Return to the Soul Society

After Kosuke and the others returned, Kisuke Urahara had a tough decision to make. He had taught all he could to prepare his 'son' for becoming a Soul Reaper like himself, but he feared it wasn't enough. His best option was to send Kosuke to the Soul Society, so that he could enter the Academy and become a real Shinigami. The only question was; how would the other Soul Reapers act towards his son?

"Kosuke, I have a question for you," started Kisuke.

"What is it, Pops?"

"How would you like to go to the Soul Society and become a Soul Reaper?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how would you like to attend the Academy and become an official Soul Reaper like Rukia?"

"I'd love to, but how would I get there, and what do I do to enter the Academy?" asked Kosuke.

"The part about getting there is easy, but getting into the academy is another story. You might be able to get a free pas if you told them your full name, though I wouldn't recommend it…"

"Why not?"

"Because I was banned from the Soul Society, and you might be held accountable for what I did," Kisuke answered.

"Okay, so I just tell them my name is Kosuke and I want to follow in my dad's footsteps," replied Kosuke.

"Close. You tell them your first name only, but leave out the part about following in my footsteps. The minute they hear my name they would refuse to let you in."

"So, what do I do?"

"You wait to enter the Academy the usual way and only give them your first name. I'll get the gate to there ready in a week or so, that way you'll have time to prepare," answered Kisuke.

"Okay, dad."

"It might be a while until you're admitted to the Academy, Kosu-kun. You'd get bored easily," warned Yoruichi.

"So I'll bring a lot of books to read. And maybe some paper to write my own stories on," replied Kosuke.

"That would be a very wise decision. But that may not be enough to help you," Yoruichi said worried.

"What else would I need, Onee-san?" asked Kosuke. (Onee-san means 'Big Sister'. Kosuke often calls Yoruichi big sis, because he considers her as an older sister.)

"You might need to practice on your Shin-Po, in case you run into trouble with the Soul Reapers."

"So after I get the books, paper, and writing supplies I'll should practice on my 'Flash Steps'?"

"I might even show you a few new ones if you're good," answered Yoruichi, smiling her feline smile. (She was in her cat form.)

"Alright, Onee-san! I'll go get the things I need right away so we can practice!" said Kosuke enthusiastically.

A week later the gate was ready. Kosuke had been practicing on his Shin-Po or 'Flash Step' for the past six days. It was time to bid farewell to his son, and Urahara had a few things to give him before he left.

"Before you go, take these."

"But this coat is yours!" exclaimed Kosuke.

Kisuke had given him one of his spare coats, another quiver of Soul Arrows, a medium sized metal disk which could change shape, a map of the inner court, a bag that all his things could fit in, and his very own Soul Pager!

"Be sure to write to us, okay son?" asked Kisuke.

"Okay, dad, I'll write to you at least once a week okay?"

"I'll come by every so often to check on you, and deliver the messages. You better behave, Otouto-kun!" said Yoruichi. (Otouto means 'Little Brother'.)

"I will big sis! I guess this is goodbye…"

"We'll see you again soon, okay? Be sure to visit nii-san!" said Ururu. (Jinta and Ururu considered Kosuke their older brother.)

Kosuke laughed. "I will Ururu, I promise!"

And with that, Kosuke entered the gate to the Soul Society, and into a new adventure. Kisuke Urahara couldn't help but feel proud of his son. He only hoped that he would remain safe, especially when the Soul Reapers found out his last name.

"See you soon, son…" said Kisuke quietly as the gate disappeared.