Chapter 12: No Satisfaction

This chapter is short. I´m sorry but this is just a filler. I just thought it would be better than nothing. Hope you like it anyway.

Jude and Tommy were sitting on the couch watching Final Destination Tommy noticed that Jude was running her hand up and down his thigh. He looked down and his breathing sped up as he saw how close she was to his crotch.

"Jude..." He said.

"Yeah?" She asked still watching the movie.

He jumped up and looked at her before he made his way upstairs saying.

"I´m going to take a shower." Before she could reply he was running into the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and quicky undressed before he stepped into the shower. He turned the shower on and sighed as the hot water poured down on him. He quickly grabbed the soap before he took his hard member in his fist.

Jude wakled up the stairs and towards the bedroom as she heard the shower, she was about to turn around again when she heard Tommy moan. Jude put her ear against the door and he eyes went wide as she thought about what Tom was probably doing.

Tommy run his thump over the tip and cursed as he came. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Fuck" He said before he slid down the shower wall.

Jude was back in the living room sitting on the couch thinking about what she just heard she didn´t even think about what her running her hand up and down his thigh would do to him. She felt slightly bad, first she made him hot and then she just left him hanging. Maybe she should just leave.

Jude looked up as she heard Tommy coming down the stairs.

"What are you watching now?" He asked.

"Nothing...look Tommy I have to go!" He looked at her and asked.

"Why what happened?"

"Nothing but I should go I´m tired." Tom nodded and said.

"Ok I´ll bring you home!" Jude nodded and packed her stuff.

Jude walked into her room and sighed before she slid down the closed door. How could she believe that she could make him happy.