to be with you no matter where you go.' The voice sounded in his head. Rough hands pulled him to his feet and then he felt the burning pain in his neck where the creature bit him, making him feel paralysed, unable to move or breathe. 'You're one of us Sam Winchester, remember that.'

Sam gasped for air and gripped Dean's arms tightly, 'children…lined up…food for the…food…for…the…demon.' He finally managed to get out between breathes. 'I was…was one…of…them.'

'The kids?' Dean asked his eyes wide with shock.

Sam nodded mutely, refusing to break his hold on Dean, 'the … the … demon ... said … said…'

'What Sam? Okay I need you to calm down and take big breathes, you need to calm your breathing Sam.' Dean said changing his grip to cup his brother's face in his hands.

Forcing himself to calm down, Sam let out a large, heavy sigh and stared up at his brother, 'the demon knew it was me and said that I was one of them. That I had to accept it, and he is always with me.'

'Sammy don't listen to him, he's just trying to scare you.'

'Yeah well … he's doing a great fucking job.' Sam exclaimed unshed tears of frustration shone in his eyes, 'he's never gonna leave me alone Dean, no matter where I am, he's going to find me.'

'Sam that is not going to happen, not on my watch.'

'Dean he's already starting to control my visions.' Sam said before he realised that the doctor was still standing there.

'Visions … you have visions?' Annette stammered backing away from the brothers, 'I don't understand this, all I was told was that the two of you could help me find my daughter's spirit, I – I don't want to know …'

'Look Doc whatever you wanted us for, you're the one who brought us here and you are going to be the one to finish it.' Dean said his voice low and devoid of emotion. 'Whatever you have been told, forget it. We don't channel ghosts we send em back where they belong. We don't contact the dead we don't do anything remotely new age mumbo jumbo. We hunt nasties, evil and then we destroy it, them whatever, that's it Doc nothing else. We can't communicate with your daughter.'

'Dean,' Sam interrupted his brother's tirade, 'Dean ask her, her daughter's name.'


'Just do it please,' Sam asked wincing he looked down at his stomach where the wound started to fester, 'Dean?'

'Doctor what was … is … your daughter's name?'

'Elizabeth, Beth for short, Sam are you okay?'

'My, my stomach … hurts again.' Sam paled and closed his eyes, sweat covered his face and upper body.

'What's going on Doc?' Dean asked turning back to Sam.

'I – I'm not sure, but please tell me what's going on.' Annette stammered again as she started to examine the wound.

'Dean, one of the little girls I saw, she stood out from the others and her name was Elizabeth.' Sam said his voice thin and raspy as he fought to stay conscious. 'She's about five years old and, and had long black hair tied back with a red bow.'

'Beth?' Annette took a half step back and stared in horror at Sam, 'you saw my baby?'

'I – I'm sorry Annette, I am so sorry,' Sam said before letting out a hoarse scream and collapsing back onto his pillows unconscious.

'Sorry, what does he mean by sorry,' Annette demanded angrily shaking Sam's limp body, 'talk to me damn it, why is he sorry?'

'Doctor Hargraves, Annette snap out of it,' Dean pulled the distraught woman off his brother and pushed her away. 'So not a time for hysterics Doctor.'

'You know you should listen to him Doc, I could hear you all the way down the hall,' Kylie smirked as she strode into the room, 'my, my poor Sammy he don't look so good.'

'Stay away from him you bitch!' Dean yelled launching himself at her, anticipating his move Kylie sidestepped and gave him a straight arm across his throat, her strength aided by her demon side, with a flick of her fingers Dean flew across the room crashing heavily against the wall. He lay there stunned and gasping for breath through his rapidly swelling throat.

'Kylie what do you think you are doing?' Annette demanded moving to stand between the nurse and her patient. 'You're not going anywhere near him.'

'Want to know what happened to your daughter Doctor Hargraves?' Kylie asked cocking her head to one side she smiled coldly at the other woman. 'Let me tell you a little story, first my name is not Kylie, it is Arra daughter of the Unknown, my mother was a human but my father raised me to fulfil my destiny, as a true warrior of the dark realm. I was placed here specifically to take your daughter as an offering for my father, and then plant it in your mind to bring these two here. Here to a distant place away from familiar places and people, no chance to escape no chance to call for help; completely helpless, like two lost little boys,' Kylie sauntered towards the bed where Sam lay unaware of what was happening around him. 'Just one little suggestion and a way to smuggle them here and the rest was all you. So really if you even think of telling anyone, I am sure conspiracy and kidnapping will not be the only charges against you especially with your own daughter disappearing in suspicious circumstances.'

Sam sat up and stared at Kylie, seeing her for what she really is, he glanced down at Dean, still trying to catch his breath and then back at the two women facing each other.

The air in the room started to drop in temperature, shivering Annette stepped away from Kylie, 'what are you doing?'

'It's not me,' Kylie said shivering as well, 'what did you do Winchester?' she glared at Sam.

'Nothing,' Sam shrugged, 'I didn't have too.'

As the temperature continued to drop small children started to appear lining the walls, varying in ages, sexes and from different eras their attention fixed on Kylie. A large shadowed figure materialised in the centre of the room, looking around at each person before looking around at the ghosts of the children.

'Dean you okay?' Sam called over casting a quick glance in his direction he saw Dean give him a thumbs up and then he started to slowly sit up and manoeuvre himself to sit on the edge of the bed.

'Sam please stay down,' Annette said turning her gaze to him, 'you're bleeding again.'

'I'm the one he wants,' Sam said, 'so here I am, leave them alone and take me you bastard.'

'Sam … no!' Dean cried out struggling to get to his feet.

Sliding off the bed Sam staggered over to where the shadow-man stood staring down at the children, saliva running down its chin. 'I'm right here you bastard come and get me.'

The creature turned and grinned maniacally at Sam, rubbing it's groin area lasciviously, 'I have waited for you Sammy boy.'

'Here I am, so let's get this on with, but first, first you let the others go, including the children's spirits and I will go with you.'

'Do you really think that you are in a position to bargain for anything?' the creature asked taking a shuffling step towards Sam, 'mmm I can taste you already; you are ripe for the picking aren't you.'

'Quit the chatter … do we have a deal or what?' Sam asked shuddering with each step pulling on his stomach wound; he felt the blood dripping down his legs to the floor, leaving a trail of crimson behind him.

'You, you would willingly give yourself up to me boy?' the creature asked shocked, 'why?'

'To save the life of my brother and the life of a new friend,' Sam said shrugging, 'anyway I'm dying so what matter does it make?'

'No, no you cannot be dying,' the demon thundered, 'you are needed to be alive who did this to you?'

Sam inclined his head to Kylie, 'she did.'

'Fool.' The demon thundered with a wave of his hand she disappeared returned to her own realm to await her punishment. 'Now Samuel Winchester it is time to leave.'

'You aint goin' nowhere with my brother,' Dean yelled dragging the shotgun out from duffle bag hidden under his bed, without breaking movement he took aim and blasted the demon with rocksalt. Distracted the demon roared and went to charge at Dean when the children moved, silently but faster than any human eye could realise, the attacked their tormentor, scenting it's own fouled blood they started to feed on the creature, doing to it what it had spent the last few centuries to them.

One young girl pulled away, wiping the blood from her chin she stared at the doctor, 'Mummy?'

'Beth?' Annette dropped to her knees and held her arms out to her daughter, 'oh my Beth.'

'Annette she's … she has already passed over,' Sam said as gently as he could.

'Mummy I was so scared,' Beth lisped slightly, 'it was so dark and it hurt Mummy.'

'What did Baby?' Annette refused to listen to what Sam and Dean were saying about her daughter, she was real and in her arms.

'This,' Kylie pulled up her shirt and showed her mother the gaping wound across her stomach. 'I'm so hungry now Mummy.'

'Beth honey I …'

'So hungry Mummy,' Beth reared her head back and sank her teeth into her mother's neck. Annette screamed and tried to pull away but couldn't, she could feel Beth sucking her blood, her life from her.

'Get away from her,' Dean yelled forcibly pulling the ghost from Annette and threw it across the room, 'Annette listen to me, she is not your daughter, she's a creature that's all sent to play on your emotions.'

'Dean we have to salt and burn the bones,' Sam called across as he sagged against the edge of his bed.

'Excuse me Sir, I know where they are,' one little girl came from the small group still standing by the wall, 'it is where he keeps us until he wants to feed.'

'Can you show me?' Sam asked warmly holding his hand out to the little girl. 'What's your name?'

'Molly Sir,' Sam grinned and glanced at Dean, 'well Molly can you take me and my brother to it?'

'Yessir, tis not far from here,' Molly replied taking Sam's large hand with her smaller one.

'Molly?' Dean asked incredulously as he stood next to Sam and helped him out of the building leaving the macabre sight behind them. There was only one way to right this wrong and that was salt and burn, an oldie but a goodie.

Sam's strength waned as they worked through the grounds of the clinic following the little girl instinctively. Finally, she stopped walking and pointed to a hole partially covered by fallen branches and scrub. 'You will be able to give them rest?' she asked, 'be able to give us rest?'

'Yep we can Molly we sure can,' Sam said his voice low and sounding tired.

'Dude you're dead on your feet, sit down before you fall in,' Dean said directing Sam to a largish rock for him to rest on.

'Dean I …' Sam started but Dean held his hand up, standing on the edge of the hole he tossed rock salt into it liberally sprinkling it all around, and then he poured lighter fluid down the hole. Frowning he glanced around at the dry scrub and moved as much of it away from the mine's hole entrance as he could. 'Dean I can help.'

'Stay there Sammy, this is for all of those kids,' Dean said as he flicked the lit match into the hole, a large yellow flame flared upwards spurting out of the ground like a firestorm and then it receded.

'Molly?' He asked turning to look at Sam.

'She's gone,' Sam whispered, swaying he held his head in his hands and waited for the dizzy spell to pass.

'Sammy show me your stomach,' Dean said suddenly crouching in front of his brother.


'Humour me okay,' Dean grinned tugging at Sam's shirt hem.

The cut still looked red and angry looking but it was starting to heal, 'let's get you back to bed.'

'Yeah well the same could be said for you.' Sam shot back.

'Sammy, Sammy, Sammy why don't you just admit that I have the stronger genes that you do.'

'Yuk it up laugh-boy,' Sam grinned, 'we still have to get out of here.'

'Oh, oh you hurt me, come one Sammy boy, let's get going.'


Annette smiled and hugged the two brothers, 'I have a surprise for you,' she said leading them towards the front of the building she showed them a classic Australian car, it is an FJ Holden, I know you love classics and this is as close to the impala I can get. Here are your international driver's licences, money and directions back here, the car is a rental so please be careful with it.'

'Annette you don't have to…' Sam started before Dean cut in.

'Yes she does Sammy, thanks Annette it's great.' Dean gave her his most charming smile.

'I'll have your passports and tickets ready in five days so until then boys enjoy our Aussie summer.' Annette waved them off laughing as the car swerved from the right to the left side of the road.

'Dean … maybe I should drive,' Sam said hanging on to the dashboard, 'left side, they drive on the left that's why there are kept left signs everywhere.'

'Hey shotgun shut your cakehole.' Dean grumbled, 'I gotta get used to it that's all.'

'Dean, Dude I do want to get home sometime soon.' Sam gasped closing his eyes.

'Yeah, yeah keep her skirts on Samantha,' Dean cursed as he skidded around a corner and managed to right the car, 'she said that this was a rental?'

'Yep she sure did.'

'Fuck!' Dean mumbled.

Ten minutes later, they booked into a seaside motel and headed down to the beach, both still favouring their latest injuries, Sam had an oversized T-shirt on, covering his still bandaged and partially healed stomach, it still hurt to move too far, his other injuries fading all of the time. Dean still limped and that worried Sam but he couldn't get his brother to talk to him about it or the other troubling injuries he sustained; so they did what they always do agree with each other and not say what they really mean – deciding firmly that they needed time off the brothers set off for an afternoon of relaxation. Sam with a book and sunnies, Dean with a predatory leer, young women everywhere basking in the morning sun, in bikinis. 'Man I think that I have died and gone to heaven.'

'Dean, head out of the gutter please.' Sam laughed shaking his head; he stopped suddenly as two young women started to eye the brothers off. 'Ah Dean isn't this how it all started in the first place?'

The End...for now!!