S is for Sakura

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AN: I know this isn't supposed to be long since there is a rule against it, but just to explain things... I have had the long standing philosophy that even though both the anime and manga versions of Haruno Sakura leave much to be desired, the fanfiction Sakura totally rules. This is an AU about Sakura quite obviously. I only have a rough idea of where I want it to lead, but i haven't written anything on in a while and I had this idea that just would not leave me alone. So thus, my lovely readers, I present you with S is for Sakura. Enjoy...

S is for Sakura- P is for Prolouge

There's something about time that makes people focus. Do I have time to do this? Do I have time to do that? How long will it take? I have five minutes before..., but nobody was ever as concerned about time as Haruno Sakura. From a very young age she had been concerned with the element so fleetingly passing before her eyes. Unlike rain or sunshine once time had passed it was never there again and only memories were left in the wake. For Sakura it wasn't the fact that time was fleeting it was the fact that her memory was. She could only remember from the time when she was six and that is ultimately when her story began.

The people of Konoha had always categorized Sakura as a fairly good, massively intelligent, shinobi. Her talents lay in her brain not her brawn as many of friends would say, but those who really knew her well or even long enough could tell you that Sakura was more than just a shinobi of the hidden leaf. Deception was her art form and that is why her story began.

Many that knew Haruno Sakura believed her to be guy crazy, particularly over her brooding teammate Sasuke Uchiha. She was considered vain and too influenced by fads and fashion to really be serious as a shinobi. How could this little starry eyed, pink haired, vogue dependent, adolescent girl be effectual as a ninja? Her nindo was believed to be making the aforementioned Sasuke fall in love with her, but Sakura had never been so petty. Hers was a past shrouded in clouds of mystery that sometimes even she could not decipher, but that was ultimately how her story began.

End- 12/4/06

I know...It is odd, but I'm trying something new and trying to find my voice in literature. Bear with me people and if you have any suggestions (or you just want to feed my ego monster) please review.