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She was delicate, my wife, delicate like glass. That was why I built her a glass house. It reflected her. Still, she never really saw the adoration behind the project. She simply scoffed and went off with the children. Deep down, I was hurt. The Lake House wasn't meant to be my crowning achievement- the perfect home for my wife and family. In the end, it turned out that it wasn't.

The scenic woods surrounding the Lake House were her secret hide-away. Once I went looking for her there and found her wrapped up in a sort of fantasy. It wasn't immediately apparent, but as she gazed out from the rock were she was sitting; one could see her eyes dancing. For a moment I watched her. I hadn't seen her happy in at least a year. I whispered her name, and she snapped out of whatever beautiful daydream she was having. She snapped at me, and I retreated back to the Lake House and my study.

From that moment onward, I totally immersed myself in my work, not wanting to see the pain or anger that her eyes betrayed so often now. She became like shattered glass. My sons felt the repercussions the most, especially Alex. Eventually, no longer wanted to be in my presence.

Then one day, she left. She mustered up all the courage that resided in her petite body and left. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that my wife would ever leave me. By now, I am certain that she's rebuilt herself and probably made herself stronger. She probably has had other loves and other beautiful houses. I hope, though, that she never forgets me and her glass house.

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