Sasuke loved tomatoes.

He knew this.

Sakura knew this.

He knew Sakura knew this.

So, he couldn't help but be somewhat perplexed that his teammate, ex-fan-girl, and current girlfriend had left a basket of potatoes at his door.

He wasn't even sure if he liked potatoes, let alone love them. To be honest, he hadn't really given much thought to the generally disfigured, underground vegetable.

He hadn't actually checked the card yet, but there was a sakura blossom attached to the handle of the wicker basket… it had her calling card all over it. Seriously, Sakura – sakura­, get it?

Still, it's better to double-check. So he leaned down, picked up the basket of potatoes and brought it inside. After placing it on the table, he pulled out the card,

Dear Sasuke-kun!

I hope you enjoy these!


(love love love love love)

He groaned. How did one even prepare a potato? All he ever ate was ramen, tomatoes, and onigiri.

Could you combine onigiri and potatoes? He sat down in front of the basket and rested his chin on his hands in contemplation.

Onigiri + potatoes ?

Tomatoes + potatoes … disgusting. He wouldn't dare sully his favorite fruit.

Ramen + potatoes …genius? … He winced. Probably not.

Or maybe, the potatoes were supposed to symbolize something. His tactical mind quickly analyzed all the properties of the blasted potatoes that were currently sitting in front of his face.








This wasn't going well. What the hell would that symbolize? A fat, tall, scarred, smelly, person… who had the chicken pox?

He shook his head, that couldn't be it.

There were so many of them. Why were there so many of them? He brought up the handkerchief that covered the basket and peeked inside.

There was no doubting it. They were definitely potatoes.

Perhaps she wanted him to cook them? Then a thought struck him, and he almost slapped a palm against his forehead -

Maybe they were her favorite food! How could he have not thought of that before!

It was probably a really strong hint to make dinner for her tonight.

But why would she want him to make dinner tonight? It was Tuesday, they always had ramen with Naruto on Tuesdays.

He squinted his eyes in thought again. Was there some special occasion going on tonight that he had forgotten? It wasn't her birthday, it wasn't his birthday… oh no. He slumped back in his chair, dejected.

It must be their anniversary… and he'd forgotten.

Shit, shit, shit.

No wonder she put five 'loves' in the note, she was being sarcastic… and now she was going to kill him.

Well damn it, he was going to go down fighting.

He would make the best potato dinner she had ever seen, or his name wasn't Uchiha Sasuke.

He stood up, resolutely, then walked towards the kitchen.

… Now where was that apron?

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