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*Chapter One

It was a normal day in Amity Park; it was boring for everyone except a certain halfa and two teens. Oh it was boring alright until the sound of "BEWARE!" filled their ears.

"Goin Ghost" The halfa yelled as two white rings formed around his waist changing in to his ghost half.

Sounds of punching could be heard in the park right now and a Fenton Thermos sucking in a constantly appearing ghost in to it.

"You shall all pay! For I, the box ghost, will have my revenge!"

Danny came back to his friends as the two rings reappeared.

"So, what do you wanna do today?" Sam asked leaning against a tree.

"I don't know" Danny looked at his best friend Tucker who was currently making exaggerated motions as he played an old version of miniature Doom.

"Do you want to come to my house? My parents aren't home just my grandma."

"Sure but you and tucker go ahead I'll come after checking for anymore ghosts" Danny said while transforming and flying off.

"Remind me again why are we friends with a halfa?" Sam looked at tucker as she slowly started walking.

"I don't know, do you?" Tucker turned his head his glasses almost falling off.

"Would I be asking if I did?" She replied as she rolled her eyes and stuffed her hands into the pockets of the jeans she was wearing, a long narrow strip of black ran down on either side of the white coloured jeans, a tank top with the same design and colour was worn on top. Her hair had grown longer now, reaching to the middle of her back and was kept open most of the time, a long fringe constantly covered her right eye as of late.

A minute later they were downstairs watching an old movie when they felt the temperature drop.

"I know you're there Danny" Sam crossed her arms as she laid her head back against the seat.

"You know, that sucks, though I could easily avoid that when human" Danny flew down to the ground stuffing his hands into his pockets and slouching his shoulders, the white top he normally wore had been replaced by black shirt, courtesy of Sam obviously.

"Dude, don't you find a little a weird that Skulker hasn't come to bother you yet? He's been hunting you every single second of the day lately"

"As odd as it may sound guys, not that our lives are normal, but do you think something's wrong with the ghost portal?" Sam raised her eyebrows while asking.

"No, I just checked it this morning." Danny sprawled out on one of the sofas "Though it would be a good-" Danny was cut off by the familiar blue mist floating out from his mouth as he shot up. "I'm going ghost!" yelled Danny as two white rings with a tint of blue formed around his waist transforming him in to Danny Phantom.

"I am the Box Ghost! And once I empty you of your useless papers your marvellous squarness shall be mine! Hahahahaha!"

"How'd you get out the thermos? I just put you in there a few minutes ago!"

"Ha-Ha! I am the box ghost! You cannot hold me in a cylindrical container!"

"What do you want" Danny asked in a bored fashion" Do you have to annoy me every single day?"

"Yes! It is necessary, for I shall not be able to do anything until I have been able to destroy you!" He said making his last word extremely long.

"What? Are you going to throw boxes at me?" Danny suddenly shot forward and leaned over the now cowering ghost.

"Uh, BEWARE!" said the Box Ghost before flying off.

"Well that was easy for once" Danny shrugged and thanked that one of his battles had been an extremely short one, although, it hadn't been much of a fight.

"Do you want to come with me or do you wanna stay here while I check out the ghost portal?" asked Danny.

"I think it's better if we come with you Danny, besides we'll be able to cover for you in case you need to go ghost" Before he could say anything they had started to jog out the door, he followed after soon with a defeated sigh.

"Ok but, be careful it's bad enough everybody thinks I'm a nut" Reaching the basement they saw Danny's Parents in front of the ghost portal examining the circuits.

I hope dad isn't playing with the reorganization program again it took ages to capture the ghosts he let loose! Seeing his dad stand aside he saw an empty black metal hole where the ghost portal was, he then realised that it had been shut down.

"Um, mom what's wrong with the portal?"

"I don't know Danny; your father fell over some of the controls and it shorted out"

Well that explains the box ghost coming back but now I can't send the ghost that came out back in to the ghost zone. This is going to be a nightmare. Technically if I unplugged it and then pressed the on switch I should be ok.

"Unfortunately we can't unplug it since the plug itself has been melted from a minor explosion not to mention those ghost hotdogs have been guarding it for no apparent reason," The hotdogs, as if replying, barked at Maddie who flinched away and continued "So we can't turn it on because it would shock who ever tries to go in to the portal, like you did and this time the person might not be as lucky as you" Maddie ran her gloved fingers along the edge as she examined it more closely.

Great, the only idea I just had, already goes down the drain.

"Danny I can go in, I mean what's the worst that could happen?"

"What?! You can end up half dead, like me! Half ghost or dead!"

"Danny its better than going in yourself you might end up a full time ghost and Tucker is still fairly noticeable by school crowds, I'm the dark one remember?" Sam had started to speak properly as Danny's parents left the lab.

"Sam! No! It's just too dangerous!"

"I don't care Danny, you know as well as I do that there are ghosts lose all around Amity Park, you can't just not do anything about it!" Before he could have answered she dashed into the portal, not caring what she ended up like at the moment she pressed the switch. A second passed as the Portal lighted up, the blood curdling scream followed as it sprang to life.

"Sam? Are you-" Danny caught her before she hit the ground, she gasped as she nearly fell through his arms, her now white hair falling past her mid-back, and she opened her closed eyes. At this Danny's eyes widened.

Her eyes were glowing green.