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Dear Father,

Please don't worry about me, I'm fine and healthy, and I have enough money to last for another year or so. I'm getting close to the truth.

It wasn't easy, finding out where his hiding place was, but I did. I ran around, asking silly questions, making up silly lies, trying to figure out how I should find him. At last, after many months of searching, I have managed to find the den of the alleged master thief Garrett.

First, I pretended to be a prostitute and pulled some information out of a night watch officer. He never laid a finger on me, so don't worry, father. He told me I was to look for a certain arms dealer in the black market, and I ended up asking a lot of questions and raising suspicions. After I found him, it was easy from there on. I pretended once again, this time I was a poor orphan, who is looking for a place to stay. My child-like appearance has proven to be rather useful in my investigations, and while I was staying with the weapons dealer, I happened to actually see Garret for a minute. I didn't talk to him, I wonder if he even saw me at all, and I sure hope he didn't. I doubt he will remember me when the time comes.

The weapons dealer showed me to a hammerite priest, who baptized me, and afterwards I spent some time in their monastery. I asked him to help me with finding an apartment of my own, I said I want to try my wings in the real world before I make any further plans. He bought the lies, and I "happened" to rent a room in the same house as Garrett's.

You might want to ask why I went through all this trouble, but I have my reasons, and I will tell you on a better time, when you have seen the extent of my revenge. Revenge I shall have. Please don't try to contact me. At a time of emergency, you can send a letter to a Josephine Ravens, for that is the name I have been given.

Please be well, I hope I can be with you soon!

With love, Chastity de Martin, your loving daughter.