Chapter 16 – Last Chapter -

Seeley Booth stood in front of Temperance Brennan's apartment door; he let out a sigh, as he shoved one hand in his pocket, knocked and waited for her to answer.

It was 11pm, and although it was late, he was hoping she was awake. In his pocket, he fingered his poker chip nervously. It was now or never, he thought to himself.

After a few moments, he heard the click of the lock on the door and was greeted with a pajama clad Bones. Her eyebrows rose, "Booth…you know it's after 11 right?" She was wearing a thick purple robe, knotted securely at the waist. She looked a lot better than she did when he left her here before, which set his mind at ease somewhat.

Saying nothing, he pushed his way past her into her apartment. She followed him, and replied "Where are my manners, come in…" she trailed off shut the door and followed him in.

He glanced back at her, and stopped. "Bones…you look good, a lot better than earlier. How are you feeling?" he wanted to know, examining her closely, her eye were bright, her skin tone rosy. She looked almost back to normal.

Ignoring what he said, she sat down at the chair in her living room, looking up at him, and asked "So what happened when you went out to interview those people?"

Warily, he sat down across from her, and clasped his hands. "I got him Bones. Got the guy who kidnapped you. It was that janitor guy from the Jeffersonian, Adam" he said and watched her for her reaction.

She frowned and stared off into space a moment before replying. "Adam?" she said hesitantly. "But he…." She trailed off; he could see she was deep in thought

"Do you remember anything? Anything at all?" he prodded, leaning forward, watching her expectantly.

"He….I think he came to see me Friday night, before I left…not sure though, my memory is not clear" she continued to frown, and stare off into space.

He waited expectantly, not wanting to say anything to break the spell. After a moment, she continued "Wait….my car, something was wrong with my car, and Adam was there, wasn't he?" she asked herself aloud.

"Bones?" he prompted after another long silence

"Booth, I'm sorry. That's all I can think of right now. Are you sure it was Adam though? He seemed so nice. I really liked him….wait! I remember being in his car, he shoved something in my face…then everything went black" she glanced at him, "why would he do that? Why would he want to kidnap me? Did he ask for money?" she wanted to know

Booth glanced away uneasily. "No, he didn't ask for money"

Bones looked irritated now "Well what did he want then? What did he say when you interviewed him Booth?" she crossed her arms in front of her. He finally lowered himself down onto the chair opposite her. A candle was lit on the table between them.

"Bones…" he trailed off, and glanced around the apartment, wishing she'd drop this, but also knowing her well enough to know she wouldn't

"Booth, come on, why are you not telling me" she said, anger evident in her voice now.

"Okay Bones. Here it is. He kidnapped you to protect you from finding out about me and Cam. Which by the way is over I might add." he watched her expression carefully – the anger softened to confusion

"What? Protect me? I don't understand. I already knew about you and Cam. What was there to protect me from? And why would HE need to do it?" she said, more to herself than to him

"Apparently, he was under the impression that you would be devastated by this news, and felt the need to protect you Bones" he said quietly "he also seemed to be under the impression that you had feelings for me Bones, and that everyone could see it" he trailed off, uncomfortable with this line of conversation.

Temperance shifted in her seat, and finally dragged her eyes up from the hem of her robe she'd been picking at "Everyone?" she echoed hesitantly, her cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink as she met his eyes "I guess my secret's out isn't it?" she stated plainly

They met each others eyes, and they could both feel the tension between them.

Unconsciously, they both leaned in towards each other over the small table. He reached his hand out, and pulled her closer to him, his fingers entwined in her soft hair. And then leaning in closer still, he pressed his lips against hers; he lingered at the edge of her tongue.

She did not resist, much to his surprise, her tongue was inviting, her lips warm and moist. He withdrew slowly, and his lips found hers again. This time he was more daring, more exploratory.

It had been too long since he'd been kissed ardently. When she offered him her lips for the third time, he surrendered, feeling her arms twine around his neck, her fingers in his hair, driving him crazy. He slipped his other hand in her hair also, the pace picking up a notch

It seemed like an hour, but only moments had passed, and she pulled back again, a grin tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"Booth, did you feel hot just now?" she asked, her tone light

His eyebrows rose at her bluntness, before he could answer her, she went on

"Because the candle below us was really hot on my face" she said with a smile

He glanced down at the candle between them and grinned back at her "So it wasn't me making you hot then Bones?" he teased

She stood up, and took his hand, inviting him to stand also, she took a step and wrapped her arms around his neck, her body pressing into his own - and looked up into his eyes

"You've always made me hot Booth, I was just good at hiding it" she admitted casually

"Oh really? You were hiding it huh?" he answered her, leaning in close again

"Yeah, I was. Maybe if you follow me, I can show you a few other things" she said casually, as she slowly untied her robe, and pulled away from him, sauntering off towards her bedroom, he felt himself being pulled towards her, following her, his mouth dry.

"Yeah, I need some evidence here…" he trailed off as he kicked the bedroom door shut.

The end!

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