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The Potter twins stood in the middle of a mass of Hogwarts first-years. The Sorting ceremony was in process, and they were dreading the possiblity of being seperated. The two had hardly been apart since birth. The boy who'd just been sorted stepped down, and the two thought as one. - It's us next. -

"Potter, Elizabeth!" Professor McGonagall shouted, and James squeezed her hand as she walked up to the stool.

The old hat was placed on top of her head, and Elizabeth sat, waiting. "Hmm," a voice spoke in her ear, "where to put you? You've got plenty of potential, that's for sure. A lot of fight, and spirit. GRYFFINDOR!" The Hat yelled out to the rest of the Hall. Elizabeth went and sat down at the Gryffindor table, after shooting a hopeful glance to her twin.

"Potter, James!"

The boy went to the stool, and listened to the Hat decide. "A twin! Let me see, where will you fit best? You've got bravery, too, boy, just like her. Better be GRYFFINDOR!"

James hurried down to his twin sister, sitting next to her and hugging her. "We'll stay together!" she whispered happily.

The Sorting Ceremony finished, and the food appeared.

A first-year boy with long black hair and grey eyes leaned over towards James, saying, "What's with the hugging?"

"She's my twin sister, she was scared we'd be seperated," he answered.

The boy let out a bark-like laugh, before adding, "I'm Sirius, by the way. Sirius Black."

"James Potter."

Next to him, Elizabeth was talking to a red-haired girl.

"My name's Lily Evans," the girl said.

"I'm Elizabeth Potter. That's James," Elizabeth replied, gesturing to her brother.

Sirius had just said something stupid to James, so both were laughing uncontrollably, along with the other two First-years Gryffindor boys.

Both girls rolled their eyes and said together, "Boys!"

"Hey!" James' voice spoke in Elizabeth's head, "You don't even know what he said!"

"Whatever James!" She answered aloud, gaining odd looks from the others.

"Why do I get the feeling we've missed something?" One of the other boys, Remus Lupin, murmured.

"Ha! You as good as admitted it! Anyway, you shouldn't be judging, look at yourself!" James shot back at his twin.

"Don't even start with that! You know full well I could beat you, any day, any time!"

"So sure of yourself, Buffy?" The four others froze, confused.

"James! You promised!" the blonde girl cried, tears evident in her eyes.

"Sorry, Elizabeth, I didn't mean to!" her brother replied. The girl looked upset for a moment longer, then immediately brightened.

"Got you!" she laughed. "You thought I was upset!"

"Ha ha." James said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Er, Elizabeth?"

"Yeah, Lily?"

"Why did he call you Buffy?"

"Oh, when we were little, James couldn't say 'Elizabeth' or 'Beth' as I was called at the time. He could only say 'Buffy'. So it stuck."

The Feast passed with the six new students laughing and joking, until finally it was over, and Dumbledore sent all the students to bed (after a rendition of the school song, of course.).

The six entered the common room, and went to their separate dormitories.